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  1. I don't live in Houston, but are surgical centers really that bad there? We have them everywhere.
  2. I only feel tired all the time when the weather is bad or when I'm sick.
  3. lovvetyga

    Looking for a distraction?

    I usually play games when I'm bored. Sometimes it happens that a lot of problems fall on me and I just want to get away from them. Great help to solve all these problems with computer games that I often download on www.unlockedpiratebay.com/ Performing tasks invented by programmers, a person is distracted from the troubles that have fallen on him, and he rests physically and mentally.
  4. lovvetyga

    Got the call today...APPROVED!!!!

    Not a man, but a treasure. You probably offer to help all the people on the street.
  5. Oh, damn What have you done to ruin your relationship with your mother so much?
  6. lovvetyga

    Movie Snacks

    Yes, there was a time when I also had a subscription
  7. lovvetyga

    Movie Snacks

    I like to eat a lot of pop corn
  8. Has anyone suffered from such a problem with sagging skin ?
  9. lovvetyga

    Horrible knee pain post op

    It's something normal. You had surgery, it's the reaction of your body after it. When I went through this kind of surgery, I had to wear a walking boot and a compression on my knee to keep my leg unmovable, especially at night. I bought it all on dunbarmedical.com. It was very challenging, to be honest, because it also was painful. But it was gone after 15-20 days. If you still feel this pain after a long time, immediately visit your doctor because it may be a serious problem. I don't think you'd want to go through that kind of pain again.

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