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  1. So, I'm back in the gym doing my routine work outs since I've graduated from school and currently looking for a full-time job. However, I am trying to figure out..what will prevent this soreness in my body. Yesterday, I went to a work out session offered through my church..it was about 1.5 hours of work outs...Well, I'm going to the gym T, W, Th, and Friday...not sure exactlyl if I'm damaging anything..or if I'm simply warming up those unused muscles that haven't been FULLY and completely worked out in about 6-8 months. Yes, I said 6-8 months. Sad, but honesty is the key to a successful you. Well, I haven't gained weight. but, I'm loosing slowly...so please tell me what do I need to do to prevent body soreness before and after my 30minutes to 1 hour workouts I anticipate on doing per day..(or at least 5 weekdays)
  2. OMG>..i love Pasta too..but, the troubling thing is is that since I've been banded, I've only eaten a little but not so little that it has caused a drastic weight change. However, I suggest if you want to get good results you have to leave those foods alone. Focus on foods with high nutrients and that way you won't go wrong. No need to track calories..I learned that that stuff just gets frustrated so I realize..if I'm conscience of everything that goes in mouth..I don't have to worry too much bout anything coming back out directly after consumption. You get me? Ididn't want to get to graphic for those of us with weak stomachs lol..but, overall I'ma junk food junkie and a pasta fanatic..So, these are the things still to this day I'm striving to leave a lone..but, first things first is setting goals..I'm going or working on a 40 day fast of staying committed...which includes: Leaving soda, junk, and pasta alone Drinking plenty of Water Making sure to excercise at least 3 (cardio work outs) days a week and possibly two days of small strength training Track weight loss and measurements. Find a job as this fast encourages my weight loss along with my spirituality..or strengthens my relationship with God, honestly you can't have one without the other..cause God will see you through this difficult process..take it one day at a time..and don't let one days mess ups become an annual thing....start over and over until you can't start over no more and just decide to STICK WITH IT! Good luck everyone! God bless
  3. pmcclen2

    burning calories

    Where can you find this Chinese green tea and that information that you've provided online?
  4. pmcclen2

    Exercise Goals #3

    I'm getting back into the hang of things. I think I'm going to do some Jillian MIcheal's excercise tapes after homework and cleaning. I'm not hungry at the moment but I know i need to eat something. I'm so excited cause this time the weight is coming off! Bye bye fat!
  5. pmcclen2

    may 25,2010

    I just wanted to know exactly how much weight did youlose ? you look great girl..inbox me and let me know! WE are gonna do this thing the right way..holla!
  6. pmcclen2

    Headshot for my BF's wedding_June 2006.

    This is a beautiful picture of you!
  7. pmcclen2

    Liz Surgery dec 15 2009 219lbs

    OMG! Girl, you've came a long way..you were beautiful then and now! You inspire me...hit me back and tell me how did youmanage to lose all of the weight like that..youlook very healthy too!
  8. pmcclen2

    Why do people treat others differently when they are fat?

    Girl, I get fat jokes all the tiem. I'm at the point where I don't give a shit! REally! cause I feel if you can laugh at me...you have nothign better to do with your time..I'm working on my weight loss and once I get to 150 lbs..I will be happy and complete with myself..you're doing this for you..and no one else.let the haters know..I'm big and beautiful now..and once I'm skinny..I'll be skinny and beautiful..nothing changed but the size..stay ab eatuiful person..don't let NO ONE see you sweat beautiful!
  9. pmcclen2


    work it girl..beautiful then..and even beautiful now..tell the guys to stay back..!!! lol
  10. pmcclen2

    Poppin my Blog Cherry!!!

    you are hella funny! I'm glad you made that decision..be motivated..and continuous..
  11. yeah I really agree with you skinnylinds..maybe my fills are the problem..because I've only had two since my surgery..and I don't think its been very tight...enough..I mean, I have only lost a whopping 5lbs in a year! I had the motivation to work out..but, I attend UIUC in Champaign..I'm currently a Women's Studies student trying to get into a nursing program...However, my motivation is hard..but, a professor told me that taking a novel (trashy novel..haha..or something you would like to read in your spare time) to the gym would be great because you are motivated to read that book because you want to know what's going on...if it is good...so, I think once I jump back on the "band' wagon...this is what I will be doing as a motivation to get me to the gym..my gyms are free as well...do you have a list of nursing schools that accept non-nursing degree students? I want to eventually go into nursing..I will hopefully be applying to Rush university's nursing program in the summer of 2010...so, wish me luck...please..how's the nursing going for u thus far?
  12. pmcclen2

    Me at 245 pounds

    Girl don't worry about what people say its cool you are beautiful..and if they have a problem with you..they have a problem with themselves....you are a plus sized woman..soon to be thin...only thing that's going to change is your size...you will still be as beautiful as you are now just healthier so don't worry about a thing..dust the haters off...because they will be smiling at your door once you're finished...keep your head up..stay motivated...I'm looking forward to seeing the new you..remmeber that you are and will always be beautiful in a 24 or an 8. LOVE YOU GIRL!
  13. pmcclen2


    I agree..you look extremely younger! Get it gurl!
  14. pmcclen2

    170 lbs!! 50 down, 30 to go!

    girl..you look awesome! Seriously..you are wearing that dress!
  15. pmcclen2

    No caption

    you looking good girl! Keep it up!
  16. pmcclen2

    uniform ablut 190 or so

    you look good dear! So, darn good!
  17. pmcclen2

    63lbs gone

    Girl you look so much younger! I'm so proud of you! You encourage me
  18. pmcclen2

    Mar 20 Minus 74 lbs side

    looking good girl!
  19. pmcclen2

    Mar 20 Minus 74 lbs back

    looking good girl that shape is slowly coming in....

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