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  1. Hi everyone, New here.I had my sleeve on 10/5/21. I am just starting on mushy foods. I have a big concern with what I can eat after 4 months. I am going to Italy in may and I already pushed this vacation back. It was originally in January. My question is at what month did everyone start eating, pasta, bread, pizza, steak, sweet stuff and did you have to wait to get approval from your doctor for it? I am a little worried about what I can and can’t eat on this trip. Also has anyone traveled by cruise lately, Do they allow you to take powder for your shakes? Thank you :)
  2. Thank you. Hopefully by that time my doctor isn’t telling me I have to get all my proteins in.
  3. Thank you. If I am still on protein shakes I am going to order some protein envelopes to take with me. Yes with the buffet is so easy to eat. I will make sure I save room for seafood.
  4. Thank you so much I am so glad to hear this. I will for sure look for pharmacies.
  5. Thank you. I am hoping by 4 months I am able to eat what I used to but of course not the quantity.
  6. Thank you. Yes since now I take much longer to eat that was my worry for dinner also the pressure of having to hurry. I will definitely check with the cruise is they can do room service. Enjoy your cruise :)
  7. Thank you I will make sure I ask for tomato based when I order and if the cruise does not have the proteins I need, I will make sure to stop at stores. I hope I can pass seafood good by that time. I would sure love to try that.
  8. Thank you so much I am for sure taking a card with me. I will be on a cruise so I will be trying to have my proteins in the morning before going sightseeing:)
  9. That’s a great idea doing shareable’s and i hope you have a great time and yes it would be great if you could share your experience. Thank you :)
  10. Thank you so much I will make sure I have a little card on me
  11. Ana-Maria


    Thank you so much for your response. Trying to prepare myself in ase it happens.
  12. Ana-Maria

    October surgery friends??

    Nice I am on week 2. I have my post op tomorrow hoping everything goes well. I am having trouble with the water intakes so that is the only thing that is worrying me. My incision look ok except I have 1 that bleeds a little everyday after I shower.
  13. Ana-Maria


    Hi I just had my surgery 10/5 when you get dumping syndrome do you take anything for it?
  14. Ana-Maria

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Hi everyone, 🙂 New here I had mine on 10/5 everything is good so far I am just really struggling with the water intakes I feel so full. Has anyone had that issue?

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