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  1. Fresh_Basil

    Smelly farts

    Does anyone have any issues with smelly farts and farts not actually being farts but diarrhoea??
  2. Fresh_Basil

    Terrified and thinking of cancelling

    Thank you Tomo for your response. I also had lap band in 2008 and had it removed in August 2022 following horrible reflux and weight gain. I understand your experience about the lap band restriction, it was quite unbearable at times and maybe I have to go back and think how I managed to overcome that! I think I need to stop overanalysing this and stop reading the horror stories and what can go wrong. thank you
  3. Hi. I’m new here and I’ve been reading several posts. I’m getting the gastric bypass on 19 October 2022, following removal of the gastric lap band. I am terrified and now I am thinking about cancelling the operation altogether. I am terrified of how things will be to travel and eating, catching up with friends for dinner and a glass of wine and don’t get me started on what I’ve been reading about dumping syndrome! I’m not going into this very lightly and have given it quite a bit of thought but now that the surgery day is almost here (currently doing the pre-op diet) I’m starting to really freak out! I’m from the Australia, Sydney so any help will be greatly appreciated thank you

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