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    Clothes shopping weirdness...can you relate?

    I can understand the clothing situation! One thing that I did and I’m very blessed because I have a thrift store only a few blocks from my house which is off of the main radar of a lot of people that love to go thrift store shopping and there are so many beautiful o’clock to close there at a fraction of the price of the stores. So as I went down in my sizes I shopped there and I would bring in my clothing that was too big and exchange it out for credit for things that were smaller now in the beginning I was still buying clothes that were too big for me and it took a minute for me to learn that I was a smaller size but I finally got used to it and most of the clothes that I found my small little shop or brand new and still had the tags on them! And my big fetish is coats! I love coats and I love dusters and they had a slew of them so maybe that’ll work for you find a little thrift store which is off the beaten Path and you’ll save yourself a lot of money and as you start to shrink so rapidly that doesn’t make sense to buy a brand new clothes off the rack that everybody else is wearing. I like being different and a little fashionable so the store is absolutely perfect for me
  2. I agree with you but I live in the great state of Alaska and it’s below zero here! And you know what I can find the scammers everywhere and now they’ve got the COVID-19 thing going on to everything’s a little bit different our whole world is changed, so just wait for the next shoe to drop and as I change the World to change still is hope always hope
  3. I don’t know if I’d actually categorize it as an actual psychological situation with the body image. I think I had more of that when I was 422 pounds which was my largest. I guess I’m just an odd how amazing the human body is and how it changes so drastically and if you remember the despair we had before surgeries we just never thought of ourselves as being thin and now that it’s here it’s kind of like Cinderella finally found her other slipper! We all got to the ball on time!
  4. Well OK see you do! Boy you sure know how to make somebody feel old ha ha!! Do you or your parents were born huh OK but I’ll ask his nurse in whole I’ll like all of it the interior gets too hot in the winter excuse me two hot in the summer and too cold in the winter and there’s no huge beautiful mountains and I love the ocean and I love being near the mountains and having so much more access to things here in Anchorage but I love to go up there anyway and visit through the summer take my motorhome and have a good time and I do all this solo but I live in Alaska so I make sure I’m always packing some kind of a gun
  5. No and someways I do feel my size but like I stated before I’m still shocked! Like when I take my jeans out of the dryer and I’m folding my clothes I think they’re my eight-year-old granddaughters I only wear a size 0 in jeans now which I thought I never would. And I look at them and hold them up and go how am I going to get my big butt in there ha ha I guess we’re always going to have a big girl brain fat girl brain we got little fat girls on all of our sells little pictures of us so that’s just it we’re in print it with a certain DNA and that’s the way it goes nurture nature right? And yeah I’ve been having a really hard time finding anybody to be significant worth for any kind of a lasting time.
  6. Anchorage. I’ve lived here often on since 1967 I love Alaska
  7. Hello everyone, I see as I read all of the recent postings that you all are pretty new to this new life you now have, but I would love to help anyone who needs advise on anything about whatever is on your minds. I had my surgery on march 28 th 2011. I was 422 pounds and today I am 119 pounds at 5 ft 7 tall. And since then I have not found a love in my life as most do not understand all of the things that comes with the new you. Anyone also having this problem? My name is Athena

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