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  1. WildWill

    Reflux pain, discomfort, etc

    I would check in with your team or NUT... I take 1 10mg omeprazole pill each morning. Immediately after surgery my acid level did not diminish and was still burping up acid but over time... even with taking that pill in the moring... I know to stop eating an hour before bed and certainly do not ingest any acrid solids / near solids / liquids.
  2. WildWill

    November 2021 surgeries

    Congrats on your 1 month surgiversary!
  3. I believe it was because I moved to include meats 2 weeks post op and mashed foods (FF refried beans and right rice) and cheese.
  4. Hi, everyone seems to receive different advice from their NUT (post op). I started introducing meats back into my diet 2 weeks post op. I used my natural food processors (my chompers) so I wouldn't loose that natural texture. So, while shredding that rotisserie chicken is fine, your teeth should be doing the remaining work to make it puréed. The only advice my NUT gave me which was weird was to drink fluid while I ate.
  5. AIM, at about 2 weeks post op, I consulted with my team (Surgeon, PA, + NUT) and I started mashed foods and pureed meat added to that mashed food. I've been on that same regiment for the last two weeks and will continue to do so (I agreed) for the next month. Talk to your NUT about adding in avocado, soft meats - not much more in quantity but spaced out (ie, not 3 square meals).
  6. WildWill

    weight loss

    I echo everyone's sentiments! Be Proud of yourself and this journey. You have lived your life at your high weight and decided enough was enough and set on your trek. Your trek is not mine, nor anyone else's. You are doing great for YOU!
  7. Tawny, I'd say you are over worrying. You are doing an excellent job - stay focused on that all liquid diet and if you are extremely concerned about your system being free from all items... you can always head over to walmart, cvs, walgreens and pick up that pre-op stuff to clear your system. They are aware of the short notice! Bottom Line... Deep Breaths! You got this.
  8. I too had a GSV with a hiatal hernia repair AND I also take Synthroid and Omeprazole. I began taking Omeprazole 20mg 5 years before my GSV because I did have acid reflux - and it was further suggested that I have GERD. At almost a month out... I still have Acid Reflux. Nothing has changed - Same amt of acid pours into the smaller pouch. I forgot to take my Omeprazole pill one morning and OMG did I suffer. Now that our stomachs are smaller, it is by far easier for developing gas to be pressure released upward and along with it, some stomach acid. So, I am still taking Omeprazole (as directed) and I'm "back to normal." I strongly believe those who have had GSV and a subsequent RNY procedure AND/OR RNY or MGB out the gate do not have the same problems with acid reflux post surgery and beyond. After two weeks, I also experienced insufficient intake and moved to soft foods. Bare in mind, you can use your food processor or your given process (your teeth) to chew chew chew chew. I moved to FF refried beans, a little bit of cheese), avocado, and Sweet Baby Jesus... if you enjoyed pudding as a kid... get some FF SF Jello Chocolate Pudding. 2, cups of FF milk (if you can tolerate milk products) and stir yourself up some yummy goodness. I have small containers and I split the batch into 4 and have two per day. I just could not do some protracted all liquid diet without suffering dizziness, light headedness. One thing I need to look into is if I am insulin resistant. Those who have normal levels - eat food and their system processes food and their body is able to utilize that energy more efficiently. So, that has been on my mind. As a side note, there is a LINX device which can be implanted around the lower esophageal muscle that surrounds and closes the opening to the stomach which helps to prevent the contents of the stomach from back up into the esophagus (which is what reflux is). I know I'm a candidate for that but I don't think the surgical group that performed my procedure does the LINX procedure. Drink, Drink, Drink... gatorade zero has helped me immensely. Take deep breaths and you are still healing and will continue to do so for another 1.5 months. Talk to your NUT if you need encouragement to replace what you are eating with something that has a little more kick. Avocado - that does the trick for me. Best wishes.
  9. Best Wishes! You will do so well!!
  10. I suggest getting a compression wrap for your abdomen. There are a multitude of varieties to include standard 4 inch wrap that adheres to itself. i was in pain and did require a trip to the ER a few days post op because the pain got out of control. I required about 2 weeks of pain meds and I’m on the road to recovery. In all seriousness, wrap your abdomen and it will hold everything in tight so you aren’t relying upon your abdominal muscles.
  11. WildWill

    Anything for the scars?

    Amazon.com: Mederma Scar Cream Plus SPF 30 (20 g), 0.7 Ounce : Everything Else
  12. WildWill

    Clear liquids post-Op for 7 days?

    I did pure liquids for 3 days and moved to mashed foods. I do not like eggs or cottage cheese... but on my list is FF Refried Beans... so I did move to them quickly. I know each program is different and your NUT may work with the Dr. office and tailor to you personally but I couldn't do just broth and jello - no way EVER. I still have to take omeprazole 20mg per day - I had bad acid reflux the other day and it turns out I had forgotten to take my morning pills and well, suffered the consequences. Anyone post op have issues with acid reflux OR has their GERD nearly disappeared?
  13. Wishing you all the best! Stay on course with that all liquid meals... Walk Walk Walk after surgery and rotate your arms.
  14. WildWill

    Niggling pain.....normal or not

    I would let your surgical team know what you are experiencing and see what they say.
  15. WildWill


    Damn, you are looking really good!
  16. WildWill

    Not losing weight

    Lisa, hang in there... if you stood on the scale at the Dr's office... it could be off a few lbs and I'm sure you were not butt naked to identify your true weight. So depending upon your clothes, shoes, jacket (it is getting colder at least where I live) these could all be throwing your numbers. The simple thing to do to determine if your scale is out of whack is to grab an object of a known weight (i.e. a 2lb dumbell) stand on the scale, get off the scale, grab the weight, stand... compare. Either way 1lb in 2 weeks... uh... unless you are doing massive weight lifting - I suggest a call to your NUT and have them go over your food intake and exercise patterns with you. Chin up... if you follow their advice... you will see weight come off.
  17. Rest assured that you can speak with your surgeon or the PA associated and let them know how you are feeling. For me, the pain exceeded the ability of the pain management to supress. I did end up back in the ER and was given much needed fluids and pain management via IV and then sent home with a different pain pill. I have a few friends who went through the GVS and oh they were running a marathon the next day... no pain, all was beautiful and right in the world. For me... JC, I was in pain and needed a full 2 weeks of pain medication to get me to the point where Tylenol was able to take up for mild discomfort. It does get better, each day, small gains... Take Deep Breaths and know that you have a support system and you need to discuss how you are doing with them.
  18. I would ask for a shot of B12 - it will have ZERO negative side affects and as your body needs it. Surprised nare a physician has recommended or guided you towards a potential magnesium or B deficiency. Are you vegan by chance?
  19. WildWill

    Gastric Bypass Yesterday

    I am doing well thank you 🙂 One day at a time and we too shall be there in the before and after forum posting such success!! All my best!
  20. WildWill

    Gastric Bypass Yesterday

    Congratulations BirdLady21!!!
  21. WildWill

    Gastric Bypass Yesterday

    DaisyAndSunshine, I hope all is well and that you are recovering nicely!!
  22. Amen Sunnyway, well stated.
  23. WildWill

    Losing too much weight...

    OMG on your weight loss... AMAZING! Highly_Undermedicated, no one can force you to undergo a procedure - however, they can use those terms to get you to understand the risks of being underweight. As Arabesque suggested, continue conversation with your team and also acknowledge that "I just can't eat all that" is suggestive of an opportunity to look at what you are eating and compliment or replace the volume of what you are eating with something that would compliment both your body AND the doctors. Best Wishes, Will
  24. Welcome to the Medically Modified Human Club! I can tell food for you is definitely emotional (for me it is!) and you will definitely be right there enjoying consuming healthy food for you amongst your family and friends in due time. For me... I pay attention to those who have sharp emotional cravings for all of the foods that got us (lets face it... ALL of us) where we are pre surgery. Congratulations on making taking the necessary steps so that A... you can be on this earth longer and living healthier. Take your time (as you are) and know that if you follow your NUT's advice you will do well. I found it a heck of a lot easier to not eat (as much or as per the instructions) while I was on pain medication. Now that I am off of the good stuff... here comes the retraining. Drink water, wait, realize why I want to eat... boredom, the time seams right, I just witnessed or inhaled wonderful smells, or AM I TRULY HUNGRY? Arghhhh... Best Wishes, Will
  25. WildWill

    November 2021 surgeries

    Have you discussed the stall with your NUT? Perhaps a bit more fat in your diet... hard to say what the contributors are but often (for me) it is muscle gain and according to my nut, try a few more fat grams to kick you out of it. I did stall for 3 days... no movement on the scale and I was like damn... gave here a quick txt and she said alter something about your diet so I did and walla... I'm out of it. Wish you all the best.

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