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  1. Hopefully with the medication now it will help. The medication is working for me. I can drink smoothies now with no ill effects now.
  2. Thought this was gonna be easy for some reason , but nope 👎. 2 days in and acid reflux, chest pain, shortness of breath that by the 4th day I’m at the ER crying 😢. Well in pain anyway. ECG, aspirin, Tylenol and Mylanta given. Heart if fine - no heart attack for me which I knew. Doc just had lamb done and wicked acid reflux. Doc sends me for chest X-ray. As l stand to take chest x-rays I start to heave like I’m gonna hurl at any moment, but instead of vomiting it’s gas - 3 big beltches before x-ray. Pain level decreases a few notches. X-ray show’s gas - a lot of gas in area, starts me on PPIs and sends me home. ER for a gas attack 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️. Anyway went to my doctor yesterday and medication to continue to treat acid reflux and week off of work to recover. Spoke to my surgeon today, told him everything and he was like ok - this weekend you can start soft diet. Dude I hardly been drinking any thing now 😂. So anyway the past 2 days have been better and can drink more without splashback so hopefully I can start soft foods next week. This is my story so far, hopefully the rest will be successfully boring 😁. I am sorry for typos and big spaces but it seems my screen is black so I can’t see the words I’m typing other than the emojis. All the best.
  3. I think we went with the lap band as I’m just over BMI 30s, thin legs and arms but hold all my weight in the middle with fatty liver and diabetes so as I only have like 60-65lbs to lose lap band seemed good option.
  4. 1st lap band, my surgeon came in and said all went well, you can go home, you’re eating soup for next 3 weeks and walk a lot. No take home meds. Review in a week. Yeah I think Doc not too interested. Sorted it out with my GP.
  5. Hi everyone, this is my first post on my new journey and hoping for lot’s of support from here. So just like I mentioned in the title I’ve been having issues with acid reflux and trapped gas which is causing significant chest pain and shortness of breath that went to ER. Now on medication for acid reflux and taking week off work to recover properly. The last 2 days I have now been able to drink more so that is good. Spoke with my surgeon today x Telehealth and didn’t really seem to interested but I can move to soft foods on the weekend. Well that’s about it, hopefully it will get better from here. Any tips anyone wants to throw my way I’m all ear’s. If writing looks funny it’s because my screen is in dark mode and I’m writing blind as I can’t see the words on the screen 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😁. Oh but I can see the emojis- hahaha 🤣

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