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  1. SleeverSk

    Just not feeling it

    Hi yes it's normal for some of us, at this stage eating was like having to do a chore I didn't want to do. It does get better this is the phase we're you loose the most weight (the first 6 months) so take full advantage of it. I ate foods that were easy and tasted good to get me interested in eating. If eating is causing you discomfort go back to your previous stage but really you should be able to eat without to much discomfort.
  2. I also recently read an article that stated doing 7000 steps a day has equal benefits as doing 10,000.
  3. And yet you managed to reply in a way that has people responding in the same way they would have if you had used the words you wanted maybe it would have been best to say nothing at all 🤔🤫
  4. SleeverSk

    DS or bypass after sleeve?

    A lot of people look at revision surgery due to severe Gerd and reflux. Many report that don't get a lot of extra weight loss. So I was thinking if it's just weight loss for you why wouldn't you try to go back to basics with the tool you already have ( your sleeve)?
  5. SleeverSk

    DS or bypass after sleeve?

    Is the only reason you are looking at revision surgery for weight loss ?
  6. SleeverSk

    Literally crying right now

    Another thing I noticed and not just you lots of people are saying oh it took me an hour to eat my meal, my dietician and surgeon and lots of other literature say stop eaten after 20 minutes and throw what you haven't eat in that time away or put it in the fridge for your next meal. The longer you take to eat something the more calories you are getting in. Another thing is you are not meant to eat until the point you feel restriction, it took a long time for me to feel restriction because I was eating the recommended amounts now at almost a year out yes I can eat alot before restriction kicks in and with "slidder" foods I get no restriction so don't rely on restriction to limit your food intake because it won't work long term. The idea of the sleeve is to stop you feeling really hungry and to feel not hungry sooner. Slow your eating down, stop after 20 minutes, eat the recommended foods and portion sizes, separate drinking and eating, make sure you keep hydrated and you will succeed. "I didn't have to take my time. I ate normally because I actually forgot to go slow. And being that I'm only 19 days out, I didn't think I would be able to eat this much this soon with absolutely no issues at all." Just because you can does mean you should,
  7. SleeverSk

    Literally crying right now

    your nerves are still healing, that's why it is important to stick to the post op diet until you are fully healed because the nerves may not give you the signals to stop because they haven't healed yet. you are only 19 days out you really shouldn't be eating chicken as yet. Try drinking more I found when I wasn't drinking enough I would be hungry and had this empty pit feeling even after I ate. Drinking more did help with this. also i wouldn't be to concerned with exercising just yet I did Zero exercise and it didn't effect my weight loss. weight loss is more about what you put in your mouth, in fact exercising could be what is making you hungrier.
  8. dont do that, you will be fine providing you follow it from now on.
  9. SleeverSk


    @ Dave in houston A running nose and or sneezing can be a sign that you are full. Does it happen when you are eating or soon after ? I Re-read your comment sounds most definitely like that's your "you are full " signal.
  10. SleeverSk

    Social eating after gastric sleeve

    10 months out, I eat pretty much what I want. I felt comfortable eating with others and going out for a meal around the 6 month mark. I live on my own so eating with family wasnt an option but i did eat with friends and at work around the 4 month mark . I was able to have coffee again about the 6 to 8 month mark (purely because i didnt like how it felt going down not that I couldnt drink it ) I have even managed coffee and cake at the same time. I can drink with food I just have to be careful so nibblys and drinks is ok too but once again something to be careful with. it gets easier each month. if fact a little to easy i wish there were some foods and drinks that my body would say no to 😂 I also forgot to mention I can eat a Normal sized serving now actually I should say a recommended size serving as "normal size" is different for everyone, example today for lunch I had a piece of grilled fish and about 10 chips, a typical dinner for me would be a chicken breast cut in half and a cup and a half of salad 😂
  11. SleeverSk

    Pain upper abdomen

    yep I agree contact your surgeon or GP asap
  12. SleeverSk

    Throat burns post sleeve

    yes after surgery ( early weeks) you do have extra acids from the healing, reduced stomach size etc which is why most surgeons put their patients on meds for 6 months post op but if you can manage without them that is best I guess as then you don't have to go through tapering off them etc.
  13. SleeverSk

    Throat burns post sleeve

    Personally I would try the over the counter like tums, renny's or Gaviscon first, mainly because as soon as you go on Nexium its hard to come off which is why I am still on them even though my surgeon wants me to try come off them. Pre surgery every time I tried to come off them I would get what they call rebound reflux which is bad, which I really dont want to risk now that I have had surgery. Also if you work out your trigger food is and hopefully avoiding that could be a workable option. If you do start on the meds start on the lowest dose.
  14. SleeverSk

    Throat burns post sleeve

    is it after you lay down? My surgeon said no food or drink 3 hours before laying down very hard to do I know. it could be the iced coffee I don't know how long after consuming something that it takes to feel "the burn" in your throat but I know the feeling you are talking about well. it normal takes a few hours before I feel it after eating trigger foods and that was one of the reason I didn't work out what my trigger foods were at the start. The size of your evening meal could also be a cause (to much or to little) Surprisingly my dietician told me not eating enough can also cause reflux which I found to be true early on after surgery and sometimes now if I haven't eaten for awhile I get that niggly burn have something to eat and it settles it I normally have a Gaviscon tablet after I eat if I get to that stage too. like I said before I did find that 20 mg of Nexium a day (morning) is all I need personally I think some DR's over prescribe so just see what works for you.
  15. SleeverSk

    Blah...my first stall...

    I am sure it wont last much longer than a week or so , you will be fine, don't forget hormones play a big part in weight loss too, Pre-op I always seemed to gain a kilo or 2 before a period then drop it when period had finished and I am noticing something similar post op too but now I am in peri-menopause its a bit harder to gauge. Oh I am a guilty over weigher too most days I weigh in twice a day 😔. although now my weight loss has slowed dramatically I try to only weigh in first thing in the morning.
  16. SleeverSk

    Endoscopy aftermath

    yeah I would see someone ( medical professional) or call the place where you got it done and ask if anything happened that you need to be aware of while you were under and explain why you are asking. you shouldn't be having these issues. like everyone else has said a bit of a sore throat, farting and burping should be all you experience after that procedure.
  17. SleeverSk


    Just curious, and I don't want to sound like this is my answer to everything but are you on reflux meds, LPR (silent reflux) can present as a cough and sore throat. I am not dismissing your allergy concerns as it very well could be but could also be reflux, as allergies don't normal cause gagging or sore throats unless its what you are eating/drinking. try the meds your Dr gave you I am guessing it is something like Polaramine if that doesn't calm your cough and sore throat I would look at LPR. coughing and sore throat are classic symptoms and your sneezing could simply be just sneezing from something in the air. see how you go but worth thinking about if the allergy meds don't work.
  18. SleeverSk

    Throat burns post sleeve

    Have you noticed what foods trigger it, the 3 main triggers are coffee (caffeine), Chocolate, and Carbonated drinks. other people find food like orange juice, tomatoes etc. I find the first 3 I listed are triggers for me especially if I have all 3 on the same day . Mine is controlled with 20mg Nexium daily.
  19. SleeverSk

    Throat burns post sleeve

    I dont think its time for that just yet, it can be sorted by finding what foods are triggering it and avoiding them, something as simple as renny's, tums or the equivalent could also settle it down. If that doesn't work meds like a daily Nexium.
  20. SleeverSk

    6 weeks post op depressed

    it gets better it really does you will be fine, each day will get better and better, good days will start to out weigh the bad days. in 6 months time you wont remember feeling this bad
  21. SleeverSk

    Blah...my first stall...

    2 days ? is that really considered a stall? now I am guilty of this too but really you should only be weighing once a week then you wouldn't see these "stalls". Personally I don't class anything less than 4 weeks a stall but that's just me.
  22. I wondered why I had seen any posts from you for awhile, sorry to hear you had a rough time. I hope you are on a speedy road to recovery
  23. SleeverSk

    Throat burns post sleeve

    yes it could be, pre-op that was how gerd presented itself for me , commonly know as LPR this one doesn't have chest pain
  24. So I am guessing your main concern is the slowing down of your weight loss? At this point I am going to say its very normal for weight loss to slow down at the 6 month mark ( depending on your start weight of course) so dont worry about that. You do however need to sort your nutrition and gastric problem out. Sort that out then once you are all good there then concentrate on loosing more weight if you need too.

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