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  1. Happy 59th Birthday Maggies!

  2. Happy 58th Birthday Maggies!

  3. 3 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 3rd Anniversary Maggies!

  4. Maggies

    Hope it gets better

    The first 2 or 3 days are the worst, then it gets easier. I didn't have to do two weeks so just hang in there. Maggies:thumbup:
  5. I can eat breads, but sometimes I get a little bit of of a stuck feeling on certain ones. I have 6cc in a 14cc band. I am getting 2cc put in this coming Monday so I am hoping that will put me where I want to be. Maggies:thumbup:
  6. Maggies

    Tricare Denial..REVERSED!!

    azairforcewife, Congratulations on your approval. It took an appeal for me to be approved also. I am happy with the way I am losing. It is slow, but going down. Munger, Keep trying and you will be approved. It is hard to believe they are taking so long. My surgeon actually talked to Tricare and submitted the appeal with the sleep study included, which wasn't in there the first time. Has your surgeon talked to Tricare??? Good luck and keep trying. Maggie
  7. Maggies

    Being banded 1/21

    Here's hoping you get approved soon. I have not regretted my band. I am losing slow, but sure. So again good luck and let us know when you get your approval. Maggie:shades_smile:
  8. Maggies

    Let's play a game!

    Long :thumbup:
  9. Maggies

    Help me my new friends/ I scared

    I think you will be surprised how smooth everything will go. I was up walking about an hour after coming out of recovery. Dressed myself and went home. I didn't have any problems with gas, but did get diarrea, plus my stomach growled a lot. But both cleared up fast. You will do great. Maggies:shades_smile:
  10. I didn't have a catherter. It is such a short surgery, you probably won't have one. But then again every surgeon is different. Good luck to you all. Maggies:shades_smile:
  11. Maggies

    is this NORMAL?

    harliquinn, Are you being seen at Travis? That is where I started my long journey to bandland. They have a group class that you must attend. I wanted to have the lapband and they don't do it at Travis, (at least didn't when I started). I had most of my tests done at Travis, and then got a referral to a surgeon in Sacramento.. All in all it took over a year, from my first referral to Travis to actually being banded. I'm sure you can get it done faster than that, because when I first saw the surgeons at Travis one of them was pregnant and about to have her baby so every thing went slow. Good luck and let me know how it goes. Maggies:shades_smile:
  12. Maggies

    Tricare Denial..REVERSED!!

    Hi Valerie, Have you been denied by Tricare Already or are you just starting the process. I was denied by Tricare the first time and then we resubmitted the paperwork to include my sleep apnea test and I was approved in 2 weeks. There is another girl on this thread that was denied and appealed and Tricare took several months and ultimately she was denied. Let us know how it is going for you. Maggies:shades_smile:
  13. Maggies

    OCT 29th anyone?

    Hi Canadianbutterfly, We still visit and post on lbt, but one of our great gals started a yahoo group for the Oct. 29 people. Have you got a date yet for surgery? Maggies:shades_smile:
  14. Maggies

    Tricare Denial..REVERSED!!

    JWRN, You are doiing great. My weight loss is going very slow but at least it is not going up. I have an appt. with the surgeon this coming Friday so I hope he isn't upset by how little I have lost. Have a good one. Maggie:shades_smile:
  15. My swelling from the gas lasted about three weeks, but I have read of others that lasted longer. It does go away. Keep up the good weight loss. Maggies:shades_smile: