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  1. Congratulations!
  2. Onederland! It's been 30+ years since a 1 was the first digit in my weight! That's 93 lbs since surgery.
  3. Fl_Dad

    It's Official

    It's an oldie but a goodie. 😆
  4. Fl_Dad

    Gastric Bypass complete!

  5. Fl_Dad

    Post surgery weight gain

    ^^^^^ What they said. The scale tells the truth, but only half the truth. Buy you a body tape measure and start seeing the amazing things happening.
  6. Fl_Dad

    no appetite

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Please take care of yourself and eat a little something. God bless.
  7. Fl_Dad

    Successful post op gastric bypass

    Yes!!!! Me too. I never saw either. Both were in and out while I was in lala land.
  8. Fl_Dad

    Successful post op gastric bypass

    When I woke up I was completely comfortable. No pain until I talked. Then I had a bit of scratch in my throat from the intubation. I also had a little irritation first time out from the urine catheter. Honest, I felt great. They do so much now to prevent pain in the incision areas. I swear I didn't even have the gas pressure issues. With that said, be careful getting up and moving around. It may not feel like it but you just had surgery. Also, the posters above covered it really good. I took my phone/charger, ear buds,underwear for under the gown and a pair of flip flops. Good luck on your surgery and keep us posted.
  9. Today's the day! Good luck and congratulations!!!
  10. Fl_Dad

    Return to work

    I was lucky. I had banked a ton of leave. I stayed out for 1 month.
  11. Fl_Dad

    protein powders

    I've tried several and absolutely love the Body Fortress chocolate whey isolate.
  12. Fl_Dad

    Waiting to go down

  13. Well, 3 months have gone by since my surgery and I wanted to throw a little bit of what's been happening out there. At surgery I weighed 292 lbs, this morning I weighed 230 lbs. Happy New Year to me!! In July I was 317 lbs, most I will ever weigh. I haven't had alot of issues so far. I'm hoping that trend continues into the New Year and beyond! I look forward to reading posts on this site. It has really helped me through all of this! I stalk more than I talk so, with that in mind, Happy New Year everyone and congratulations on your personal victories! This site is full of amazing people.
  14. Fl_Dad

    3 month update

    I got mine done in St. Augustine. I'm new to the panhandle.
  15. Congratulations! Our plans sound a bit different so don't go outside your team's guidelines, but here is the info I was provided for the 2 weeks. 1 word of advice, start pushing hard to get the water in by little sips from a shot glass every day. It will take alot of effort. I downloaded a water timer and had it going off every few minutes. That will pay in dividends in 2 weeks when you can't chug water (if you are in Habit of chugging water. I'm really talking about me. Lol.) Good luck and you've got this!
  16. Fl_Dad


    Too much sugar for me. I still have a carb aversion from my past life. I go to the doctor for my 3 month checkup next tuesday. I'll bring it up with the Dietitian and report back what she says.
  17. Fl_Dad


    Great job!
  18. Fl_Dad

    1 Month Surgiversary

  19. I know everyone has their 2 cents, so here go mine; 1- water first! If you are at work that can be difficult. I downloaded an app to remind me to sip water every 5 minutes. 2- I love the great value black cherry water enhancer that walmart carries. Find a flavor you like if you are like me and can't stand water straight. 3- The chocolate body fortress whey isolate protein powder was my gift from God! I tolerated it well and drank 3 scoops a day. That's 90 grams of carbs a day just with them. I hope that helps. Congratulations on your successful surgery and stay motivated. The weight will come off.
  20. Fl_Dad

    Hard Time

    Hang in there! This too shall pass!
  21. Fl_Dad

    Home from surgery

  22. Fl_Dad

    Surgery Day

    Best prayers and wishes for you and your team!
  23. Fl_Dad

    Happy Thanksgiving 🍗

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  24. Fl_Dad

    Gastric Bypass Yesterday

  25. Fl_Dad

    Just beginning

    I watched all the YouTube videos I could concerning the by-pass leading up to the surgery. In hind sight they were often "worst case scenarios". I am thankful for that because it let me absorb the possibilities. Luckily, I didnt have any of those issues. I can tell you, I was amazed when I woke up from surgery and my only complaint was a sore throat. I wish you the best on your journey.

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