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  1. Congrats!
    Angelina1210 got a reaction from linadarling in Hey There! Any December 2021 Surgery Friends?   
    Hi! I am scheduled for my bariatric sleeve on December 10th. I will be traveling to Mexico because my insurance does not cover weight loss surgery. I’m nervous and excited too. I’m so sick of the up and downs and I’m looking forward to stability, being healthy and looking and feeling good. I provided the clinic with my information and based on the information they suggested the sleeve.
  2. Congrats!
    Angelina1210 reacted to blackcatsandbaddecisions in I hit goal today!   
    I had surgery on 11/10/20, but started my weight loss efforts on 7/5/20. If you’ve been here a while I’m sure you’ve seen me lurking about the forums.
    Stats: SW 339. CW: 165. I am a 5’10 woman in her 40s. I work full time and have young children. My current BMI is 23, I started off with it closer to 50.

    I knew it was going to take me a while to hit goal- I had 174 lbs to lose. I did all the calculators pre-op that said I would be lucky to get under 200 lbs, but I decided that just wasn’t going to apply to me (haha). My plan was to focus on fruits, vegetables, and healthy Proteins while ramping up exercise. I eliminated Cookies, pastries, and candy but that’s about it. I don’t do low carb, because that isn’t how I’m planning on living the rest of my life. I focus on calorie reduction, which sounds like oh if that’s so easy why did you need surgery? Well cutting calories is possible if you aren’t hungry all the time no matter how much you eat, and if you can fill up on the healthy things without it being like flash paper into a volcano. I honestly did need the surgery, and I’m not going to pretend it did the work for me, but it gave me the help for the work I wanted to be able to do.

    Six days a week I do a split between running and rowing for a half hour. I’m going to run in a 5k this spring, which has been a dream of mine for years. I exercise on my lunch break every day.

    Yes, I have some loose skin. It’s nowhere as bad as people make it out to be. I am not exactly planning on running around in a bikini so it’s not like it limits my life at all. It’s not visible in my clothes, not even tight fitting ones. I might get it removed some day, but if I don’t I’ll still be happy.

    This weight loss has been the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for me. Life is difficult when you are morbidly obese. It’s difficult physically, emotionally, and socially. This weight loss hasn’t fixed every problem in my life, but I didn’t expect for it to. It fixed my weight related problems, and I had a lot of them.

    This surgery can be life changing, but it’s not a magic bullet. You still have to make huge life changes. But if you feel sabotaged you your own constant hunger, cravings, and binges, this can really be the tool you use to dig yourself out of the seemingly insurmountable weight you need to lose.

    This isn’t a finish line for me. I am still working on hopefully losing another 15 lbs, and I’m never going back to my old eating habits. I know I signed up for a lifelong change, otherwise I’ll be right back where I started. But finally hitting goal was a nice early Christmas present to myself. Sorry for the essay, but I don’t really have anyone in real life to share with who gets it!

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    Angelina1210 reacted to AnotherGuy in Dear World...I have a superpower!   
    Hello All,
    You may have heard that superpowers are all the rage these days. It seems you cannot turn a corner without running into someone bitten by a spider or someone who possesses tremendous strength when angry even if they turn green. But I have a superpower of my own.
    I can resist my archenemy. "Food."
    During my 54 years here on Earth, I have not won many battles against "Food." I know many people that can defeat the powers of "Food" easily. They can resist "Food's" charm. They can limit "Food's" evil ways. I have envied them.
    However, this year is different for me. I have spent the last seven days locked in a battle with my nemesis and I have emerged victorious. Ring the freaking victory bell!
    Perhaps many of you can relate, this battle hasn't been just any "run of the mill" battle. This was the ultimate showdown of good versus evil which occurred during Christmas Week.
    Many of you probably already know the methods of my foe. Perhaps "Food" is your nemesis too. Hence, you are familiar with the trouble maker and the reign of terror that "Food" can bring.
    "Food" launched a furious attack against me with:
    cheese dips Crackers pretzels Gourmet sliced cheeses topped with pepperoni Cheesy pizza loaded with toppings Homemade Christmas Cookies chocolate Fudge - like all mothers make Crispy bacon Cinnamon French Toast Fresh, warm bread But I countered with my new superpower...my VSG. This power was given to me on 12/15/21, just before the epic showdown. I was able to duck, dodge and perry my foe's attacks with some carefully timed Protein and plenty of fluids.
    I am not going to say it was easy, because part of me wanted to succumb to temptation. But I adapted and overcame the demon. In the end, I stood tall and victorious.
    I hope that you, the people who truly understand this daily struggle, are able to emerge victorious also. The feeling is almost indescribable.
    My most sincere wishes of success, health and happiness to you.
    The struggle is real.
  4. Hugs
    Angelina1210 reacted to Betsy Finley in Hey There! Any December 2021 Surgery Friends?   
    My surgery is tomorrow afternoon. Please send good karma my way. The surgeon said it was going to be more challenging because of previous colon surgeries. I’m super excited and nervous at the same time. I hope to get off some of my meds, get rid of some pulmonary, blood pressure and back problems. I have struggled my whole life with my weight.
    I have really gotten a lot of good advise from this site. Thanks to everyone who is on here. At least I’m not alone in this adventure. 😀😀♥️♥️

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    Angelina1210 reacted to Ngotsleeved in Hey There! Any December 2021 Surgery Friends?   
    Hi all,

    I am new. I was sleeved in Turkey on December 20th.

    Back home now and still thinking about food, I am putting this down to it being Christmas and there being so much in the house.

    I am still sore from surgery but feel better every single day.
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    Angelina1210 reacted to MatureMom803 in Any December 2021 bypass people?   
    I had my RNY Bypass on 12/15.
    starting weight 282 HW 287 Current weight 270
    Recovering from surgery too Got drain removed on 12/23 Pain is still real Can only tolerate Clear Liquids still

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    Angelina1210 got a reaction from huskymama in Hey There! Any December 2021 Surgery Friends?   
    It gets better. Each day you’ll feel stronger. ☺️
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    Angelina1210 got a reaction from huskymama in Hey There! Any December 2021 Surgery Friends?   
    Hey👋🏾. How are you feeling?
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    Angelina1210 reacted to icequeenforyou in Gastric bypass surgery, here i come   
    I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. My surgery is on the 12th of January. Nervous cause i haven't had a surgery ever, cause i take neuroleptics that makes the weight loss harder but excited cause i so want it to go well. I even start my own blog in English about my journey: mybariatricstory.wordpress.com.

  10. Hugs
    Angelina1210 reacted to CharlotteC88 in Hey There! Any December 2021 Surgery Friends?   
    Hi. Had my sleeve on the 18th December … so one week out! Live in the UK - paid privately.
    I lost a stone prior to surgery and have now lost a further 11 pounds.
    No regrets at all. Bring on 2022!
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    Angelina1210 reacted to Glenda medley in Hey There! Any December 2021 Surgery Friends?   
    That’s how I feel
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    Angelina1210 got a reaction from Jai D in Hey There! Any December 2021 Surgery Friends?   
    How are you feeling? I was really tired and wanted to sleep a lot. I think it was because I wasn’t hydrated enough.
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    Angelina1210 reacted to huskymama in Hey There! Any December 2021 Surgery Friends?   
    Wow you are blessed. I just sneezed oh Lordy the pain! Lol so I started at 227 day of surgery 210.5 got home today 208 I’m not very gassy just learning my new normal I agree good luck to everyone!
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    Angelina1210 reacted to Andie Brown in Hey There! Any December 2021 Surgery Friends?   
    I had mine the 15th. Struggling really hard on my post op liquid diet. I feel great and feel like I can eat whatever I want but I know I can't. I got a bypass and the post op diet is STRICT. how are yall doing post op? Any tips?
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    Angelina1210 reacted to Scorpio9292 in Hey There! Any December 2021 Surgery Friends?   
    I am scheduled for my gastric sleeve on 12/27/21

    I am scared and nervous . Anyone getting second thoughts?

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    Angelina1210 got a reaction from TRAVELRN in Struggling with eating and water intake   
    Thank you for that feedback. I think we subconsciously take bigger sips than we can tolerate right now. I actually love water and since surgery, I crave it.
  17. Congrats!
    Angelina1210 reacted to AmazonSleeved in November Surgery Buddies!!!   
    Down 56 lbs 1 month post op!

    20 inches gone!

    20% of the way to goal (I want to lose 260 lbs)
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    Angelina1210 reacted to mynewrevenge in November Surgery Buddies!!!   
    Hello Buddies!
    I have been reading this board continuously but haven't posted much as I've been busy busy, but I just wanted to jump in and relay some of my experiences post surgery if it might be helpful to those currently going through it or about to.
    I had my sleeve on Nov 9th. The one thing that I found that really helped me out of the gate is walking. From day 1 I made sure to make myself walk. Each day I increased my distance by an additional driveway until I was able to walk all the way around the block and then added even more. By 2 weeks post surgery I felt like I was 100% again. A friend of mine who had the same surgery 5 years ago by the same surgeon couldn't believe how quickly I recovered. I attribute it to the walking. So that's my advice on recovery.
    Unfortunately I did make some major mistakes because I was feeling good and due to a family emergency, 1 week post op I had to fly home to help care for my mother. I didn't want my parents burdened by worrying about my surgery so I kept the entire thing hidden from them. As such, I completely skipped the pureed food stage and just ate soft foods while chewing oh probably a hundred times before swallowing. I do not recommend skipping any food stages but I had to do what I had to do.
    I had a bad experience with solid food. I was running around and wasn't paying much attention to the fact that I hadn't eaten all day and when I got home I was ravenous. I cooked up some tofu chicken fingers (my vegan go to for a quick and dirty meal pre surgery). Well, um... lets just say it didn't go well. I had that lump in my chest that felt like the food was stuck. The saliva continued to pour up into my mouth. There was nothing I could do to make the pain in my chest go away or the saliva stop flowing. I literally thought I was going to die. I decided to go for a walk. The amount of spit that continued to flow from my mouth could probably keep a whale wet for a decade... it was awful! After about 20 minutes, the pain finally subsided and the constant flow of saliva finally dried up. It was an experience and a hard learned lesson to remember to chew chew chew! and wait wait wait before taking another bite!
    Rice, my favourite pre surgery meal is now a no go for me. It just doesn't sit well at all. Sad but I can deal with it, bigger picture and all that.
    Sugar. I was a sugar addict pre surgery, I'm a mostly plant based eater, I attribute all my weight gain to my sugar addiction. I have found that although I am still addicted to sugar, I can have that '1' piece of whatever it is and be satisfied instead of that '1 whole bag' and still not be satisfied as I was in the past. If I go past that '1' piece threshold not because I'm not satisfied but because I'm still a glutton I find myself in the washroom with a mild case of dumping syndrome. Another welcome reminder that '1 is enough'.
    I feel like I am losing weight fairly quickly but I'm not noticing any adverse side effects like Hair loss or sagging skin but I do take collagen everyday so I'm thinking that might be helping with that.
    Today will be my first day back to the gym in 3 months. I am looking forward to getting back into running again without all that additional weight holding me back
    I hope you all are enjoying success and keep going! Happy Holidays!
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    Angelina1210 got a reaction from jensgettinghealthy in Scheduled for Jan 12th and getting cold feet. Is VSG "worth it"?   
    I just had VSG surgery on 12/10. I was so nervous the weeks leading up to my surgery. I had anxiety and trouble sleeping but you know what? I did it and I’d do it again. The decision was easy but the process is difficult. You just have to get through it. Remember why you decided to do this. Remember how good you are going to feel afterwards. Today makes a week. I’m home, moving around and tolerating liquids and some applesauce. It’s hard to predict how you will feel 6 weeks post op but imo, you get stronger everyday. Your body is going to go through a lot of changes after a surgery like this. I’m still early in mines, I’m sore, not as strong as I was but also had 85% of my stomach removed. I wish you all the best and know that any choice you make you YOUR choice. Take care 💜
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    Angelina1210 got a reaction from You Are My Sunshine in No longer feeling confident about having surgery   
    You’re right. I do need to trust myself. I’ve done the research, asked questions and even made sure to get a physical before the surgery AND I am traveling with a family member. I got so discouraged after speaking with her and I can’t help but think and feel that this was her intention because of how she feels about the surgery. She asked if I was doing this for cosmetic reasons. Really? 🤦🏾‍♀️
    I’m tired of gaining and loosing and then gaining again. I just want a new lease on life. I want to feel good and look good. I’m going through with it regardless. I do have a lot of support but I have some people who are worried and have all these bad ideas that something is going to happen to me.
  21. Congrats!
    Angelina1210 reacted to Seahawks Fan in Before and After Pics   
    November 2021
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    Angelina1210 reacted to Arabesque in Nausea after dinner??   
    My surgeon gave me the Sally Johnston book too (gift with purchase 😂). I found it really helpful in the beginning as well when I was wrapping my brain around everything.
    Iron is renowned for causing nausea as can general Multivitamins (specifically Vitamins C, A, D, E & K) . if you’re taking them after eating & your still nauseous trying splitting the dose if you can - one in the morning & one in the evening. Make sure your not doubling up on vitamins - like is there iron in your multi Vitamin as well? Look for a lower dose, a different brand or a different form of iron like @catwoman7 suggested.
    I only had to take multivitamins but I was so glad when my surgeon supported my request to stop taking Multi Vitamins (at about 8 months & 2 months post goal). I’m fortunate I absorb all the nutrients I need from what I eat
    Good luck.
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    Angelina1210 reacted to MissT25 in Still haven’t lost weight   
    I've read through all your posts and the comments. From everything you've said, I get the feeling you're just trolling on here and judging those who have had the surgery. You repeatedly say "just diet and exercise, then you'll lose weight" and "why can't you do all this without the surgery." But then say you can't lose weight? Something doesn't add up. Maybe I'm wrong. I hope so.
    In any case, if you're not just being a judgmental troll, you need to eat more. At 800 calories your body is in starvation mode. No one should be eating 800 calories at 5 months out.
    Good luck to you.

  24. Hugs
    Angelina1210 reacted to dxv0109 in Hey There! Any December 2021 Surgery Friends?   
    Hi 😌 I got mine December 1st. VSG . Good luck ! 😌
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    Angelina1210 reacted to Sarabelsha in Hey There! Any December 2021 Surgery Friends?   
    I did mine 13/12/2021

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