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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    Decided to get sleeved following 10 years of yo-yo dieting
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  1. Ngotsleeved

    UK forum users

    There is a bit which says "edit profile"
  2. Ngotsleeved

    UK forum users

    Hi, Hope you're well, welcome and great news about your surgery. You have to use a computer to collate that section, it is in the top right section where the dropdown under your username is - it took me ages to figure it out!
  3. Ngotsleeved

    Periods (women only please)

    Keep an eye on it and make sure you take iron supplements.
  4. Ngotsleeved

    UK forum users

    Hi, My Fitness Pal seems to be the most popular, I use it and it helps a lot.
  5. Surely if you are in a calorie deficit then you will continue to lose weight until you reach maintenance.
  6. Ngotsleeved

    Running nose

    Do you think it is because you have a lowered immune system and a runny nose is your body's defence? Try taking Vit C.
  7. Ngotsleeved

    Periods (women only please)

    Thanks that's useful information.
  8. Ngotsleeved

    Periods (women only please)

    You can identify as you wish and should be respected as such, however only cis women menstruate, not all cis women do but only cis women can.
  9. Ngotsleeved

    Periods (women only please)

    Yes sure I agree, just wanted responses based on experience rather than mansplaining.
  10. Ngotsleeved

    Periods (women only please)

    That is really helpful, I am thinking of getting the implant in my arm but ideally would not use anything hormonal.
  11. Ngotsleeved

    2 pounds down after 30 pound regain

    Well done, you have to start somewhere! Keep it up!
  12. Ngotsleeved

    Potatoes 5 weeks out

    I have made the decision to avoid white potato, I did try sweet potato mash (I too am approx. 5 week out) and it went down like a lead balloon, I was in agony. No potato for me, and to be honest, I don't really miss it.
  13. Ngotsleeved

    Are you a member of the polar bear club?

    I have always been a freezing cold person but when I got to my highest weight of 215.8lb I was always feeling hot, I was sweating loads and felt like I was always on fire. I am now down to about 190lb and I feel okay with a regulated temperature. I think as my weight decreases, this will change.
  14. I have found not being able to drink with my meals really difficult, I have always drunk with my food as a means to wash it down. Not being able to drink for 30 mins after my meals leave me feeling thirsty and as if my food is stuck - perhaps I need to chew a lot more. Drinking before a meal makes me feel fuller quickly but also make me feel as if my food is stuck and not going down because of the liquid in my stomach.
  15. Ngotsleeved

    Periods (women only please)

    Thank you so much for replying, I was very worried.

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