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  1. MaureenA

    Gallbladder removal post vsg

    Thank you everyone! I was prescribed ursidol but unfortunately that had some unpleasant side effects for me so stopped taking it after three months. I'm 7 months post op now. Thank you for your input!
  2. Hi all, I had my first gallbladder attack and ended up in ER. I have multiple stones and they are recommending removal. I’m reading a lot about weight gain post removal- has anyone experienced this? What was your experience like recovering from gallbladder removal post vsg?
  3. Hi all, I’m six months post VSG and 85 pounds down. I started working out (CrossFit 4x a week) about three weeks ago and find myself STARVING during the day and eating too much (about 1600-1700 calories) not sure if anyone else has had a similar experience when starting exercise. Lmk!
  4. MaureenA

    Working out and eating too much

    This was incredibly helpful and reassuring. It’s hard not to compare what you are doing with others and get in your head.
  5. MaureenA

    5 month stall

    Hi all, I’m in month 5 and haven’t lost any weight this month- anyone else? Is this normal? My surgery weight was 353 and I’m not 279.
  6. Hi all, wondering if anyone else has a similar experience: some days I can eat no problem and other days the sight of food repulses me. Some days I hit 60 grams of protein other days I barely get to 40. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar?
  7. Hi all, Super random but did anyone else experience really bad knee pain after surgery? I'm post op 14 days and the only pain I'm having is my knees.
  8. Hi all, Just curious. How far out are you and how many calories are you eating a day? I'm almost 5 weeks and am around 900-1000 everyday and I'm concerned maybe too much? Curious where everyone is.
  9. MaureenA

    When Will I Feel Myself Again?

    I'm 5 weeks post op and started feeling more normal last week. I was MISERABLE first three weeks. Hang in there!! It gets better.
  10. Hi all, Wondering if anyone knows when the sour stomach and morning nauseous go away post surgery? I'm week 4 and it seems worse this week than it has been. I'm on an acid reducer.
  11. Hi all, I got sleeved with a hiatal hernia repair on 9/9. I am having an OK time getting fluids down- water, tea, etc. I am having an impossible time stomaching protein shakes or even getting yogurt down. Is this normal? When does it get easier? I find myself thinking about food all the time.. when does all this get easier?
  12. MaureenA

    Day 5 post op- struggling.

    thank you both! Ordered some isopure. Hoping that does the trick

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