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  1. ann2472

    October surgery friends??

    @Meganatorthat's awesome!!! I've lost 80 total since March 2021, surgery was October and since then I have lost 66. 12# to goal for me, but I feel like you. See what my body does. Weight loss has slowed considerably but I'm feeling great. Not sure if size 10 pants will be where I get-it was a wish but 12s are fitting pretty well most of the time so that's good with me! Health is improved and hope to continue. Congratulations to you!
  2. I’m a shopaholic and have donated a lot of my clothes to a church nearby. They actually posted a woman lost her clothes in a house fire & needed 3x. Most of mine were 2x, but I figured some would work. I’ve taken some dressier stuff to a consignment store & will admit I love buying size large &12 in pants, but I don’t want to overshop until I’m really done with weight loss. I buy either great sales or some from Sam’s/Costco due to low prices. Easier for my telework days, and have found the closest outlet mall for in office days. I have noticed I look at my new clothes sometimes as I’m getting dressed and think “no way does this fit” and then it does! It’s like I switched bodies with someone 80 pounds smaller!
  3. I've never posted a picture but I loved how I look in this outfit today so much I took a picture and noticed a thigh gap!! Real NSV since these are thick thighs.
  4. ann2472

    Protein HELP

    I also buy carbmaster milk, which is higher protein and lower sugar than usual. Also, surgery made me lactose intolerant and it has non so bonus. Anyway, I make pudding with it, drinks even eat cereal sometimes. Also, my surgeon has always said eat 4 or 5 times per day to lose. This helps me and you don't have to add protein powder.
  5. ann2472

    Post Op Bra Size

    I'm not huge, was a 44D at my highest weight then 42C before surgery and some weight loss. Since Covid and telework I started wearing some really comfortable lounge bra I found at Lane Bryant and bought them in 3 sizes each getting smaller, also wear sports bras per a friend recommendation. On vacation a few months ago I decided to go into a Soma which I'd always heard had great bras for normal sizes. I got measured at 40 DD and bought 3. Found out they allow you to exchange as many times as needed within a year and I already went to a 38 DD. Very comfortable and very well worth it due to sale prices and the support. Good bras are so worth it IMO and love they make sure you are in the proper size. Boosts the confidence and clothes look better when the girls are properly held up!
  6. ann2472

    Absolutely hate myself now

    Same here, I appreciate how supportive everyone is but also see a little feeding into some really negative thought patterns. This is more than a bad day, it's serious and needs clinical help asap, like calling the surgeon for an urgent referral.
  7. I had surgery 10/18/21 and remember thinking a lot initially about this, like ok should I be drinking all the time when not within 30 minutes of eating???? You develop a routine and it works. Like others suggested, maybe changing one thing at a time like drinking more or eating at regular intervals. My surgeon said I wasn't eating enough at 3 months, told me to increase to 5 times per day. That's a struggle sometimes but at 6 months I was at 77% of excess weight lost and I noticed it's better with less plateaus when I do that. You can do it, and btw I was 49 on surgery day and now I'm 50 and in better health than I was at 49!
  8. Our guidelines say food should have less than 3 g fat/5g sugar. No daily recommendations that I have seen. They recommended Greek light & fit or carbmaster yogurts. I can’t find a light & fit that meets this, so I get nonfat plain Greek yogurt instead.
  9. I'm honest with people about surgery. If they judge me it's not my problem but also may help someone unsure about doing it for themselves. I had surgery in October 2021 and turned 50 in February of 22 so I give very few f#@$s about things like that anymore.
  10. ann2472

    October surgery friends??

    Checking in, how are my October surgery friends doing? Pretty good here, just got back from a road trip with hubby, I told myself I'd stick to my plan and I did, with lots of activity since the warm weather cooperated. Now I'm weighing 201 & excited bc for many years I had a goal of getting to 200 that I was never able to meet. Hopefully everyone is doing well. Only one more month until 6 and for me that means I can eat without food restrictions. Just in time for spring and summer veggies and a little fruit!
  11. ann2472

    October surgery friends??

    I was at a stall as well, it's like after 4-6 weeks your body adjusts and tries to hang onto the weight we want to lose. I did all of the above and stepped up my exercise and started losing again. I'm close to 3 months, and down 30 # since sleeve surgery, total down 48# since March. Hardest thing to remember is losing weight slower versus all at once is better for you, and it will happen in time.
  12. ann2472

    October surgery friends??

    I'm getting close to 50# since March and I'm pleased. Sounds to me like you are doing great. The gym for more consistent workouts is my next step.,. just hoping Covid slows up a bit around here!
  13. ann2472

    Ninja Creami -- It's Amazing

    Wow. We just got the ninja double basket air fryer to make whole meals rather than just one smaller quantity.
  14. ann2472

    October surgery friends??

    I'm doing well. Sleeve was 10/18, I've lost 18# so far and have hit a plateau. Coming up on 4 weeks Monday, I use the Lose it app as it worked before surgery when I lost 60# by eating healthy and exercising. Of course I wasn't using it when I regained 30 of that 60. Anyway, with the small amount of food I take in as well as exercise, I'm barely taking in any calories. I'm curious if that's part of the plateau although I know everyone hits it. Anyone else hit that plateau?
  15. ann2472

    Need Recipes? Just ask!

    I'd love some recipes. I'm on solids now but not everything as I'm only 3 weeks post sleeve. I love to cook so let us have it! Thanks

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