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  1. HerdingCats

    Gallbladder removal

    My doc took mine out during the bypass. Apparently he usually does this. I had a sore, hard spot for about a week but not a huge amount of pain, or at least nothing the pain meds couldn't handle.
  2. HerdingCats

    September Surgeries!

    I had mine on the 28th and just got home last night. It's been difficult drinking enough and I've got a huge bruise on my side (and no gallbladder any more!) But I'm trying to stay positive.
  3. HerdingCats

    Surgery buddies!

    I'm going in tomorrow the 28th.
  4. HerdingCats

    Anxious and Readt

    Mine is in about 10 hours and I'm trying really hard not to freak out!
  5. I'm on metformin, which I have to stop taking for surgery, and my doc wants me to get a blood glucose monitor. I don't want to spend too much since I'm not going to need it long. Anyone have recommendations for a decent inexpensive model?
  6. HerdingCats

    Mental Health

    That sounds very upsetting and not very professional on the part of your therapist - she's not listening to or respecting you. And she's definitely not very informed about bariatric surgery. Sounds like it might be time to part ways. I know I had to go through a few therapists before I found one who was right. Hopefully you can get someone sorted out.
  7. HerdingCats

    So stopped up I can't eat . . .

    Thanks for the help, folks! Luckily the nuclear option worked eventually lol. I had to wait for several hours to get blood work done the day before and didn't want to use the water fountain, so I guess I ended up too dehydrated even though I tried to catch up later. Not leaving the house without a water bottle again, I learned my lesson the hard way. Literally!!!
  8. Sorry for the TMI I'm one week out from surgery, haven't had any problems until today. I got very dehydrated yesterday but I was back on track until this afternoon, when I started suffering the worst constipation I've ever had. I've been drinking water and taken a stool softener & Miralax but nothing seems to be moving. I'm about to break out the nuclear option - magnesium citrate. My main worry is that I'm too afraid to take my protein shake. Usually I have 2 shakes, a sf jello, a broth, 64 oz of water & a small meal of meat and veggies. I don't feel well and I don't want to add to the problem. Any advice? (It's too late to call my doc)
  9. HerdingCats

    Who lost a lot before surgery?

    I lost 75lbs starting in January 2021, then started my pre op liquid diet last week and lost another 9 for a total of 84. I've got one more week to go! My goal is 180, which would still be a bit overweight but was a thin as I've ever been so it's a long ways to go

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