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  1. I’m 3 months post op and wondering what prescription medications other people have notified they aren’t getting the full effect of after their surgery? I know I had mine approved for post op but wondering if some of mine may not be absorbing enough or something since I am feeling symptoms of what I would call a reduced dose.
  2. Myrandalynn06

    Eating with bypass vs lapband

    I am about 6 weeks out of my revision from lap band to bypass and from my experience it is way different. It is a whole new way of learning to eat and seeing what you can tolerate and what you cannot. I do not get the 'full' feeling like I did with the band and I am bummed about that. I am learning that I am getting a new 'full' feeling that I am getting used to that has started to help me now that I have experienced it. I don't know if I have had dumping or not. I have had frequent diarrhea getting used to foods but not sure its technically dumping. I haven't had it in connection with consuming sugar or the sweaty, racing heart thing. I have started to lose weight and I am happy about that part but definitely a different process than the band. Good Luck to you!
  3. Myrandalynn06

    Am I really gonna lose weight?

    I had the lapband in 2009 and due to complications had to get it removed and got the bypass all fairly quickly and I had the revision on 12/15. I struggled with post op diet until this week when I started to eat some puréed foods but I am just not losing weight. Emotionally really frustrating that I went through all this and not seeing results.
  4. I’m struggling feeling like this isn’t going to work and not strong enough to do this! Please help!
  5. Myrandalynn06

    Nausea after bypass??

    I am almost 4 weeks post op and have never had nausea until last couple days. Is that weird? It’s not while I’m eating or shortly before or after - could it be dehydration?
  6. I’m about three weeks out and totally had the emotional roller coaster several times so far. Still not sure what I’ve done but here I am! Hang in there dear - sounds like the peaks get easier!

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