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  1. LeCiel

    January 2023

    I hate the blood thinners, but I’m doing great so far. I’m already a lot more mobile and it doesn’t hurt to move anymore, so my daily steps are up from 2k/day to over 6k/day. I’m having a bit of a stall weight wise now at 12 lbs down and 10 days post-op but I try not to stress about it and just carrying on with my new routines.
  2. LeCiel

    January 2023

    How are things going?
  3. LeCiel

    January 2023

    If there was a major leak you would definitely know because it would hurt like all hell, so if you’re feeling good you don’t need to worry. Water is absorbed very quickly when you drink between meals.
  4. I know exactly what you mean. My problem now is that for many years I suffered from Anorexia Nervosa and Purging Disorder, before “getting better” — and developing BED instead. So my comfort zone is basically being hungry OR being full. The in-between is completely new to me and something I’m working on feeling comfortable with. I’m not physically hungry anymore (at one week post surgery) but making myself eat — without eating too much — while not hungry is extremely difficult emotionally.
  5. Yay, we’re surgery twins! I had VSG on January 19th. 😊 How are things going for you?
  6. Omg, did I just wander into a year-old thread and respond to old posts? I’m sorry, I’m on the mobile app and must have clicked on the 2022 thread instead of the 2023 one. 😂
  7. I understand your frustration. Remember that post-surgery swelling and lower grade inflammatory (even without water retention, which is also a thing) can contribute with a lot of extra weight in the first 4-6 weeks. I haven’t had much of that now, but I definitely did after I had my second c-section in 2019 — three weeks later I was still carrying 20-25 lbs of swelling/fluid, then one week later it all disappeared almost overnight. What was your starting BMI? If you were a “lightweight” that could also be a contributing factor. But some people just lose weight more slowly after surgery, nothing wrong with that either. ❤️ Hopefully you’re starting to feel better in other ways?
  8. Yay, another January 19th! I’m 5’9” and down 12 lbs since surgery and at least 30 lbs down since my pre-op diet started on December 22. My scale didn’t go beyond 400 lbs so I don’t actually know my highest weight, only that I was at least 410 lbs in late November 2022 (on the hospital’s scale). My incisions are also healing nicely but yeah mine are also really itchy, which is a great thing as it means the nerve ends are healing like they should. I’m having my stitches removed next Thursday.
  9. I see a lot of January 18th and 20th, but did anyone else have surgery on the 19th? Also, anyone else having surgery in two steps? I had VSG as a first step procedure and within 12-18 months (whenever I stop losing weight) I’ll be having either the traditional DS or the SADI.
  10. ”Pouch”, “stall”, “journey”, “stretching the pouch” (that’s literally the worst one!). Expressions that get waaay overused, like ”the surgery is a tool”, “this is a marathon, not a sprint”… I feel like I could go on all day. 😂

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