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    JennyO526 got a reaction from Kris10_78 in January Surgery buddies   
    The Zolfran has helped me tremendously. I am having a lot of gas pain, reflux, and headaches though. I'm 3 days post op
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    JennyO526 reacted to goldsilverstar in January Surgery buddies   
    Hey! I had mine in the 11th. It hurt when I breathed in the day and morning after but as I keep using the spirometer it gets easier and easier and the breathing stops hurting. Definitely keep using it. Or just taking deep slow breaths. Probably if it keeps hurting, reach out to your surgeon. Wishing you a speedy recovery ♥️
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    JennyO526 got a reaction from PSJennifer in January 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    My surgery is on the 12th! I'm freaking out! Excited to start this new life with you all!
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    JennyO526 reacted to MandM1188 in January 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    Dianne: It’s normal to feel nervous. Your feelings are valid.

    What is every one’s name on Facebook? Add me. I want to create a group chat on Facebook so we can talk and support one another. My name is Marie Antoinette. Add me & send a private message.

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    JennyO526 reacted to LilaNicole20 in January 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    Hello! Thought I would start out this group as I have a surgery date for Jan 4, 2022!! I'm so excited and a bit anxious for the pre-op diet - I will be starting it while on vacation - but what a great way to say Hello to the New Year!!
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    JennyO526 got a reaction from Angelina1210 in Scheduled for Jan 12th and getting cold feet. Is VSG "worth it"?   
    Hello, I'm new here. My VSG surgery is scheduled for January 12 and I'm starting to get cold feet. I have no one supporting this decision and they keep trying to discourage me. I guess my question is, after 4 weeks or so of recovery, do you feel like this surgery was a good decision? I also have a cruise scheduled at exactly my 6 week post op mark and idk how the recovery is at that stage. Helllllllp!

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