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    DanielleDunlap got a reaction from arashad in January 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    Tomorrow is surgery day! I'm super nervous and excited all at once. I almost had to postpone as my hubby has covid but my test came back negative and the surgeon said he's not concerned since I'm vaccinated. Have to be to the hospital at 5:15am wish me luck!
    Happy new year to you all and many blessings 🥰
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    DanielleDunlap reacted to ItzStarr in January Surgery buddies   
    Mine is as follows:

    Starting on January 4th, avoiding carbs, no fruit, no yogurt. I will be using a Protein Shake for 2 of my meals, and my other meal will be lean Protein and vegetables. The day before surgery (1/10) I will be on a liquid diet. 3-4 Protein Shakes a day and sugar-free Clear Liquids.

    My surgery is Jan 11 (with luck as long as I don't get cancelled)


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    DanielleDunlap reacted to Dubbzapplez in January Surgery buddies   
    This is my pre-op diet menu.

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    DanielleDunlap reacted to kaisyl in January Surgery buddies   
    Surgery is January 5th so I am on day of liquid diet. My liquid diet consists of 5 Atkins Protein Shakes a day and that is it.
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    DanielleDunlap reacted to Honey10604 in January Surgery buddies   
    I take my hat off to all who are on the pre-op diet during Christmas and New Years. I am nervous about the pre op diet all by itself let alone during the holidays which are usually centered around food. CONGRATULATIONS rather you realize it or not that is no small task and just wanted to encourage all keep it up. I start Jan 4th😬
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    DanielleDunlap got a reaction from Honey10604 in January Surgery buddies   
    Worst feeling ever! Cooking Christmas Breakfast and dinner that you cannot eat!! 😫
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    DanielleDunlap got a reaction from andiemax in January Surgery buddies   
    Good luck!!
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    DanielleDunlap reacted to neolite in January Surgery buddies   
    I was lucky enough to start my preop today (Christmas). My family each made a favorite appetizer and we spent the day together. I had to leave them today because I couldn't be around all of the food today. They are very supportive and understand. Just about to make my second shake.
    Stay strong! We've got this.
  9. Congrats!
    DanielleDunlap reacted to CMS1971 in January Surgery buddies   
    I'm scheduled for January 12th
    I'm a little nervous but I'm ready [emoji123]

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