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  1. I’ve tried researching this myself but so much of the advice assumes you’re “cheating” and dealing with dumping syndrome. Has anyone else experienced EXTREME dizziness, flushing or cold sweats, and nausea right after eating a few bites or small meal? I’m 22 days post-op and for the last week or so I’ll have these absolutely horrible bouts right after I start or finish eating. It’s not after every meal and it seems totally unrelated to sugar/carbs/protein/fiber or any other obvious nutritional element. Half an hour ago I got two bites into one of those often recommended ricotta bakes and it hit me. At lunch today I had a tiny serving of mashed avocado and hummus and it happened within like 2 minutes of finishing. It happened after a coconut milk based yogurt for breakfast on Monday. This isn’t happening any other time - it’s right after some but not all foods but there isn’t an obvious pattern to what foods or times of day. That makes me think it’s also not dehydration because you’d think that would impact me other times, right? It shouldn’t just be when something hits my stomach? I’d be concerned about a leak but I don’t have a fever or swelling or pain in the area either. I’m stumped!
  2. Nope, almost no fat in the ricotta bake. It was fat free ricotta and 1/3 of an egg in my entire meal and it happened within 30 seconds of the first bite. Happened within the first bite of avocado and was full blown in under 5 minutes.
  3. My team unfortunately knows very little about cases like mine as I also have Ehlers Danlos syndrome. I’ve already run into several occasions where they gave me dietary suggestions that work for most people that didn’t work for me because of the various comorbid orthostatic conditions associated with my EDS. I’ve only found 4 or 5 people online who’ve ever had GB with EDS. And the issue is even faster than dumping syndrome levels of fast. Like 1 bite of mashed avocado (which is on my post op diet) and it was happening - I think it’s just EDS stuff at this point. Any level of digestion pulls blood away from the rest of your body and that is, I think, what my body is reacting to. Sigh.

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