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  1. yes!  I'm 63 (will be 64 in March).  I had my bypass August 11.  So far have lost 70 lbs and I feel 200% better.  I was in so much pain walking, moving around, even sleeping I don't think I realized it until the weight started to come off.  I get around so much easier and have more energy.  Sometimes the weight loss seems to be VERY slow, but I was warned by my surgeon that I would only lost 6 to 8 lbs a month (after that initial period), so I knew what to expect.  I have started to notice some hanging skin in areas  - my upper arms and the backs of my thighs which is a little spooky, but I wouldn't trade how I feel for anything.  Hope it's going well for you!

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      Glad to hear it's helped with the aches and pains involved with getting older! I hope to get a date In January-I have one more appointment before I can start to nag them, lol. The only other thing I worry about is time released meds. I was told that those would shoot through my system without being absorbed. Have you heard anything similar?

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