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    Insurance GERD Revision

    did you ever have your surgery? I am where you are and diagnosed with extreme GERD, Barrett's Esophagus. Im chocking on acid. I see the nutritionist tomorrow. She said we are going over bypass pre-op diet. My surgeon didn't even sound like he was comfortable with a revision. So, I am a little confused. I know if you're under 35 with other health issues, it is covered and surgeon said with my health issues, he's not worried about the approval. He's more worried about the lifestyle changes and my health issues. I just don't know. What I am 100% certain of......I cannot live with this pain anymore. It doesn't matter what I eat, if I don't eat.
  2. NotGivingUp2023

    Sleeve to Bypass for Reflux

    I am so sorry you're dealing with this, as well! It just doesn't seem acceptable, just the hernia and reflux alone, is reason enough! Are you staying local to you or going to Mexico? I've read a lot of people going that route. I did see another surgeon, a televisit. They took the time to review my medical history, before talking to me. They also called my insurance. Insurance will approve, depending on the circumstances. I doubt regain is one of them but that is the least of my worries, right now. However, this surgeon did not feel comfortable with my pulmonary arterial hypertension, to perform surgery. I go through this ALL the time! Never had an issue with surgery and my specialist says he has no issues, but Dr's hear that diagnosis and freak out! I don't understand how the barium swallow doesn't show the reflux, either but an endoscopy and biopsy are much more reliable than an X-ray. If this Dr. has no intentions on moving forward, I will definitely have to find someone else, I just figured I would go with the associate of my original procedure. My surgeon actually left the state. At least I will have the EGD's done, barium swallow, just had pulmonary tests done, EKG/ECG, complete blood panel and see the nutritionist Thursday. My insurance runs April-April, so I was hoping to get this done before the new year begins. I just wasn't sure if this is as extensive as the first surgery. That took a good 6 months to get through. I wish you all the best! I know how bad reflux is, I have battled this since my late 20's but not to the point that I risk aspirating in my sleep. It is far too dangerous for me.
  3. NotGivingUp2023

    Sleeve to Bypass for Reflux

    I am curious the process people went through for Sleeve to Bypass? I've been seeing a gastroenterologist for pain, nausea, vomiting. I have had 2 EGD's, both show chronic inflammation and gastritis, due to reflux. My surgeon is sounding very reluctant to do this surgery. I did get down to 115 lbs and have put on 50 lbs since my lowest. He is blaming the reflux on the weight gain, but I was at my lowest, when the first EGD showed inflammation due to reflux. He just ordered a barium swallow, and all came back normal. I am seeing the nutritionist, she said she spoke with the surgeon, and we would be going over the new pre-op diet, since it is different than the sleeve and has changed since I had the sleeve in 2019. I am afraid he will refuse to do the surgery and I will be left with this pain, nausea and vomiting; I have been battling for almost 3 years, with no relief. My gastroenterologist is at his wits end and doesn't want to continue seeing me go through this. I wake up choking on acid, had tests run by my pulmonologist and cardiologist. My asthma had gone away but returned. The surgeon also blames that on the weight gain. Pre-sleeve, I had walked 27,000 steps in a year. This year, I am at 1.7 million steps and ride a stationary bike 10-15 miles a day. This is huge for me, I have something called Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Pre-sleeve, I was knocking on deaths door. I only found this "terminal" illness, from my pre-op tests for the sleeve. Since the weight loss, I went from 6 months to live, to medication that has me at "normal/high" levels vs "high". My specialist is afraid the weight gain is spiraling and illness progressing. What changed for me, the medication I take for PAH, you have to consume 250-300 calories per dose with 30-50% fat content. Otherwise, you get violently ill. I take 3 doses a day. When I was diagnosed and first 2 years, I was on a CADD pump and that medication didn't have dietary requirements. Sorry for the long story........I just can't take the reflux (even though the barium swallow does not show but EGD definitely does and has, in 3 different tests) and the weight gain is scaring me to death. What was your process with your surgeons, going from sleeve to bypass? Is this a long process? Did you have a difficult time with insurance approval? Any suggestions on getting this done? Your experience and help, is greatly appreciated!

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