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  1. Dr Green I heard is AMAZINGLY AMAZING!! And he does his surgery at CER hospital which I heard was beyond beautiful. You will be in great hands! Are you a part of the FB group!!??? If not, ask your coordinator. It's by invite only. And be ready to get bombarded with info! I post a bunch on there too. Everyone does. Such a nice little community. Full of before and after pics and everyone's experiences. You did well picking Renew and Dr Green. Everyone RAVES about him. Let me see if I can post pics on here....🤔 1st pic -me waiting for surgery. 2nd pic, Perez comes in to tell me I'm next 😬. 3rd n 4th pic, post incisions. He said my liver was very small so they only did 2 incisions and a drain hole. Last pic is me leaving 2 days later. I felt GREAT the whole time. No pain. No nothin. 6/4 surgery date. 195 pre op. 5'6. 32 BMI. Down to 172 right now. Want to lose 20 more! Doing light workouts already (stairs + jogging)
  2. Renew Bariatrics in Tijuana is where I ended up going. Dr Perez. Omg AMAZING! They have a very active FB group too. Love it!! On it all day every day lol anyway, stitches dissolve on their own. No need for follow-ups really. Pretty quick n ez procedure n I'm 3 weeks post op as of Saturday. I pulled the trigger shortly after making this post - down 23 lbs so far🎉
  3. At Renew Bariatrics they do bypass and gastric and some ball one...🤔 and the band. Most ppl get gastric (they even have mini gastric) or sleeve. Renew is right across the boarder too. Literally a 7 min drive once through the boarder. I was anti Mexico but omg these guys are AMAZING! Can't express that enough. Best decision ever. Anyway. Gotta go weigh myself 🥳🙏
  4. Christina1985

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    I went to Renew Bariatrics in Tijuana Mexico. AMAZINGGGG! Dr Perez is the best! Double board certified in the US and Mexico. $4,600 total. Includes pick up from San Diego airport, surgery, 2 nights hospital stay, 1 night hotel stay (optional, I opted out to get home:) and transportation back to San Diego airport. Absolute AMAZING experience. I can't express that enough. I'm down 22 lbs in 16 days and started with a low BMI, 31. No pain after surgery whatsoever. Swear I was questioning the doc like, did you even do anything lol Best experience ever. The worst part was the 2nd night at the hospital bc I felt so normal I just wanted to go hommmmme lol Feel free to email me. I'll send pics n all. They have a FB group that can be joined where thousands of ppl share their experiences. Here's my email to reach out directly. Totally forgot I even joined this forum until I got a random notification today lol Cjones61985 @yahoo.com
  5. I just went to Renew Bariatrics in Tijuana Mexico on 6/4. YOU WILL NOT FIND BETTER DOCS! Look em up on Google. They are double board certified in the US and Mexico. They all speak English. It was $4600 and that includes transportation from hotel or San Diego airport to the facility and then back to either one after 2 nights in hospital. One night hotel stay included but I opted out. I wanted to get home to my baby's and felt no pain after surgery whatsoever. Dr Perez was AMAZING!! He only did 2 incisions bc my liver was so small 😍🙌 They have a Facebook group and all where THOUSANDS of ppl have gotten the surgery. Before and after pics. All diff questions answered. It's so awesome! I'm 16 days post op and down almost 22 lbs. Feel free to email me personally, I'll send pics n all. Totally forgot I even joined this group until I got a notification today. Would love to help all men and women go to Renew Bariatrics! Seriously you won't regret it 🙃 cjones61985 @yahoo.com
  6. So I ended up going to Renew Bariatrics in Tijuana Mexico. Dr Perez. 6/4. Omg BEST EXPERIENCE EVERRRRRR!!! No pain waking up. Seriously felt like they didn't even do anything lol $4,600 in total. Doc only did 2 incisions bc he said my liver was so small. I'm down 21.5 lbs in 16 days. Seriously the best decision ever. Email if yall want any info *see below. Look em up on Google. Fabulousssss reviews. Pics n all. They pick you up from airport. Take you across boarder. 2 nights in hospital then to a hotel (which I opted out of) then back to the San Diego airport. Super smooth process!🥳👏👏👏 Cjones61985 @yahoo.com
  7. Christina1985

    Renew bariatrics in Mexico

    Did either of you end up going to Renew? I’m thinking about going there would love some insight
  8. I spoke to their coordinator and she is lovely! Certified docs. Etc etc. But when I googled Bariatrics in Tijuana a few deaths popped up but it didn't disclose which exact establishment. The coordinator advised it def wasn't their location but I'm still nervous bc anyone can say whatever they want lol
  9. I'm having a tough time trying to pick a doc. I thought I'd be okay with going to Mexico but now I'm nervous. Who was your in-state doc and how much did you pay? And if you went to Mexico, same question? I'm in south Florida! Thanks a bunch 🥰
  10. Christina1985

    1 month results

    Awesome!!! I'm new here. Any advice 😬🙏 thinking about getting the surgery. Hows the diet? How are you holding down food??
  11. Hello! Thank you all for allowing me in the group🥰 I just had a consultation and I barely qualify for the sleeve but I do! Yay! I'm 5'6 194 lbs. A few questions: I heard going out of the country is cheaper - anyone go out of the country for the surgery? Like, Mexico. I'm in Florida. How did it turn it? What's the pros and cons I should be aware of? I've heard so many horror stories ie people throwing up, not being able to ever eat "normal" again, higher risk for cancer, etc etc etc. I've been doing research but id love to hear yalls thoughts since i know you're live ppl I can actually communicate with😊 Thanks a bunch!

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