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    kelkel771 reacted to lizonaplane in Sugar cravings and hungry after sleeve   
    I don't have sugar cravings unless I see some tasty looking treat, but I'm hungry all the time, and have been since a week after surgery. I've tried more Fiber, more fat, more Protein, more liquid... basically the only thing that helps me personally is to drink hot tea with milk or sugar free hot chocolate between meals (usually hot tea).
    If you find something that helps, please post it here so maybe I'll find something else to try!!!
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    kelkel771 reacted to SparklesE in November Surgery Buddies!!!   
    It absolutely is! I just returned home this morning from receiving the sleeve and I was feeling all of those emotions going in on Monday for the surgery!
    Overall I'm feeling good! The procedure went great, I had an awesome care team, and my pain is tolerable. The first sip of Water post- procedure was scary and did not feel good (I expelled it back up). However, I've been sipping well since then...
    I highly recommend you have some ice packs on hand (because you'll need them) for the largest incision. I'm also on a clear liquid diet so having broth, water, cranberry and apple juice on hand is helpful as well!
    Cheers to all of the new and improved lifestyles beginning this month! 🌠
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    kelkel771 reacted to Meganator in October surgery friends??   
    Tomorrow is the big day! Yesssss! Looking forward to counting down the days to purees.

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