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  1. Fred in Pa

    Getting nervous

    I bought a large binder with dividers and kept everything organized. Test results, meeting notes, program details, Dr appts, daily weights, diets, to do lists, etc. I took it to every meeting, appt. This may help…
  2. Fred in Pa

    Horrible Constipation

    Have you tried an enema? That may clear the impaction and get the trains moving again.
  3. Fred in Pa

    Restarting Vitamins

    I found chewable without iron. I’m adding iron later. They are Celebrate multi-ADEK. Can be bought here in store. While I am ok taking pills, these are like a little treat after a meal.
  4. Fred in Pa

    back in the hospital

    Prayers for you and s speedy recovery to normal…
  5. Fred in Pa

    Favorite pureed/ soft foods?

    I take a seasoned tuna packet with crushed cannelloni beans…very yummy. Mix in some low fat mayo. Starkist has tuna creation packets and our local had sesame with ginger tuna packets.
  6. Fred in Pa

    March 23 buddies yet?

    Did your team give you a pre-op plan? Mine was liquid with a small meal for dinner; 3-4oz protein, 1/4 cup carb/starch, unlimited non-starch veggies. That was days 1-9. Day 10 was 100 liquids.
  7. Fred in Pa

    Pre-op advice?

    So, out of surgery, they gave me Dilaudid. Second day in hospital was Toridol. I was sent home with Oxycodone. They said the oxy was for the nerve pain. I was also told to take 1000mg of Tylenol every 4-6 hours and not to miss a dose, let it build up. The Tylenol was for the muscle cramps and pressure. There is regular liquid Tylenol you may want to try. I was off the Oxy quick as I had no incision pain and didn’t want to get constipated as narcotics slow your digestion. I kept up with the Tylenol for a few more days until pressure subsided. By day 3-4, on nothing for pain. The gas-x I still take as the broths, protein shakes, etc can give gas. I take one in both am and pm. They also recommended Colace to keep stool soft.
  8. Fred in Pa

    Relationship with food post op

    LOTS OF GOOD INFO ABOVE… I’ll just add, I plan to try to create better “habits”. Read up on habits, it’s very interesting how the mind works. Use the time of reduced hunger to form new habits. Like omrhsn says above, explore new foods that are healthy. Make finding new foods and ways to prepare a hobby/habit. Or maybe geek out a bit with journaling, logging, charting your food and food weights, recipes, body measurements, eating times, etc. Make this a habit.
  9. Fred in Pa

    Pancreas problems

    So if your pancreas isn’t working, you’re type 1 diabetic? Wouldn’t that be a bigger problem over diarrhea?
  10. Fred in Pa

    4 weeks out and scale isn't budging

    There is a three week stall that everyone talks about. I’ve thought about this and another fact that the body “initially” heals in 3-4 weeks. It makes sense to me that the 3-4 week time is when the body is slowing the heal and trying to shift back to maintaining the rest of the body. Then, coming from a calorie deficit, it tries to add weight back on. I’d also say 500cals is too low, your body may be sensing starvation. Did you team recommend this low of a calorie count?
  11. Fred in Pa

    March 23 buddies yet?

    I felt the same way about beer. I never drank a lot, but a nice beer with the right food combo will be missed. I loved to have a Pilsner with dry cheese and bread, yummy.
  12. Well done! You got this. It’s not easy but your team is there to help and it looks like they did! I wish you luck in your surgery Friday, I will be sure to say a prayer.
  13. I see a few things… Like Summerseeker says, you are most likely ok but need to get that liver shrunk. So I’m sure your surgery will go fine as long as no more cheats. The issue I see is that the plan leading up to surgery ( classes, consults, Dr appts, etc) are to get you mind ready for this. Not only before but after surgery. Pizza and cake this close to the big day should be looked at with some introspection. Think back on why you cheated. Really think. Because if you cheat in these last days, you may cheat early later. Make sure it’s not a pattern and just a little glitch heading in to surgery.
  14. Fred in Pa

    Reversible Gastric Sleeve Procedure

    I love innovation. It’s thinkers that get new procedures developed for patient success. On your new idea: Reversal seems like it would be very difficult. Stitching back all that stomach? I don’t see hunger/ satiation changing. That leftover piece would still be demanding food? Could you get blockage up into that leftover piece of stomach? Other than reversal, are there any other benefits?
  15. Fred in Pa

    Pre-op advice?

    They had me taking pills from the day after surgery. I found this odd, but as long as a sip took them down, it was fine. They did say I could crush if I had issues at home. Pharmacies sell plastic pill cutters that have a cutter on one end and a crusher on the other. I cut my larger ones like my 320mg Diovan, it’s a monster. At the hospital, they gave me two 160’s, which were smaller to take. Once crushed, you can mix it into a drink. I’d try a 1oz cup with the mixed in crushed pill.
  16. Fred in Pa


    You do you! If you are happy where you are, then BE HAPPY. As long as you have good health and good tests and such, live your life! You didn’t do this to be a slave to a number, you did it to live your best life!
  17. Keep at it, don’t give up…pray. Your answer and day will come! Would a SADI-S work for your situation?
  18. Fred in Pa

    Pre-op advice?

    I’m on day 4 after surgery last Wednesday. Here are my thoughts based on what I just experienced. On day of surgery, when you wake up, don’t panic. This day and the next day before going home you will feel like total crap. Don’t panic! It gets better quick. You will have pain, pressure, poking nurses, doctors stopping in, house cleaning coming in, sheesh…too much. Don’t panic! Lol Your first full day home will be very uncomfortable. You will be recovering from surgery, working on almost no sleep, and trying to understand your new plumbing. I had anxiety from the anesthesia, was wicked tired, and cranky. Don’t panic! Don’t worry about hitting goals on these first two days, people rarely do. Take meds on time, create a schedule. I was on oxy and nausea meds for two days. By day three only Tylenol. See if you prefer hot or cold liquids. I found warm better. You will feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest…pressure from the gas. Don’t panic, it’s normal and will go away. Even being prepared on this and reading for 5 months, it was bad. Every swallow hurt a bit (pressure flare) but it eases slowly. By day 4 I feel great, almost normal even. Isn’t the human body amazing? Full liquids, full protein, no meds. Remember don’t panic! There were times I wanted too!! (alright, I did a little, most do) Good luck, you got this!”
  19. I had to do 10 days. Liquids with one small, evening meal. Day 1-3 were the worst. Caffeine headaches. From there on not too bad, lost about 10lbs.
  20. Fred in Pa

    March 23 buddies yet?

    Local Chinese restaurant, most should have it. I strain out the wontons for the rest of the family, I get the broth. I suppose you could do the same with egg drop if that’s your preference.
  21. Fred in Pa

    March 23 buddies yet?

    How are you feeling? I just had some won ton broth….whoo boy that tastes good.
  22. Fred in Pa

    March 23 buddies yet?

    I’m home! Actually came home yesterday, surgery was Mar 1. 7 little holes from the robot. Doing ok, pain manageable, sipping. The worst part was the gas pains…like elephant on your chest. For me, the pain gave me nausea, but they got it in check. Incision pain was almost nil, just felt like too many sit-ups.
  23. Fred in Pa

    March 23 buddies yet?

    Last day of full liquids. Im first into surgery tomorrow. Have to be at hospital at 5:30am. Whoo boy, anxiety is up...
  24. Fred in Pa

    March 23 buddies yet?

    I can only have one small meal per day of 3oz protein, unlimited non starchy veggies, 1/4cup starch. The rest of the day is liquids and non-starchy veggies. Day 10, all liquid.
  25. My advice… All insurance companies should have their policy bulletins for Bariatric surgery, in writing. Call back and ask for that or an email stating exactly what is and isn’t required. Get.it.in.writing.

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