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    Pre-Op Struggling

    The only other time I was on all liquids, and only for a day, was before a colonoscopy. You are right, it's a mind thing with feeling like you need to chew. It was a struggle, but I knew I'd have yo do for much longer later!! Just like having to have multiple textures in your meals. I used a spoon in my broth to try to help. I LOVE Mrs Grass soup! No one in my new area knows what it is. I made my own bone broth and froze in Souper Cubes so I could easily pop one from freezer to bowl and warm up. I also had my Asian neighbor who is an awesome cook make a huge batch of pho broth and I froze in the Souper Cubes too. Hoping I don't have to buy too much store bought stuff. Anyone ever buy the bone broth powders, like in the stick pouches? Sent from my SM-G998U1 using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. My nutritionist told me many times when you think you want to eat you are actually just thirsty, so try drinking more water (flavored if necessary) and wait 30 minutes like someone else said. I have surgery Nov 11 and have to admit, I am terribly afraid I will still have the sweet cravings as well. Will have to look into Sweet Defeat! Sent from my SM-G998U1 using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. kelkel771

    October surgery friends??

    I am 11 days pre op and I too am afraid it will be a struggle after. Although I had been doing Noom and eating better for several months now to prepare and feel I have done well and changed my thoughts and habits quite a bit, but not totally. Believe me I still want the PB fudge my husband brought home! I am afraid I will still feel hungry all the time and crave the bad things. I pray my I am one of the people whose tastes change and I no longer want anything sweet. That would help so much! Sent from my SM-G998U1 using BariatricPal mobile app
  4. kelkel771

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    Hi all! Got my date after being on hold due to covid.. Nov 11th! I am so afraid the preop diet won't shrink my liver enough, so even though Dr says to do just low carb, I feel I may do 2 shakes a day and 1 meal of protein and veggies from here on out. Don't want to take any chances. Sent from my SM-G998U1 using BariatricPal mobile app

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