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    Anyone else struggling with panic post-op?

    When I was home for about 3 days my anxiety was running rampant. I was afraid to sleep cause I thought with a small stomach I’d be dehydrated by morning. I was able to talk with my psychiatrist about my anxiety and the feeling I was going to be dehydrated. She actually explained that hormones and emotions of learning how to live with a smaller stomach and a new lifestyle is causing your anxiety to run rampant. She gave me an anxiety medication to help keep my anxiety under control and having weekly sessions with my therapist.
  2. I’m in Massachusetts and so far all hospitals must cancel non-essential elective surgeries. Our governor also deployed the National Guard to help in our hospitals due to the staff shortages. My husband works at one of our trauma centers and he mentioned that there are staff out with COVID. The hospitals here are so full they’re bursting at the seem. In the Boston area approximately 1000 school teachers and other employees tested positive for COVID. Official said it appears it’s from the holidays.
  3. I’ve done a lot of research before my surgery. Also before and after bariatric surgery we are required to attend a number of classes with the nutritionists. Then the nutritionists explains in detail of how our surgeries are a tool to eating healthy foods in smaller amounts. She also makes sure that everyone in the class understands the symptoms are for “dumping”. My nutritionist explained to me that dumping isn’t just from eating cakes or other bakery foods, it can also be caused from certain fruits that are high sugar such as bananas.
  4. I’m 2 months post op and I’ve had the tightness in my chest. Boy does that hurt. Usually I get it from either eating/drinking too fast or not chewing my food enough. It takes awhile for the tightness to dissipate. I’ve had the dumps one time since surgery. I love bananas and always had them with my breakfast before surgery. I decided to eat half of a banana for a snack. Shortly afterwards I thought I was having an anxiety attack. Then the sweats, bad cramps, dizziness, nausea and diarrhea. It turned out to be from the banana I ate. I found out that bananas are loaded with sugar.
  5. Lifestyle Changer

    Average calories

    I believe your body frame size makes difference with how low their weight goal should be.
  6. Lifestyle Changer

    Outshine Popsicles

    I’ve been been having these popsicles. I only have them maybe once or twice a week.
  7. Lifestyle Changer

    I hit goal today!

    Congratulations and it’s an awesome Christmas gift to yourself!
  8. Lifestyle Changer

    Water tricks

    I can only get 48oz. Remember if you have liquids in any of your 3 meals and any snacks they can be counted into your Water allowance.
  9. Lifestyle Changer


    Keep plugging away on your liquid diet. It’s very important now that your this close to your surgery date. You can do this. You’re already expecting that a situation will be bad because you’re allowing it to happen due to a require liquid diet. If I were you, I’d sit with everyone else to enjoy the festivities. While they eat their dinner, you can have a nice hot bowl of chicken broth and your water. Be proud of yourself because you will be a healthy new person!
  10. Lifestyle Changer

    Ramen Noodles

    I’m sorry you & your partner are having difficulties getting the necessities needed to meet your needs. I was wondering if going to the food bank will help you out. Someone stated that soups, broths are inexpensive. I thought maybe instead of protein bottled drinks that you can search online for powdered to mix with water or skim milk. The powder protein could be less expensive. Finally if possible is there any chance you can ask family or any close friends to help you & your partner with some food purchases to get you both through this rough patch? It’s just a thought. I wish you both the very best and I hope both of you can try to enjoy the Holidays!
  11. Lifestyle Changer

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    I’ve lost 26lbs considering I weighed in at 189lbs on 11/01 my surgery date. I’m at stage 5 so I’m not sure if my weight will slow down or not. I’m finding out that foods I loved prior to surgery I’m unable to eat right now. I love bananas and I always had one every morning with breakfast before my surgery. I had eaten a banana the other day and it made me really sick. It turns out that the banana has too much natural sugar in it. My system cannot handle it. I can’t even eat turkey but it’s weird I can eat chicken.
  12. Lifestyle Changer

    Cancelling my surgery again??!!

    I’m so sorry you’re surgery has been canceled once again. In Massachusetts where I live our governors administration is now asking hospitals to reduce procedures for non-life-threatening conditions by 50%. This is including bariatric surgeries, hip replacements. Many of the larger hospitals in Worcester, Boston, Springfield are full ICU patients, staff shortages and overload of patients in the ER departments. Plus the uptick of COVID.
  13. Have you gotten a date for your surgery yet. You didn’t mention that. The other issue did you do any research before going forward with this surgeon? I know this is hind sight but maybe before you make a final decision do a quick research and see what the reviews are like. It can’t hurt to check.
  14. I’m so sorry for the both of you. I hope you guys heal soon and are both able to move forward to the next stage of eating. Sending my thoughts and prayers for healthy recoveries to both of you.🙏🙏🙏
  15. Lifestyle Changer

    weight loss

    According to my scale which I weigh myself weekly just before my shower I’ve lost 22lbs since my surgery. Yesterday I went for my 6 week post op visit. Keep in mind your fully dressed for weigh in and according to my doctor he doesn’t deduct clothing. With that said I weighed in at 175lbs which I was a bit upset. According to the doctor my weight at surgery was 189lbs and now my weight at 6 week post op now 175lbs is only giving a 14lb weight loss. Then I asked the doctor if weighing myself weekly just before I shower, is this more acute than being weighed at a late afternoon appointment, fully clothed, eating stage 4 diet requirements and drinking water. My doctor said my weight at home is likely acute providing what type of scale I’m using. I’m using a Fit Aria. This is a very good scale.
  16. First have you been given a surgery date? Second is this the bariatric surgeon your PCP recommended to you? Third have you looked into your insurance plan to see if any other bariatric surgeons are covered within your plan? Finally I honestly wouldn’t commit to this bariatric surgeon especially when you have not met your surgeon as of yet. I hope you keep us posted of your decision. I wish you the best.
  17. Lifestyle Changer

    Nausea, need suggestions.

    I thought you would be interested that I found through my Pantoprazole packaging information of the Common Pantoprazole side effects may include the following: Headache, dizziness stomach pain, gas, NAUSEA, VOMITING, diarrhea joint pain or fever, rash, or cold symptoms (most common in children) I hope this can help you out. I bet some of the nausea you’re experiencing could be from the 80mg of Pantoprazole.
  18. Lifestyle Changer

    Home from surgery

    Congratulations and happy you’ve made it home!
  19. Lifestyle Changer

    Spasms after WLS

    What kind of spasms are you talking about?
  20. Lifestyle Changer

    Well that was new

    What are the foamies?
  21. Lifestyle Changer


    Hello and welcome!
  22. Lifestyle Changer

    Nervous for the next stage!

    I had to wait until 3:weeks to have puréed. I was on liquids and then full liquids so that my stomach would have a chance to heal and adjust to what I was taking in. 5:days post op for puréed foods just seems really too fast to be introducing puréed foods to your stomach. In my opinion I don’t think your stomach is ready to handle a big change to food that quickly. I’m sorry if my opinion may upset you. Bit through my weight loss program including working with my nutritionist this is not a good choice at only 5 days post op.
  23. Lifestyle Changer

    Before and After Pics

    The first photo was taken on September 29, 2021. The second photo was taken on December 7, 2021 about 5 months post op with a 20lb weight loss. I can’t believe I’m down 2 pant sizes already. Apparently my doctor prescribing a binder he didn’t know it has a dual purpose. One it’s for medical reasons and two it’s better then using a belt to hold your pants up.
  24. Lifestyle Changer

    Before and After Pics

    You all look so Amazing with your new looks!
  25. Lifestyle Changer

    Can you show me your food log?

    My nutritionist recommended to use the Bariastic app when I first start my weight loss journey. I love using this app.

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