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  1. I didn't have any gas pain at all , I am also at the point of will I lose more or is this it 😕
  2. with a sleeve it doesn't normally cause dumping I too have eaten a whole 100g block of chocolate in one sitting. did i feel like I shouldn't have eaten it YES did it make me feel sick no. I am not sure what a king size bar is so I cant comment on that.
  3. SleeverSk

    Keeping up with liquids

    ah now I can help with that, cloudy pear juice its a miracle worker 💩
  4. SleeverSk

    Chronic pain medications question

    you can take pills, how ever if they are slow release I would talk to your surgeon to see how they be effected if at all
  5. SleeverSk


    Vitamins aren't always the answer, I feel terrible when I take Vitamins daily. People keep saying it's impossible but every time I try I feel like crap both in my mood and physically. I figure it something in them that just doesn't agree with me. I have also noticed a few people in my Facebook group have mentioned the same .
  6. I know there has been lots of posts about stalls and here is mine. So for the last 8 weeks I have been bouncing around the same weight 71-72 kg today I even went up to 72.5 I am 8 months Post op and have lost 30% of my starting weight. Is this stall or has my body said nope not loosing any more weight? my original goal was 70kg but I still have quiet a bit of fat on my tummy so I would like to get that off and reset my goal to 60kg . I am a shift worker and don't get great sleep and I have found in the past this makes it very hard to loose weight. now I sound like I am making excuses again like I did pre surgery but prior to surgery when I took several weeks leave I always dropped a couple of kilos just from having a better sleep pattern but it went straight back on once I returned to work. but to the topic what do you all think and what are your experiences at this point in your journey?
  7. it was about 4 months before I was eating raw veggies and salad type foods. I work mate who had a sleeve also had told me that she couldn't digest lettuce so I stayed right away from it but I can eat it fine now.
  8. SleeverSk

    Net carbs and Starchy vegetable

    potatoes are starchy
  9. SleeverSk


    Gas ? Does having a good fart relive it or could be your position you sleep in we have a new cair at work that gives me a pain in the lower left abdomen which worried me but then I realised I only got the pain when I was at work. But yes get it checked out just in case it's something .
  10. SleeverSk

    Feeling bloated....why ?

    Could be the change of diet, you just started your pre op diet from your previous posts right? I found the shake very filling and left me feeling bloated
  11. SleeverSk

    Utter regret

    I went through this too, it's a combination of things, hormones, grief for the loss of your old life style , the fear of the unknown about your new life. It can be very overwhelming and unfortunately many surgeons and their teams don't even acknowledge this side of surgery let alone warn you it could happen. Considering how common this is it should be discussed so when patients do experience this they can at least realise its normal and will pass.
  12. SleeverSk

    Utter regret

    I went through exactly the same thing so I know first hand how you are feeling. First of all reach out to someone who can help you with the suicidal thoughts get some counselling asap. Gosh I was that bad I was bawling to my mother that I now wanted a stomach transplant 😳. I felt awful I wanted to die I spent 6 weeks curled up in a ball on my sisters couch. I did the old but I wasn't that big blah blah blah. What you are going through is grief and you will go through all the stages some more than once. When I started loosing weight I would tell people I would gladly have the weight back just to feel normal again. I totally get how you feel. Hormones have a lot to do with this I was perimenopausal and ended up on patches as I said to my Dr I can't deal with both meaning the effects of surgery and menopause, so that helped alot. It gets better trust me on this. I cried multiple times a day for weeks, I didn't go to work thank God I had plenty of leave saved up but going back home and back to work helped me get back into my routine and gave me something else to to think about. On your path to recovery the good days will slowly out number the bad days. I couldn't talk about surgery without crying for months. I would tell people it should be outlawed all sorts of crazy stuff. So now I am 8 months post op and feel so much better. I am 35 kilos down and have come to the realisation that I wouldn't have lost the weight without the surgery, yes I went through a stage of if only a stuck to the pre op changes I made I wouldn't have had to have surgery... But I can't say this enough and you are probably thinking yeah right what do you know it's worse for me but I do know and it will get better just be gentle on yourself try to do things you enjoy spend time with supportive people who will look after you when you need it. You are not alone it gets better, how long will it take you I don't know it took me 6 months and I think when I realised I could eat and drink "normally" again I got better quicker. Now I am fighting another battle but that's a story for another day. Love your restriction while you have it. Get your protein in stay hydrated. If you want to message me privately please do as it helps to talk to someone who has been where you are. It gets better ❤
  13. SleeverSk

    How to Break a Stall (Step by Step instructions)

    I have been in a stall for 8 weeks now I was hoping for some advise in this thread but found my smile instead 😀
  14. humm I don't eat bread very often, and they do advise us to stay away from rice as it will fill you very quickly and has very little nutritional value. Try to eat more protein for example eat your chicken thigh first if you still have room veggies or salad next and rice last. processed foods are very easy to eat and I found don't fill me at all for example the other day I had a hotdog on 2 slices of toasted bread with grilled cheese I was able to eat all of it the pace I could pre surgery and felt I could have eaten more, but I didn't . Pasta is the same with me it doesn't always sit well. Don't listen to the people around you. I had a work mate say to me "oh for god sake will you eat something you are getting to skinny" well I still have a belly and have another 10kg to loose so don't listen. I did notice your BMI is low but you are a small build to going by your height. increase your protein that will help reduce muscle loss and help build it back up. Get in touch with your dietian if you had one if you don't have one look one up that has bariatric experience they should be able to help you with food choices etc . My Appetite was like yours at the start but once I hit 6 months my snacking urges kicked back in and I am currently having a hard time keeping that under check and I have put on a kilo this week and I have also been in a 6 week stall so that's dishearten for me. someone posted a youtube video from a bariatric dr advising against exercise in the first year of surgery but each to his own I guess depending on how much you exercise maybe give it a break until you feel better. Hope you do feel better soon.
  15. SleeverSk


    how far out are you I am guessing brand new, if so this is normal
  16. oh My Gosh, funny how things work I am 8 months PO and I can eat normally again and how I wish I had some sort of restriction but I have to admit I dont think I would be happy with only 2 spoonfuls, Speak to your surgeon because you should be able to eat more than that at this point. I had depression too but it has past. I dont know if this has anything to do with things but I did start drinking carbonated drinks at about the 4-5 month mark maybe I did stretch my stomach
  17. SleeverSk


    yes, it seems to have loosened up very quickly for me
  18. SleeverSk


    Talk to your surgeon, over here in Australia it' is standard that patients take nexium or something similar for the first 6 months while your tummy heals.
  19. SleeverSk

    Warning, bathroom stuff and gallbladder

    This was one of my fears too, after researching how to prevent gallstones I found suggestions to eat healthy fats one side even suggested a greasy meal every now and then to "flush" the bile out. Anyway here is a link that explains it better. https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/digestive-diseases/gallstones/eating-diet-nutrition
  20. SleeverSk


    Are you on reflux medication? If not maybe you should ask you surgeon about getting some for the short term.
  21. SleeverSk


    That ( the restriction) truly depends on the person and the surgeon. It is different for everyone. I am 8 months po. Would I do the surgery again, I don't know, would I have lost weight without it probably not. Yes you will be able to eat a whole slice if pizza. I ate 3 slices of a small pizza in 1 sitting.
  22. SleeverSk

    Petite Citrus Calcium with D

    Sign me up if they help one feel full
  23. SleeverSk

    What do you guys think of this video?

    Mmmm maybe 3 weeks out is to early to start exercising especially if you are getting pain and discomfort. You have had major surgery.
  24. SleeverSk

    What do you guys think of this video?

    Haha loved it, he has some very good points. He is right about you can't loose weight and build muscle, sure you can loose fat and build muscle but your scale probably won't move .
  25. SleeverSk

    having an issue with cravings

    Have the chicken nugget but chew chew chew until it's mush almost liquid in your mouth. They are actually high in protein and that's what I ate in the early days. You will find you can probably only eat 1 maybe 2 at the most

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