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  1. Hi So I was prescribed two medications post surgery to ward of side effects. First Famotidine for the first two weeks to ward off GERD. I may be placed back on if I ended up with an issue with GERD. Second medication Ursodiol I start today as I am now on soft foods. The medication is to ensure I do not get gallstones. Dis anyone Have to take prophylactic Ursodiol or if anyone had issues with gallstones?
  2. Vfls

    Package submission

    Good Gastric sleeve works, bad about sleeve and HH is the first couple of days are painful. The sleeve made it so I felt everything I swallowed, some stuff hit stomach like a knife. HH caused deep breaths to hurt and the hiccups were super painful, only good thing about HH is the hiccup was usually one isolated and the pain went away . The sleeve pain improvement has increased every day. I just had sleeve 10/21. By day 4 with lots of walking those other days I started to feel human. Now Day 8 I feel great, a little stinky but feel great. You are going to be so happy with your surgery I know I am.
  3. I take BariatricPal Multivitamin ONE w/ Iron one capsule two times a day. I open the capsule, empty into mouth and just swallow with some liquid.
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    Dumb question-

    Tons of readymade shakes. Find them in the grocery, cvs, target, Walmart, also on Amazon. Thing is do not buy many for after surgery. I bought 6 cases. Now post surgery I find them tooo sweet, yuk. So I have 6 cases I can’t use.
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    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    I can’t drink cold anything. That causes a cramp. At least now I won’t have to worry about being tempted by Ben&Jerry
  6. Hi do not worry. I was one of those people who binged like crazy and gained 10 lbs during the liver shrinking phase. I had the surgery on October 21 and all went well. The night before I was scared dr would go in see my Fatty liver and close up. That did not happen. Now if I can gain 10 lbs in liver shrinking phase from not following diet & comeout fine then you have Nothing to worry about with a few slip ups. God luck on your surgery & can’t wait to hear how your post ops going.

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