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  1. Ensure Max protein That’s what it’s call 🤗
  2. It really depends on you. I was able to drive 2 weeks out. I take a pillow to allow pressure under the seat belt that helps me . It’s supposed to be if you can bend your legs to your stomach with minimal discomfort
  3. I had protein shakes the ensure max protein works for it it isn’t really sweet or thick at all The chocolate and strawberry taste like Nesquik. With those I’m able to take them down quick . 30g of protein
  4. I know This exact feeling but it’s true if you loose to much weight to fast you will have more loose skin. I have been at the same weight a few days but I checked my measurements and I lost inches so that alone was amazing. My a1c dropped which was exciting so remember the scale isn’t everything . Just keep doing what they said you’ll get there
  5. I was given miralax as part of my leave from the hospital as well as sodium. This helps so much
  6. A little bit of Hummus and eggs is yummy
  7. It’s hard but hang in there . If you rush something sooner than your stomach is ready you can get dumping syndrome.
  8. Those ensure are lactose free hopefully it’s helpful for you .
  9. WickedAnnie

    Other protein intake advice

    Thank you so much I’m going to try this
  10. WickedAnnie

    Other protein intake advice

    I need to get my hands on the non flavored protein because taking it down has been my biggest challenge the taste is to much for me .
  11. I feel that way with the protein. Have you tied the ensure max protein? It’s not really sweet or thick these have saved my life I could do premiers it was thick and sweet and made it hard to take down
  12. This happened to me but just on my face but it was caused by over stressing my body and when I got anxiety it went away on it’s own. I heard it’s not uncommon. Hope it gets better
  13. Oh no , I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time. I try to do my protein in the morning and another for lunch and with ice the colder the better . I keep 4 water bottles 16oz on my bed side so I know to drink those for the day. As far as diarrhea did you notify the doctor about it because they should of quested a stool sample to make sure there’s no bacteria.
  14. I and moving to purée foods soon and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for foods and protein intake options.
  15. Mine was the 15 also , how are you feeling
  16. Mine was the 15 also ! How are you feeling
  17. I’m a few days away from that stage and I can’t wake to have something other than liquids
  18. I had a rough start and just started feeling better too. Are you having issues with intake ?
  19. Sleeved 12/15 anyone else share the same day
  20. Mine was on the 15! How are you feeling post op ?

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