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  1. pintsizedmallrat

    Let's Talk About Maintenance

    I am 2 years post-op and I don't feel like my hunger has ever truly "come back". I feel like my capacity is still that of someone who had the procedure about 6 months ago.
  2. I need to get a new badge because I DO NOT look like my photo...it was taken when I was at my heaviest. My driver's license, thankfully, is only about a year old and I'm about 20 pounds heavier in it. It still looks like me. My pre-surgery engagement ring was a 9 and my post-surgery wedding ring is a 4 1/2. My fingers shrank A LOT. My shoe size went from a 7-7 1/2 to a 5 1/2. So I went down TWO shoe sizes. I also no longer have to buy wide widths.
  3. pintsizedmallrat

    Let's Talk About Maintenance

    For me that's been a razor-thin line because my calorie numbers are so small to begin with (I am less than 5' tall)...1400 was too many, 1100 is too few, and it varies wildly depending on how active I am (I ride a motorcycle and it burns 200 calories an hour...when I'm on a trip I have to go out of my way to eat a LOT extra to not come back from a weekend trip with all my clothes too big). I try to stay between 1200-1300 and that's working OK, except for when I can't hold that much, which happens sometimes.
  4. I have trouble with a lot of pasta, rice, potatoes and bread still because they always feel like they "swell" in my stomach, so gaining weight was hard for me after I too found myself underweight following a health scare. I'm also a sleeve patient who dumps, so eating things like ice cream was out of the question. If you are ABLE to eat those things without issue, I don't see there being anything wrong with consuming a little extra treat here and there to gain weight, unless you are concerned that once you get back to a weight you're happy at, you won't be able to stop eating those things. I was eating peanut butter quite a bit when I was trying to gain; I found some high protein waffles that agree with me (Kodiak), so I'd eat one of those with peanut or almond butter on it, maybe a LITTLE drizzle of honey, a few dark chocolate chips, or some sliced banana. It was giving me more calories with a nice healthy dose of fats and protein vs carbs, which felt "healthier" to me.
  5. pintsizedmallrat

    Looking for Easy Protein Snacks

    The veggie egg bites from Dunkin are also excellent if you ever find yourself somewhere there is no Starbucks. Similar calorie count, too.
  6. I love stories like this. For all the weight we lose, we gain so much we never thought possible. My big deferred dream was getting to ride a motorcycle, and last spring I started!!! Congratulations and keeping kicking butt at whatever you do in your life. You've earned that celebration.
  7. pintsizedmallrat


    if they blood-tested you, it's for a reason. I know a lot of pharmacies sell nicotine urine tests alongside the drug tests; you may just want to start drinking lots and lots of water and home test in a few days to see where you're at.
  8. pintsizedmallrat

    Extensive weight loss

    I had this happen (I'm an inch shorter than you and at one point had gotten down to 91 pounds, unfortunately.). My situation was caused by an autoimmune condition; among other things it made it so that my enlarged spleen was pushing against my sleeve, reducing my capacity to nearly nothing. It was awful because I could FEEL that I was hungry and I wasn't able to eat. I ended up resorting to, at my dietitian's advice, drinking part of a shake intended for people needing to GAIN weight (Ensure Complete, I think is what it's called, the bottles have about 300 calories). As I am someone who gets dumping syndrome, I had to break it up into very small portions (about 1/3 of the bottle) and I would drink that portion 30 minutes after my meals. It helped; I'm back up to 103 now which is where I feel most comfortable. Another really dense food that shouldn't mess with your blood sugar or macros would be peanut butter. It's one of the highest calorie things you can eat, but it's also full of healthy fats and protein, especially if you choose a low sugar variety. I know it's hard, and it's a hard thing to talk about to most people because no one really understands how distressing it is to suddenly find yourself underweight when you spent years struggling to lose (I got a lot of "Exactly why are you complaining?" even from people who meant well.). You're not alone. I know it's a real problem that is really upsetting, and it's OK to have feelings about it.
  9. pintsizedmallrat

    Favorite sugar free and other low calorie sauces

    I've used "real" salad dressing since I was able to start eating salads a few months following my procedure; I just budget for them. I'm a big fan of poppyseed dressing and the only low-calorie one I tried was the Skinnygirl one and it made the salad inedible it was so bad. This is just me but I'd rather use a lot less of something that tastes good than be able to slather on something that doesn't. One trick I have done, though, is mixing additional vinegar (which is low calorie) into the dressing, maybe increasing the volume by 1/4, which lowers the overall calorie count but only ends up making it slightly more tart.
  10. pintsizedmallrat

    Ugh allergies

    that is interesting to know; I have to take Singulair to treat an autoimmune condition in my lungs and I DEFINITELY feel like it makes me "derpy".
  11. pintsizedmallrat

    Major Plateau

    At the stage you're at, especially since your loss has slowed, you are possibly losing inches due to your skin tightening up a little; I was SUPER saggy when I reached my goal weight, and I have been more or less maintaining and while I haven't lost much, I have gone down two pants sizes because my skin is shrinking back.
  12. pintsizedmallrat

    Perimenopause & RNY warning

    I'm 40, and my mother went through menopause very young so I assume that I probably will as well. I guess that qualifies me as "perimenopausal". I already had heavy periods because of uterine fibroids, but it seems like menstruating REALLY depletes me now, mostly because I am anemic (and have had to do iron infusions because of it). I also miss my period pretty regularly; I'm fairly sure my body wants me to weigh 100 pounds before I get my period at all, and I fluctuate between 95 and 100. Considering that 94 is the threshold for "underweight" for my height and I am most definitely carrying around at least a few pounds of extra skin, I need to weigh 100 or so. I don't know how much of it is early-stage menopause and how much of it is my weight being borderline-too-low, but my period doesn't come every month. I have to go out of my way to get enough iron during that time, when I do get my period. I eat a lot of shellfish and pumpkin seeds that week, both of which are CRAZY HIGH in iron...Kroger has a frozen package of mussels in white wine garlic sauce and I will make half a package, 25% of your iron in one sitting! Within reason, it's actually helpful to indulge a little during those days, have a couple squares of dark chocolate or some oysters. Your body is working hard to replace the blood you're losing.
  13. I found chicken pretty hard to digest until I was on "full diet no restrictions". I know that stage sucks and your diet has probably become boring. If you decide to try it, go slow, wait a bit, see how it goes. It's much easier to try something than to make an entire meal out of it and regret it.
  14. pintsizedmallrat

    Waist training anyone?

    I would be concerned that would exacerbate any acid reflux you may encounter by squeezing your middle like that.
  15. pintsizedmallrat

    Food for stage 3 ideas

    I was having problems with dairy at that point too...I ate a lot of refried beans and spoonfuls of hummus and peanut butter, and there are non-dairy yogurts out there but please look at the labels, a lot of them don't have much protein compared to their dairy counterparts.
  16. pintsizedmallrat

    Not Allowed To Gain Weight

    Pickles are great for that; not many calories, pretty filling, so once the salt washes out it's a net loss!
  17. pintsizedmallrat

    Chickpea Pasta

    Double posted my apologies
  18. pintsizedmallrat

    Gee why didn't I think of that!

    This journey sort of requires you have to stop caring what other people think or you and your choices. We've all got a path to walk; some of us are good at staying on theirs and others feel like they've got to get in the middle of yours and pretend every choice they've made is perfect. Giving advice like, oh you just need to walk more, is condescending.
  19. pintsizedmallrat

    Alcohol consumption

    I waited six months, make sure you're wherever you're ending up for the evening when you try it. Guaranteed it's going to smack you pretty hard the first time.
  20. pintsizedmallrat


    My hair started falling out 3 months in, grew back, and now it's falling out again (due to some non-surgery related health issues.). I feel your pain, and it will come back. I like to joke I had to trade my boobs and hair for a healthy body, which I suppose is a fair trade but it was very upsetting to go through!
  21. pintsizedmallrat

    Surgery Failure

    It has helped me tremendously on my journey to think of anything with calories as food, even if it's a liquid. Water, sugar free sports drinks, plain tea, black coffee, etc are beverages. Milk, juice, etc, in my world are SNACKS and are treated and logged as such.
  22. pintsizedmallrat

    Sleeping help

    Melatonin is probably safer than most of the alternatives (especially since at 6 days out you're probably still on painkillers), but as everyone else said, if you're concerned enough about it to be asking us this really needs to be being asked of your treatment team.
  23. pintsizedmallrat

    No Loose Skin

    Safe for her to leave what exactly? The house? Loose skin isn't going to harm her unless it's causing rashes or some kind of infection.
  24. pintsizedmallrat

    my booty hurts

    I understand them not wanting to change your CHAIR, but the cushion that the other poster mentioned is not attached in any way, is it a situation where you could purchase your own chair pad and just bring it to work with you? My workplace can be a bit draconian about that sort of thing but they've never said anything about the cushion because I brought it in myself.
  25. pintsizedmallrat


    It's probably because it is lower in vitamins and minerals; I don't know if it's a "forbidden" kind of thing or maybe a gentler "Hey if you're going to have a salad choose darker greens that offer more micronutrients because iceberg is basically crunchy water." Iceberg isn't going to hurt you, it just would probably be better to choose something like spinach or spring mix because those greens contain iron and calcium, something we bariatric folks often struggle to get enough of.

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