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    No Pre Op Diet?

    Well my surgery is November 7th 2 days before my birthday lost track but I believe I will be 43 otherwise 42 LOL my doctor did not put me on a liquid diet but since I've had to quit smoking and today is my 17 day without smoking I believe I've been eating more it's very stressful I'm still doing caffeine which him not putting me on a diet makes me not want to give up smoking plus caffeine but I told my weight loss advocate that I would still like to put myself on a liquid diet a couple days prior to surgery she said it's totally up to me I just know that if I don't then there's a chance in my liver will be bigger than what they need to do the surgery and I don't want to take that chance of going in and then them saying Oh sorry we have to cancel so I'm going to try this the seminar that I have to go to prior to the surgery is November 1st that is the day we get the list of what protein drinks and clear liquids we can drink so that is the day that I'm going to start a liquid diet and hope to continue it throughout till the surgery dates I'm wishing myself luck LOL because seriously if I can quit smoking cold turkey even though it is stressful then I better be able to go on a liquid diet as well terrified for the surgery been watching all the videos of good surgeries and not so good surgeries the recovery I would suggest everybody watch the surgeries prior only to see which way you could possibly go you never know you can have an easy recovery or a not so easy recovery but at least it helps you know what to do if you have either or hopefully I can lose those at least 6 lb like one of these prior girls on here so I can make my doctor happy too thanks a bunch I love reading these forums they are very helpful

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