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Gastric Bypass Patients
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  1. Possum220

    Diet right after surgery?

    Please check in with your nutritionist to see what you will be able to eat and how you need to progress back to solids.
  2. Possum220

    Salty meals?

    Tinned baked beans. Chew them up before you eat them. Very sloppy scrambled eggs. Yogurt. Custard. Low fat jellies (I made my own and put tasteless protein powder in). Dont let too many days pass without eating.
  3. Possum220

    Liquid diet

    Ask your dietician of nutritionist about what vitamins are best for you. Your type of surgery will also have some bearing on what you take. Not all vitamins are created equal.
  4. Possum220

    How Long for you?

    It took about two months to be rid of the pain. I had pain near one of my incision sites on the left side of my abdomen. I told my surgeon about it and he checked it out and said that I had a seroma. (Build up of water). Water clot? He said the pain/water would be dispersed and it would get better. Seromas are not uncommon after major surgery. If you have pain please check back in with the surgeon.
  5. Possum220

    Dry Mouth

    I am also three months out. One morning this week I woke up and my lips were stuck to my teeth from a dry mouth. I have been told to increase my liquids. Seems to have improved the last couple of days.
  6. This is not weird but is something that made my doctor really happy. I saw him this week and he took me off 3 medications because I no longer need them. Yay! It is also so much easier to have a shower now without feeling puffed afterwards.
  7. I was only able to walk past 4 houses and back. That was the most I could walk. Four months have gone by since my bypass. I can now walk 2 km per day. 1 mile? My ankle has been sore from arthritis and arthritis in my lower back. I feel so much better not carrying the weight that I used to. Now things are getting easier like looking after myself and even standing is so much easier. Hopefully your support team will be able to work around your health issues to get you to a better place.
  8. Possum220

    Unsupportive Husband

    Maybe he is just scared. Surgery never was and never will be the easy way out. You will still need to eat well, exercise and change your relationship with food. Being healthy is a brilliant reason to do this. Your body will thank you for this step that you are taking.
  9. Possum220

    Hair loss help?

    Congratulations on the weight loss. Hair loss starts at 6 months. Be patient it will grow back. A short haircut might help or invest in some snazzy scarves if it is really bad and makes you feel better.
  10. Possum220

    Gastric bypass complications

    When did you have your surgery? Check back in with your surgeon. Cant give you an answer that will help without the details.
  11. Possum220

    Covid Positive

    Let your surgeon or office know. Some aspects of of Covid will affect your anesthetic and how you heal. Give your body the best chance it has to recover from this major operation.
  12. Possum220


    Please go back to the surgeon. This needs to be investigated. IV fluids might help her.
  13. Possum220


    Yay!!! Indeed. Happy dance. What an achievement.
  14. Possum220

    Backing out

    We can always what if ourselves into the grave. What if this is the best thing that you will ever do for you and your family? What if you can enjoy food that you might have otherwise missed out on? etc. What if you are like most of those that have this procedure done and have minimal issues? The most important question is Can I continue to live my life the way that I am at the moment? Is your life worth living now? Does your family have a happy and healthy mum? You can choose not to do this. You can walk away now before anything happens. Will you be happy if you do that? Before I had my RNY this May just gone I could no longer enjoy my life, I was just existing and doing it badly. Dont let a few nerves steer you away from the journey that you have started.
  15. Possum220

    2 months and 13 days post-op

    Brilliant effort. Keep going. 😊
  16. I was on an IV after surgery for two and a half days. I came home from hospital very swollen from fluids. It hurt my feet just to walk. Happily after about 5 days the excess water had left my body. Weighing once a week will help you avoid the fluctuations that happen normally in our bodies.
  17. Possum220

    May 2022 surgery?

    Slow weight loss here too. 12.5g loss over 7 weeks but not too fussed about it. It's all downwards.
  18. Possum220

    My First Binge :(

    Mmmm Twisties. As a nurse that works long hours you need fuel to get you through the night. Plan some good snacks. Ones that make you feel good on the outside and good on the inside. You have put your body in a much better place by your persistence and hard efforts. You are a star at doing this.
  19. Possum220


    This is an amazing loss. Congratulations. 😄
  20. Possum220

    Frustrated with being unable to eat

    No, not ridiculous at all. Now is the time to start working on how you can comfort yourself in other ways besides food. I like to hug my very big polar bear. I love perfumes so I bought myself a bottle of Jovan musk. Maybe finding a psychologist to talk to or see a dietician about new food choices. What would be something positive for you to do as a distraction/ Exercise like walking will help to ease your appetite unless you are truly hungry. It's a good thing that tomorrow is a new day and time for a new start.
  21. Possum220

    Scared .........

    Crying is helping to deal with the tension and fear that you may be feeling. Want a good cry? Then have one. Want to have this Op then one foot in front of the other. You dont have to get this surgery done at all. You can stop everything if you really want to. Do what is right for you and your body. You got this.
  22. Possum220

    Gas air or full?

    Surgery on Monday? You have done absolutely nothing wrong. Your tummy will still be feeling swollen from the op. It is normal to feel like this. Give yourself a chance to heal. Try walking to move those gas bubbles around and out. A heat pack will also help with the pain. It will get better.
  23. Possum220

    Bad abdominal pain/nausea

    Certainly contact your surgeon or his office to alert him that you are having problems. They also may have a solution. Use a heat bag on the area that is hurting and walk to get air bubbles moving. Did you doctor not give you some heavier pain relief than Tylenol? Make sure that you take the Tylenol as advised and not skip doses as that will help the base line of your pain. Hope you feel better soon.
  24. Possum220

    Period Irregularity post surgery

    It can happen and does happen due to the hormonal changes that you have been going through since the operation. It's one of those things that you never hear about until it happens to you. Fingers crossed that it will settle again.

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