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    February 2023 surgery dates!

    That will definitely help! I started doing 30 min of stationary bike on week 3 - just be really careful about how much you're exerting and make sure you're well hydrated. Prior to sx I was in the gym 2-3 times a week and definitely miss being able to guzzle half a bottle of water when I start feeling too hot. 29 lbs as of this morning - 4 weeks and 3 days postop! It feels really good and I'm actually starting to notice some differences in clothes. 30% to my goal!
  2. DrinkMoreRadium

    February 2023 surgery dates!

    Oooh no I've never tried it that way! I'll have to remember that in the summer time. I know some people do better with avoiding the scale, but I do not 😩. I weigh myself at the same time everyday and every little 0.1lb movement is encouraging to keep going. My scale doesn't list ounces, but it does go to the 1/10th pound, so I do track it like that. I have a garmin scale so everytime I weigh it syncs to my app so I have all my activity tracking from my watch and my weight progress in the same spot. After a week of very little scale movement, it dropped 2 lbs this morning so I think I'm over the stall! I'm cleared for working out so I've just started back in the gym last week and I added some jogging in yesterday as well so I think that will help keep things moving more than just walking or biking.
  3. DrinkMoreRadium

    Gas Pains?

    Mine lasted for about 3 weeks - hopefully yours are almost gone!
  4. DrinkMoreRadium

    February 2023 surgery dates!

    It's crazy how much tastes change! I used to love pickles and now I can't stand them. The first week or so postop I couldn't do cold water and didn't really want room temp water so I drank a lot of gatorade zero. I tried the gatorade zero protein, but could not deal with the after taste. Last week though everything started to taste really sweet so I went back to water and have no issues now with cold water. When I feel like I want something other than water, I just grab a crystal light packet and add it in. Fruit punch is my favorite flavor, but I have to double the water I mix it with because it's pretty strong. Monday was 4 weeks postop for me and it's amazing how much difference 10 days can make! Physically, I feel totally fine - no remaining soreness or pain. My doctor cleared me for soft foods including "chewing non-soft foods to an applesauce consistency" so I haven't stuck to any specific foods but still trying to figure out what works for me which is mostly chicken and shrimp. I finally hit the (delayed) 3 week stall and haven't seen the scale move at all this week, but I'm keeping my motivation up with exercise and hope to see that big dip soon.
  5. DrinkMoreRadium

    February 2023 surgery dates!

    My surgeon allows peanut butter and I'm in the soft foods phase 15 days post op. Every program is different so I suggest using your best judgement on what you can tolerate or reaching out to the surgeon office.
  6. DrinkMoreRadium

    February 2023 surgery dates!

    I am 13 days post op and I can tell you it does get easier! I didn't make my fluids or protein goals at all until about 4 days ago and I've been able to make both (barely!) If i concentrate on it. This is also with me going back to work last week as well so hang in there!
  7. I can't speak to the insurance part, but my surgeon doesn't require anything from cash patients. They told me that if I was paying cash, I could be scheduled for the next available surgery date. So it's very possible that your surgeon wouldn't require anything additional if your insurance approves it outright. Good luck!
  8. I second the biotene spray or lozenges. I am 10 days post op and these saved my mouth in the first couple days. I did ask the clinic nurse if I was allowed and she meant to ask the surgeon but never got back to me. I imagine they would have said no, but I snuck them in anyway. I only used them about 5 times within 24 hours post op though. After that, I had water and ice so there was no need.
  9. DrinkMoreRadium

    Getting home

    I had surgery on Monday and was discharged Wednesday evening. I worked with the nurse to time my last pain meds for right before discharge to help with the 1.25 hour ride home. Definitely second the pillow idea. I asked my husband to bring one and he forgot and i really wish I had one. You never realize just how rough the roads are until you feel every little dip and bump. If I were you, I'd drive way before flying. The air pressure changes with flying might cause a lot of pain if you still have gas build up (which you likely will).
  10. DrinkMoreRadium

    February 2023 surgery dates!

    I had dry heaves after coming home and was not meeting my hydration goal. Definitely let your medical team know. The nurse upped my nausea medication, and I am slowly getting to where I should be. I found warm liquids caused less cramping. Have you tried broth yet? Oh I couldn't imagine being nauseous and heaving! That sounds horrible. I'm glad to hear you're doing better. I tried broth at the hospital and that was an immediate no after 1 sip. Lukewarm water is definitely the least painful option. Hopefully as inflammation starts to go down, the cramps will lessen.
  11. DrinkMoreRadium

    February 2023 surgery dates!

    @gingermem0rial sounds like your doing pretty good. I just got discharged about 30 min ago. I have only had water, nothing else. I was doing laps in the hallway as well but the pain is still an issue. Every time i drink hardly enough water to even swallow, my stomach cramps. So I'm already behind on hydration.
  12. DrinkMoreRadium

    February 2023 surgery dates!

    @gingermem0rialHow are you doing? Yesterday (surgery date) was pretty rough for me and even over night I'm barely getting more than an hours 2 of sleep at a time. Doesn't help that my foley cath isn't draining on its own so i have to alert the nurses everytime I feel full so they can manipulate the tube to drain. The first time I got up to walk, I got the sweats, super hot, and nauseous. The second time was better. Hope yours is better!
  13. DrinkMoreRadium

    February 2023 surgery dates!

    RNY Surgery is tomorrow morning and my anxiety is through the roof. 12 more hours...
  14. DrinkMoreRadium

    February 2023 surgery dates!

    @HeidiNSydneyAus I just got scheduled for Feb 13th as well! Also RNY
  15. I ended up pushing the office on at least providing a date when Dr. B's credentialing process started and mentioned that due to work if it's going to take longer than 2 months, I will have to move to another provider. The insurance rep (who has been super nice and understanding) said the office manager is allowing me to switch rather than lose me as a patient because they cannot provide any timeline for the credentialing to go through. They submitted me same day under Dr. A and it was approved the next day. This is honestly the best outcome because I have done a lot of research on this doctor and am confident in his abilities as a surgeon. Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to keep pushing!
  16. So I started the process in September and definitely was not prepared for how much time everything would take mainly due to the insurance requirements around a weight loss trial. I thought everything I had done in the past would have counted, but it did not so I had to start a new weight loss trial. My primary care put in a referral and Tricare approved it for Dr. A at a surgeon's office over an hour away (closest bariatric specialty). When I tried to schedule the appt, I was told that Physician A is revamping his practice and would like to have me be scheduled with Dr. B. I agreed, as long as the referral was still good. Apparently that was not quite the question I should have asked. Fast forward to 4 months later, my weight loss trial and all the pre-reqs are done. I emailed the clinic with all the information and had not heard anything in 10 days, so I asked for an update. Today's update is this: Dr. B is not yet credentialed with Tricare so they can't even submit for approval until that is done. They have no estimated time frame and can't tell me when the process started. According to Tricare's website, it can take 60-90 days for a new provider to be credentialed. Additionally, when I asked if I could have my surgery done by Dr. A since Dr. A did my EGD and all my labs, they responded saying they asked Dr. B and he said no. I'm beyond frustrated because I only have a small window remaining where I can take off (Feb - Mar). After that, I will have to put it off until August or September. To clarify, I don't work a standard full time job. I am a contractor working through a recruiting company for a hospital org to implement the software system and their go-live is in July. I don't get paid for time off and I don't get FMLA. So now I'm either stuck in limbo for potentially months until they get him credentialed or I could see if another surgeon would be willing to take all the existing labs/imaging/documentation.
  17. Unfortunately no. Very few services are available on the base for dependents. I did another search for in network providers in a 150 mile radius and this office is the only one. There's a ton that are out of network....
  18. Old Salt - yes he's new to the practice as of last year. If I had known that and that he wasn't credentialed, I wouldn't have agreed to swapping the consult. Thanks for the advice- especially experience with Tricare. I'll send a message to my primary and see what she's willing to do.
  19. You are correct- Tricare Prime and I am on the panhandle. Unfortunately my primary care is the base physician and she may be able to put in another referral but it's whomever Tricare approves it for (if they are willing to approve a second). There are 2 physicians in an hour radius that are in network. The original Dr A. I was supposed to be with and 1 other. I have been able to change the approved referral in the past if I call Tricare but only prior to being seen. The other issue is the dietician consult, psych eval, and EGD were all done by the surgeon's office, but I could probably get those records.
  20. DrinkMoreRadium

    Scared to go through with surgery

    Like others have said, trust your instinct and if you aren't 100% committed to the surgery, don't do it. It also sounds like you have lost trust in your PCP. You may want to look into switching to a different PCP (if possible with insurance) not only for this situation but for the long term. No one is a better advocate for yourself than you! Find someone that you trust and respect; someone who listens to you and adjusts medical plans accordingly. Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using BariatricPal mobile app

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