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  1. I have my pre-op appointment on Nov 15th. What should I expect? Surgery is scheduled for December 2nd.
  2. Hello Dec 2nd surgery date (VSG) and now down 18 lbs since that day Weight on day of surgery was 226, pre-op diet start was 232
  3. NikoNiko

    Niggling pain.....normal or not

    Sounds like neuropathy from the nerves regenerating. The pain can be burning, sharp, itchy, or like electrical zaps etc.
  4. Post-op day two… feeling the soreness of those incisions but it’s not bad. I think I will feel a million times better if i go to the bathroom or pass lots of gas.
  5. Not as much. But I’m still very full. I still have not passed any gas. Working on my fluid and protein goals and walking. So far I’ve taken about 20 ounces of water. And half of a premier protein shake. I bought some concentrated protein that has 18 grams/ 1 oz. I took one shot of that as well.
  6. Yesterday was my surgery still very tired ( so I won’t go into too much) but that gas pain is the devil!
  7. Same! I have a 7 am OR time. I’m getting scared.
  8. One thing I can tell you from my very experience is, you can have 20 physicians in a room and still won't find 2 to agree on anything. So evidence shows that to decrease the size of the liver, there is no consensus on how long the diet should go on for. With bypass, given they have to access the gastro-esophageal junction which the left lobe of the liver can obscure, this will definitely warrant a diet of longer duration. In the paper I read, generally the longer the diet the more shrinkage, however... A greater decrease in size was noted with higher protein diets. Also you risk being in a catabolic state (this is not good for healing) if you are on these low calorie liquid diets for too long. All this to say, some surgeons change their practices to reflect the evidence. Some were just trained a certain way and stuck with it. Im on a week long diet and my BMI is 41
  9. Hey there surgery twin. I am the same height but linger between 225-230 right now. Please keep me updated and ill do the same.
  10. My “almost” surgery twin. Sending good thoughts!
  11. My “almost” surgery twin! Sending good thoughts!
  12. I started doing protein shakes for breakfast and the evening for the past week and lost about 6 lbs (probably mostly water weight). I’ve also been trying out the protein water/ powders. I don’t start my preop diet until 1 week prior to surgery.
  13. This is so common, just remain focused.
  14. NikoNiko

    December surgery buddies

    Hi, I started my journey on September 17th and just got a surgery date for December 2nd. 😊Happy but scared.

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