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    My Bariatric Journey

    Hello Bariatric Buddies (corny right? lol) I thought I'd come on here and share my experience so far for those who may be thinking about weight loss surgery OR are scheduled to undergo surgery soon. I started my bariatric surgery journey May 4th 2021 after YEARS of wanting to do it but not having the courage to start. At that point i was 298LBS. At my heaviest i was 305LBS. What prompted me to just go for it and conquer my fears was just wanting to be healthy again. I was tired of making excuses and as sad as it sounds i was tired of looking in the mirror every day staring at myself morphing into this person i no longer wanted to be. Fortunately for me, i didn't have any MAJOR health issues, however i did/do suffer from PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome). For anyone who knows the struggles of PCOS you know trying fad diets and exercising isn't really helpful when trying to lose weight when your hormones are so imbalanced. Any who, going forward - i contacted my local bariatric surgery center and set up my initial consult. Since we're still being affected by covid, majority of my appointments were via video. My first consult they went over my eligibility requirements, health history and goals. After speaking with the nurse navigator they then scheduled my next visit with the Surgeon who would then change my life forever. So, two weeks later, i meet my surgeon VIA zoom (and let me say, i love that she was blunt, super honest and made sure my goals and perception of the surgery was realistic), she told me about herself, she asked me a few questions about my life, health history in depth, and she then went over my surgery options and what she felt would be my best choice (Gastric Bypass RNY). We ended the appointment on a good note. At that point i was feeling good, motivated and just proud of myself, like - GOSH, I'M FINALLY DOING THIS! At this point in the process, i have scheduled an appointment to get an EKG, chest X-RAY, cardiology, pulmonary, and a behavioral specialist. Over the course of 4 months i would complete each appointment and the specialists would send over their impressions over to the surgeon. September 3rd. I had my pre op class (with a dietitian). I signed a bunch of papers stating that i would not consume alcohol or use tobacco. I watched a video and then the dietitian stated that starting September 9th - until September 19th i will need to be on a full liquid pre op diet - at that point in the liquid diet you are not allowed to take any vitamin supplements, and or specific medications (they would go over that with you). September 9th came around and i started my three protein shakes a day, with drinking 64OZ of water until September 19th as advised. Let me tell you, that was the single most hardest thing that i have EVER done, but in the end i was so proud of myself. September 20th at 10:00AM i had to drink 10OZ of Magnesium Citrate to bowel cleanse in preparation for surgery the next morning. I spent all day in the bathroom. Around 1:30PM i received a call from the hospital letting me know what time i needed to be at the hospital for surgery the next day (9/21/21) which ended up being 7AM. I had so much trouble falling asleep that night as i was so excited yet SO nervous! Surgery day rolls around and i am up getting ready. We (my boyfriend and i) then make our way to the hospital, check in, and head to my pre op room to be prepped. They took my temperature, and my weight. When i started, i was 298 - the day of surgery i was 282LBS! At 9:40AM i went in for surgery and was in the OR for about 4HOURS. I spent about an hour and a half in recovery where they gave me 1OZ water every half hour, that would continue as i was transported to my room that i would stay for the next 24HOURS. My hospital stay wasn't bad, and my nurses/doctors were super attentive, supportive and courteous! They came in almost every hour to check my temperature, blood pressure, and incisions. I went home 9/22/21 at 9:40AM. 1st day home was challenging. I was in so much pain and discomfort. That quickly subsided as the days passed. But in those days, i attempted to drink water and protein and move around as much as possible because walking truly helps with the pain. Here i am 9 days post op and i am not at 100% yet but i am improving i still feel slight pain only where i have internal sutures, and i am gassy (like burping and stomach feeling bloated) - for that i use GAS-X - it's amazing! I currently weigh 273LBS which makes a total of 25LBS lost and 9LBS lost since surgery. 6 Day's post op i was back at work (I KNOW I KNOW I AM CRAZY - BUT I WORK IN AN OFFICE AT MY DESK MAJORITY OF THE DAY SO I AM OKAY).. Hopefully this helps! & if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask :)
  2. So, I suffer from PCOS. & for those who know what that is or have it, know that often times your period is super irregular or it just doesn’t come at all. For me, In order to get a period I either had to be on birth control, or progesterone. I never got periods on my own. September 21st 2021 I had surgery & October 11th, 2021 I got my 1st period on my own with out the assistance of pills. It lasted about 8 days. Stopped for a day, and came back. I’ve been spotting and bleeding off and on since. I know that the weight loss and my hormones have a lot to do with it. But i’m super irritable, emotional, and tired. I hate feeling like this. Luckily I have an appointment with my OBGYN on Tuesday 11/2. What birth controls worked for you to regulate your menses?
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    Yesterday I experienced DUMPING - DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN. I had nausea, pain, high heart rate, cold sweats, and i threw up (water since i am still in my full liquid phase) I was wondering why i wasn't feeling well and it was because i had drank too much, too fast, too often! (supposed to be an one ounce every 10-15 MIN) Which in my defense, in the beginning i could drink as much as i wanted. With the exception of a little soreness going down but i never had the 'full' sensation until this morning. So i more than likely over did it. Today i am so much better
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    @pintsizedmallrat Oh NO! Glad you're okay! For me it was kind of the same. I had the nausea, the cold sweats, the hot flashes and I was full all day, I didn't drink anything from 3PM until about 4AM this morning and slept it off . I felt like i needed to reset. Glad i did, because i feel so much better and i am able to take liquids better today.
  5. Bariatric_Babe

    My Bariatric Journey

    I am glad that sharing my store helped! @curvygal & @FutureSylph you are going to do amazing!
  6. Bariatric_Babe

    Stomach pain / nausea 9 days post op

    Thank you Ladies for the suggestions! I feel much better this morning! Thank goodness
  7. I’ve been attempting to get my 64OZ of water in, along with my protein. However yesterday and today that seemed to be impossible! The Premier protein shakes are making me feel sick on top of the internal muscle / suture pain I have on my right side I just feel like crying. Please tell me there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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