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    vulpusvulpus35 got a reaction from huskymama in Prep recommends... I'm six weeks out   
    Hello All, Happy New Year!
    I need help from those experienced sleeve folks
    What are your biggest recommendations to prep for a successful surgical day and what's really important (to you) two weeks after.
    I'm fighting a diet coke addiction, no joke.
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    vulpusvulpus35 reacted to J San in Food Before and After Photos   
    DUH I was trying to figure out how the hell I could liquify that recipe.... LOLOL Sorry, That made me laugh at myself.
    I will do that, Next "meal" I drink I will take pics.
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    vulpusvulpus35 reacted to Peonie in Anyone else struggling with panic post-op?   
    I am so glad I found this forum, I know I can speak to my nurses about my issues but they have not been practically through this experience, hearing first hand from others in similar situations is very reassuring.
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    vulpusvulpus35 reacted to DaisyAndSunshine in Anyone else struggling with panic post-op?   
    Post-Op racing heart can also be dehydration. Dehydration reduces your blood pressure and shoots up your heart rate. So have to make sure to take sufficient fluids.
    That's my only concern first week. Other than that, I am taking it a day at a time and hoping things fall in place.
    But definitely there may be multiple concerns each of us may have down our journey. Just have to make sure not to go into any negative mindset because what is done is already done. Surgery is over and you can't undo. So make the best of what you can and focus on your end goal. 😊
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    vulpusvulpus35 reacted to Sleeve_Me_Alone in Anyone else struggling with panic post-op?   
    Agree with the others: 1) its normal 2) likely hormone driven, and 3) completely OK to ask for help when you need it. This is a major surgery that demands sudden, massive life changes, and it takes a toll on your body and mind. Its ok to feel the feelings and go through the process of grief/processing that comes after it. But do remember that all of *this* is temporary. Your body will heal, you won't be in pain forever, you will figure out how to eat and move and live with your new tiny tummy, and you will lose weight and get healthier along the way. That is the ultimate goal, this bit is just a phase.
    Take time to rest, ask as many questions as you need to, seek help from your providers, and give yourself lots of grace.
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    vulpusvulpus35 reacted to SleeverSk in Anyone else struggling with panic post-op?   
    I still get niggling pains now and yes I still have a moment of panic about it, but never feel embarrassed about getting checked out. its better to get it checked and you be fine rather than not get checked and it be something. take notice when it happens too. I find when i am active i get random pain and i guess its because i did nothing but be curled up in a ball on my sisters couch for 8 weeks after surgery ( yes I was that bad ) that in healing i now may have scar tissue that now gets aggravated when i do any activity
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    vulpusvulpus35 reacted to Elaine77 in Anyone else struggling with panic post-op?   
    Thank you all for the encouragement. It helps TREMENDOUSLY to know Im not alone and that others have come out the other side just fine. Im 4 days post op and anxiety was well controlled until today. I suspect due to the doctor appt and perhaps too rich of a chicken broth. Now im afraid of looking crazy at the doc if theres no infection. YIKES.
    And Im definitely struggling with what have I done to myself. Even though I picture being very successful and very healthy in the future.

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    vulpusvulpus35 reacted to SleeverSk in Anyone else struggling with panic post-op?   
    I was the same, it has alot to do with your hormones, relax, try some meditation, try to distract yourself it does get better
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    vulpusvulpus35 reacted to Peonie in Anyone else struggling with panic post-op?   
    Yes, I'm panicking about everything. Am I eating the right thing? Enough Protein? Getting enough fluids? And then I am terrified that I'll either pop my staples and leak or stretch out my stomach. I was doing really well post op but now the fear has set in and I'm struggling.
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    vulpusvulpus35 reacted to SleeverSk in Anyone else struggling with panic post-op?   
    Hi, How far post op are you? your hormones will be going crazy if you are in very early stages. Its not something they seem to tell us but it certainly happened to me and many others. take a deep breath you will be fine. I developed anxiety in the early stages post op. take notice of when it happens mine started after i had eaten and then in turn that cause pre meal anxiety too turns out i was having a type of dumping minus the pain and need to rush to toilet. so I had rapid heart beat, shaking, tingling dizziness and just a feeling of dread. as my surgeon said once I started on solids it got better but boy oh boy it was not pleasant. I also didnt want to be alone and had lots and lots of tears and deep feelings of WTF have i done to myself. hang in there do what you need to do to feel safe. ((hugs)) it does get better
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    vulpusvulpus35 reacted to ShoppGirl in Prep recommends... I'm six weeks out   
    I used to drink Coke Zero all day and night like a 12 pack a day. I quit prior to surgery and really don’t even miss it. I have a little caffeine now but not from soda even though my team says I am medically clear to have it again but they don’t recommend it cause of the correlation with weight gain. I have the premiere Protein caffe latte every morning and occasionally I have a crystal light energy if I am feeling tired during the day. Both of those hit me harder energy wise now than a single soda used to. There isn’t anything specific that I needed post op that I wasn’t told to expects. Protein Drinks, broths, puree Soups, sugar free popsicles, etc. i had a pretty uneventful recovery though. Maybe others will have more to add about that.
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    vulpusvulpus35 reacted to Maisey in How did you figure out if you had dumping syndrome?   
    I don't believe I have ever truly dumped and I'm almost one year out. I may have had a mild episode based on symptoms, but what I ate really didn't fit the bill. That being said, I've had many episodes of eating too much/too fast/not chewing well enough. Many people confuse the two.
    I don't want to have the experience in general. But when I eat out, I'm very, very careful to limit quantity and not try items for the very first time.

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