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  1. xKirstenx

    Liver Shrinkage Diet struggles

    Thank you for sharing your experience, it really helps seeing that other people are being honest but still fighting through the preop diet! Yes, my partner eats away from me, we don't discuss food other than me venting about my diet, and I have nothing in my PC room other than shakes and glasses of squash etc. It's helping a lot more but still sucks being able to smell the food in the house or on my partners clothes. Sounds silly I know! Hahaha! That's so interesting how you sat and watched most of it before realising! The things we do eh? I am avoiding all food/drink related media too, scrolling as soon as I see something or switching channels etc. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions, I'll look into them and see what I can do. Thank you! x
  2. xKirstenx

    Liver Shrinkage Diet struggles

    I'll have a look around and see what I can find. Just for when I need that little something. Thank you for your help, means a lot 🙂 x
  3. xKirstenx

    Liver Shrinkage Diet struggles

    Thank you so much for your reply, I appreciate it. I think both of your suggestions are worth taking into consideration and I've decided that if I'm still feeling this bad by the upcoming Friday then I will contact my clinic and ask for recommendations. I think once I see the first week's weight loss that will also give me a boost! I need something to make it feel like it's worth it and I'm sure that will help. Also, I'm just trying to stay positive in general, writing things down and talking to my partner about things to look forward to. Thanks! 🙂
  4. xKirstenx

    Liver Shrinkage Diet struggles

    Hi Summer! Thank you for the hugs, I really appreciate it. Thank you for the reassurance, I will obviously keep trying my best, and know that it will end in 25 days. Thank you for sharing your experience, I think you're right. It feels a bit resentful towards the people around you. I hate that most people don't go through this. I hate that my partner can eat what he wants and gain nothing. I hate the fact I have to do this for 4 weeks. But it will help in the long run of course. It's crazy that you lost 15 pounds from the diet though! Those are some fantastic tips, thank you so much! Do you just have the sugar-free jellies when you just need a cheeky pick me up? I will see how I get on this week and then contact them for advice if I'm really struggling still. Thank you 🙂
  5. xKirstenx

    Liver Shrinkage Diet struggles

    Will do, thank you! I'll start it today. I can't have anything else in my diet. Just my three shakes (to which I add skimmed milk). Everything else adds calories and they said it's a complete meal replacement shake diet only, so unfortunately I can't have anything else 😞 Do you think things would still be okay if I ate maybe broth and soup but went on just shakes for the last two weeks? I just don't know.
  6. xKirstenx

    Liver Shrinkage Diet struggles

    Wow! You look amazing. I can't imagine how much better you feel within yourself, confidence-wise, mentally and physically. This is defo something to look forward to. Never been thin, or even just a little chubby, so this is going to be so important. Thanks for sharing!
  7. xKirstenx

    Liver Shrinkage Diet struggles

    I feel the same. I was explaining to my partner that it's just liquid that doesn't even touch the sides. On top of that all the shakes are sweet, not savory, so it just feels like I'm having rubbish sweet shakes and nothing else. Sleep is the only time I feel okay because I don't feel the hunger as much. I just feel like I'm struggling on day 3 never mind another 25 days. I think maybe writing down the positives/reasons I'm doing it when I feel like I can't do it anymore or I'm tempted might be a good way to go. To remind myself. I think I'm going to weigh myself once a week to just see the scale down a little. Any weight loss is positive reinforcement. Thank you for sharing, it really helps!
  8. xKirstenx

    Liver Shrinkage Diet struggles

    That's so funny hahaha! We call it the Liver Shrinkage Diet in the UK, it's not known as anything else. So here's me writing shorthand thinking everyone will understand, but apparently not 😂
  9. xKirstenx

    Liver Shrinkage Diet struggles

    No that's fair to say! What kept you going on the day before surgery? When you felt you couldn't do it anymore? Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot. I have no one around me who understands and my partner is a fit, tall man who eats for England (literally 2 mains and 3 desserts style) and is a long-distance runner, so he will never understand. Really helps just knowing someone gets it, even if you're thousands of miles across the world!
  10. xKirstenx

    Liver Shrinkage Diet struggles

    You're all just sat here thinking I have an LSD addiction ;-; 😆
  11. xKirstenx

    Liver Shrinkage Diet struggles

    I should add that I'm in England, UK and I think the guidelines differ from the USA ones. I think in the UK there are brackets for each BMI and 60+ is 4 weeks. The others include 3 weeks, 2 weeks, and 1 week depending on which BMI bracket you fall into. They stated it's because the higher your BMI the more fatty your liver and harder to move during surgery (especially with a keyhole) and thus could cause the surgeon to abandon and I still get charged. I suppose it ensures that the chance of that happening is minimal as long as I stick to it. I do feel like it's harsh though. I feel like I could have gotten away with 2 weeks since I eat fairly well with my partner anyway.
  12. xKirstenx

    Liver Shrinkage Diet struggles

    Hahaha! Nothing wrong with being a bit of a silly goose! Proper made me giggle
  13. Hi everyone! I have my surgery date scheduled for the 16th of March 2024. Due to a high BMI of 61 I have to do 4 weeks of the liver shrinkage diet. I started on Friday the 16th and I'm really struggling. I'm on total meal replacement shakes x 3 daily with just sugar free squash and water to drink alongside these. My total intake per day is 800 calories or less. How did you guys do it? I know I HAVE to do it, but it's so hard. I cry daily because I'm hungry and I want food. My stomach constantly growls, my stomach hurts and the shakes never feel like they satisfy any of that hunger. My partner is so supportive, he eats away from me and hides food so I don't feel any further distress and jealousy. I know why I'm doing this but I don't know how I'm expected to do this for a whole 4 weeks. Any advice or support is welcome. If anyone is doing the same atm for their March surgery please let me know, maybe we can buddy up! Thank you all ❤️ xKirstenx
  14. xKirstenx

    UK friends

    Hi there! Thanks so much for replying. I'm glad to hear your surgery went well and you're having a steady recovery. Good luck for the rest of your journey! I have seen a few lovely people and I would love to chat outside of this forum! It seems slightly impersonal but it's a good start on finding like minded people. X
  15. xKirstenx

    Liver Shrinkage Diet (No weight loss)

    Thanks for the recommendation. My app does exactly the same but focuses on UK brands and typical portions etc. Thanks x

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