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  1. Possum220

    1 year down

    Did you get blood testing done to see if you are lacking in any areas? Keep on top of this to stay ahead of any deficiencies. Your surgeon/gp can request these tests.
  2. Possum220

    Comparison food numbers 4 months out

    I was consuming about the same amount as you at that stage and continue doing the same 17 months out. Stalls will happen. Drink your fluids and exercising helps. Our bodies can be quite tricky in how they manage our food intake. If you are continuing to eat the same foods then try changing what you are eating. Change the proteins for other protein. Change up your snacks. It really is a huge mental game from here on out. Reward yourself for the changes that you have already made. Start a new hobby to keep your brain and hands busy.
  3. Hi Robert. I have never heard the phrase "They operated on your stomach, not your brain" But it is oh so true. So much work yet to do on ourselves. Thank you for sharing this. It has taken quite a few months to build up my stamina and muscles to be able to go on a decent walk. I have been asked to join a couple of walking groups though I just love the freedom of being able to walk where I want and when I want and for how short or long I want. Company would be nice sometimes but it's easy to be lost in your own thoughts or have some ear worm in your brain chanting along to the beat of my feet. Not selfish just mindful.
  4. The term nurse infers care. The nurse is not a nurse she is a bully. This is beyond disgusting behaviour. I googled the new surgeon and they do check out. But his current support team should also be sacked. Support being the operative word. There is no support and they are gaslighting you for their own sad performance. Even if they are able to find you another date I would hate to think what follow up care you would be provided with. Please Please put this down to experience now and find a better provider/team. You deserve so much better. Saying that you would not comply to do the necessary things post op is a sickening joke. Run do not walk to another team that can support you. You need to be looked after not treated with disdain and blame for this very serious and life changing surgery. Maybe your general doctor can suggest another provider? This team need to be reported for their lack of professionalism. Dry those tears hunny bun. You are loved. 🤗💖
  5. In answer to your question ........ I was a couch potato before my RNY back in last May last year. Walking past three houses was exhausting. So I rarely walked. So I began walking. Each week/month I went a little further and further. i can now walk 5 k easily. Walking is a great way to start to get fit. Then I started to do a small amount of strength exercises. It only been the last month that I have done cardio. I walk, use a recumbent bike and use limited weights. For me the whole thing is just about getting fitter. I do feel fitter and happier in my body. At my size I am going to have loose skin. How much you exercise will be determined by what you want to achieve and how much you are prepared to do. Losing weight is one thing but in order to keep the weight off exercise will need to be part of your life long journey. I hope it all goes well for you.
  6. Possum220

    Fasting after midnight before surgery

    Good luck with the surgery come Monday. You will be on the other side before you know it.
  7. Possum220

    Gastric Bypass Aug 16th

    Before I had surgery my life was miserable. Couldnt walk far at all. Looking after myself was such a big drain. I had come to the end of myself and didnt care if the very worst happened cos I was already living it. You know how hard it is. Booking in for the surgery gave me something that I had not had for a very long time ........... Hope. Closer to the operation I was scared but also excited. I had the gastric bypass May last year. Since then I lost 53kg or 116 pounds. I know I still have a way to go but I am feeling so much better in my own skin. I am more mobile and fitter than I have been in years. I am off all diabetic medications including insulin. I am also off my blood pressure and gerd medications too. I have not had any complications. No regrets.
  8. I have normal chips. Problem is they are a slider food so it it too easy to keep on eating and you still dont get full.
  9. Possum220


    When you had the bypass you signed yourself up for a spot in a marathon in a number or sports. Running (what you eat) Track and field (how you eat and why). Stamina (Patience). Synchcronized swimming (Creativity). Discus (More patience). High jump (Exercise). It will take a long time of practicing all of these elements to get to the end of your race. It can feel very hard at the start to even see the finish line and that is why you just keep on showing up for yourself day after day. I struggled at the start with the length of the journey ahead. It has taken me a year to feel better about being in my own skin. Keep on doing what your team has advised. If you keep to new habits it will happen even though there may be hiccups along the way. Picture where you will be at in a year and looking back at the victories you will have along the way. 1 - Stay off the scales they will do your head in. Weigh once a week or month. 2 - Measure yourself once a month a see the changes. 3 - Set mini goals along the way and reward yourself when you achieve them. 4 - Be proud that you are doing the very best you can. 💖
  10. Possum220

    Surgery day!

    Hope everything goes well for you and wake up well and pain free.
  11. Depends. Are you being treated as a day patient and sent home the same day or will you be able to rest in hospital for a day or so? I had the bypass and a hernia repair at the same time. I was in heaps of pain and being hydrated on a drip. Four days in hospital and then I was allowed to go home. I live in Australia. I felt very sore and sorry for myself but treated myself with care. I live on my own, Whatever facility is treating you should have a back up plan to help you if you find yourself in difficulties. Check in with them to ease any worries. When you do get home and things are okay then your hubby may be needed for a couple of days just to make sure that you are okay. Hope every thing goes goes well for you on preop. 😊
  12. I put on lots after my bypass as I was on IV fluids for two days. My feet were very puffy. Leaving it for two weeks will give your body a chance to get rid of the extra fluid. Now might be a really good time to record your measurements. I do this on a monthly basis. Sometimes we lose pounds, At other times we lose inches.
  13. Possum220

    2 years Post OP

    You are more than welcome in check back in with the surgeon now rather than continuing to gain. They would much rather see you now than waiting too long and reversing all the good you have done. Your dietician would also rather see you now. Sometimes a few words really can help turn things back around. Talk to some-one who is rooting for you. Kick those old and failing habits back to the curb, 😊
  14. Possum220

    Need Advice

    I found protein shakes were harder to keep down after my operation. I think the bubbles in the shakes had too much volume to them. I dont know why but cordial is easier to get down than plain water. Definitely check back in with your dietician/nutritionist. Ask your surgeon about the burning sensation. Just do the best that you can with your fluids.
  15. Possum220

    Need Encouragement

    14lbs in a month is a lovely loss. I have seen it said that the weight loss can be slower when you have gone from a sleeve to a bypass. On this journey our emotions can really mess with us, Some days we feel up and the next we are down. I had a bad couple of days this week. It only took a small change to make me feel like I could do this again. I am also on bipolar meds and anti d's. Are you able to go for gentle walks? This will help your circulation and help the blood move around your body and help you in the healing process. Check in with dietician to get some advice on what things you can do at this stage. Might be small things will make a big difference. Breathe. 😊
  16. So you started at 253 and you are now 220? Seems like a difference of 33lbs. 33lbs is more than 2 stone. What is not to like about that loss. Weight loss is slower second time around. Stay off the scales for a little bit. Do something different. Take up a new hobby and distract yourself.
  17. Possum220

    Labs After RNY

    Are you currently on medications for diabetes?
  18. Possum220

    Possible TT

    Thanks for this. It makes sense now. it is a new world.
  19. Possum220

    No Weight loss

    So you have lost 25 pounds? Not a small achievement at all. Your body is still in healing mode. Give yourself a pat on the back. Scales dont tell you how much extra fluid your body has dealt with since the operation. It not like you can undo this operation. Have a little patience. Your body is doing what it needs to do. Love your body with good nutrition. It is going to be okay.
  20. It happens to me each time I have my calcium chew. It is lemon and the taste is very unpleasant.
  21. Possum220

    November Launch!

    Go you good thing. ❤️
  22. Are you taking your pain medication? Your body has just been though a major operation. Keep those pain meds up. Given that this is so soon after your operation it would be a really good idea to contact your surgeon's office and let them know. It could also be trapped gas from the operation that was pumped into the body cavity so that the surgeon could have a good view on your abdomen. If that is the case the walking a little and often will help to move the gas out of your body. A warm heat pack on your belly will also help the pain. Feel better soon.
  23. Possum220

    Did I eat too much?

    It takes 2 years of consistent over eating to stretch a pouch. Chances ore if you ate too much you would feel uncomfortable. You will be okay.
  24. Possum220

    Swollen Feet?

    Yes, It would be a good idea to let your doctor know what is happening with your feet. They may need to do some adjusting. My blood pressure medication was halved after my operation in May this year. I have stopped taking it after I spoke to a doctor 1 month ago. Good luck Monday. :)
  25. Please dont let the doctors fob you off if things havent gotten better. I hope the tests that you had this week have been able to locate the cause of the issue.

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