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  1. Lynoodle

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    It is hard not to get discouraged, but try not to. I stalled for almost 3 weeks after my first month, then it started falling off again. I am down 45 lbs in 7 weeks.
  2. Lynoodle

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    Honestly, if a Dr. told me they only gave Tylenol, I would probably look for another Dr. I understand the whole opioid crisis, but when you have a major surgery, their main concern should be keeping patients pain free so they can heal. Especially while in the hospital. Then a few narcotics for home, is not going to cause addiction. I had rotator cuff surgery 3 months ago and they gave you 20 to go home with. I did fine with them and hope I do as well for my VS tomorrow!! Best wishes to you. Hope you feel better soon. I do know my Doc makes sure you have pain meds in and out of the hospital.
  3. Lynoodle

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    HI! My surgery is tomorrow as well. I am a bit anxious, but have the same instructions. I am supposed to eat my MEAL for breakfast today, and then only protein shakes and clear liquids after that. Also, have to shower at night and in the am. Hope all goes well for you!
  4. Lynoodle

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    How are you doing on your pre-op? I am doing pretty good. I was a bit dizzy day 2, yesterday, but today I am not. It hasn't been horrible. I mean yeah I feel a little empty at times, but just keep telling myself it is only for X more days, and it is my Prep....just like for a colonoscopy only longer lol. And, I know it will be worth it. It is only going to make things easier on me. I honestly feel like a whinny butt when I get hungry. Like c'mon Robin there are tons of people that have nothing to eat every day....you can do this!! We ALL can!!!
  5. Lynoodle

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    Same here! 11/9 and pre-OP prep today. I keep telling myself it's Prep...lol.
  6. Lynoodle

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    You too!! Let me know how your first couple of days go.
  7. Lynoodle

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    You too! Let me know how your first couple of days go.
  8. Lynoodle

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    November 9th here! So excited. Starting my pre-op diet tomorrow, and so nervous about hunger.

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