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  1. Update: got my sleeve today (Feb 17th). Moderate post op pain but doing better than expected. Surgeon said it went perfectly. Yay! No nausea or vomiting but worried that I will after I stop getting Zofran in my IV. So far I've had ice chips, a small cup of black tea and 2 jello cups. Not a bad start. Still getting all of my fluids by IV and because of my liver I am staying for 3 days in hospital for monitoring. I'm so excited that I got to have this surgery and grateful for the new liver program that made it possible. Sent from my SM-N986W using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. machnia

    Gastric Sleeve

    New here with PCOS too, following this and hope somebody has an answer! Sent from my SM-N986W using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. So I'm kind of freaking out over the pre op diet, as a diabetic...I'm worried that by not getting as many calories, my blood sugars are going to be too low. Anyone know how to manage that? My doctor said we will dial back my insulin a lot but I'm still worried. I'm on insulin, Ozempic, Gliclizide and Jardiance for diabetes and my sugars are on the high normal side of things but I am worried about lows. They terrify me. Sent from my SM-N986W using BariatricPal mobile app
  4. Hi all, I am new here, 41F, from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Having gastric sleeve in the next 3 months, just waiting on a phone call to make a date with the surgeon! Has anyone here had a sleeve done with liver disease? I have well-compensated cirrhosis, and my consult with the surgeon was this morning. He said I am not a candidate for RNY due to the liver issues, but I am a candidate for a sleeve gastrectomy, and he wants to do it sooner than later as he feels it will slow and possibly reverse some of my liver damage. He said that the benefits of surgery far outweigh the risks, although I'll have to be hospitalized for a minimum 3 days. I am feeling rather nervous, as he said that in the program I am part of, I will be the FIRST patient that they do a sleeve on with cirrhosis, and that makes me worry. Anyhoo, just wanted to make myself known, as I've been lurking/reading/researching for the past 2 weeks...

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