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  1. Jordan1

    Post Op: Struggling a little

    Have you tried different artificial sweeteners? I can only tolerate Splenda because the others give me a headache or diarrhea. There are so many different formulas out there, one has to work for you or you will find it very difficult.
  2. Jordan1

    Scar camouflage tattoos

    I am about 4 months post op and my scars are pretty dark because I tend to hyperpigment. I have 5 of them!!!! Dont know why the surgeon cant do the single incision gastric sleeve through the belly button. That would've been my preference but the only two surgeons in the US that do that were not near me. Anyway, I went to my dermatologist and he mixed up a prescription strength formula to fade these things and happy to say it is working. But honestly, I think it is something the bariatric surgeons should address.
  3. Jordan1

    5 months post op hair loss

    Three months after recovering from Covid I had hair loss and I took Folexin to bring it back so I know it works. I am 3 months post op right now and dreading the whole hair loss thing AGAIN! But I have my supply of Folexin ready.
  4. Jordan1

    Telling others

    Only my husband and my best friend know - that's it. My husband knows because, well it's obvious. And my best friend knows because I needed a ride from the hospital that my husband could not do!! I didn't want all the chatter so I thought it was best to not tell people.
  5. Jordan1


    I cut up an avocado and put the hummus on the slices. Makes a great lunch.
  6. Jordan1

    Iced Coffee

    I have a small regular Dunkin iced coffee with 2 Coffee Mate creamers (I have to add those myself).
  7. Jordan1


    Dunkin Donuts regular. Just one cup a day in the morning with non-dairy creamer.
  8. My breasts finally stick out further than my belly.
  9. I'm a newbie so maybe I am obsessing about nothing but I am about 2 weeks post-op and losing weight as expected. I'm not worried about the scale too much but I am so tired of the big middle I had and the thing is - it's still there!! The inches seem to be dropping everywhere EXCEPT my stomach. WTH? Is this normal? is the weight around your middle the last to go? This is depressing.
  10. Jordan1

    4 Days Post-Op

    Seven days post-op and yes the walking will relieve the gas pains but then I find my left side KILLING me if I walk too much so what are you supposed to do? I don't want to take pain medication and then walk (kinda defeats the purpose). When does this pain in my side go away?
  11. I almost backed out after being scheduled for surgery so I understand. I am 6 days post op and I am happy I didn't. I had to keep reminding myself why I was seeking bariatric surgery in the first place - which was my HEALTH!!!

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