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  1. Hi.. I am wondering if anyone has experienced basically minimal weight loss with ESG? I had mine on Sept. 8th and have gone down only between 1-3 pounds this whole time. I’m very frustrated and sad. I feel like I should have had more than basically a pound of weight loss in 3 weeks. I feel like the only thing I have lost is money and hope. (Yes I’m following everything correctly.) I don’t understand how I’m one of the only people to not lose weight with a weight loss procedure like this.
  2. MshellL87

    Minimal to no weight loss?

    It wasn’t an easy decision. I worked with him and other options for over a year and a half.. but he was fine doing it in the end because my goal weight is healthy and it would be losing 15-20% of my total body weight. I realize it’s not typical.
  3. MshellL87

    Minimal to no weight loss?

    Hi.. I just had to do one day of liquid diet before procedure. I went in around 150. As of today (3 weeks out) I weigh 148. Yesterday I was 147, the day before 148.5. So not much of anything is happening on the scale. I have been between 151-145 for a year and desperately want to be at my goal weight of 125. (Which is heathy for my height of 5 ft 3 in) I was initially worried I would lose weight too quickly or somehow get below my goal weight. I no longer worry about that. Just worry that the procedure will not do much for me.
  4. MshellL87

    Minimal to no weight loss?

    My doctor called in last week and that was when I said I was about 3 pounds down. (Which is now closer to 1.. it had been fluctuating, but I decided to say 3, for some reason.) All he said was, “okay different for everyone. Your starting weight wasn’t as high as some, so maybe you will be slower to lose. Exercise and eat right. I’ll see you in 2.5 months.” I’m feeling very sad. If I were at 3 lbs lost, maybe I’d be okay. But only 1 has me concerned. He is the best doctor in my area for this, but I honestly feel like I had no procedure. I am wondering if there is a way to check and see if my stomach was made small enough? I’m getting desperate.

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