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  1. oldandtired

    Comments on your body

    I've gotten a few compliments, but mostly nothing- my face, at my age, has also "lost weight", so I look older. PLUS I think people think I have some disease, and don't dare to mention it. 🤣 Plus mine is not as drastic-I didn't as much to take off. I have had some problems--but would i do it again? YES! I feel great, things don't hurt as much, I've come off some meds. P.S. You didn't do it for THEM. You did it for YOU!!!
  2. No, I understand, who else can she talk to but the rest of us? Being older, the surgery did nothing for my face. I look older. I'd rather be thin (ner) and look older, I can fix that lol. But original poster ought to be ABLE to talk to us. Personally, I am horrified when I go out with friends or family and see just HOW MUCH they eat! I'm polite on the outside, but inside...OMG!!
  3. It's strange, I went this last weekend, and shopped for boots, and guess what?? Didn't need the wide calf either! Whoo hoo!
  4. oldandtired

    Weird Pain 2 weeks post op

    Also a thought- Since meds tend to race through our system quicker now, ask your doctor if you should take say, 1/2 of a pill in the morning and another at night, space out the dose a little.
  5. oldandtired

    Food after sleeve surgery

    Yea-scrambled egg, yogurt, refried beans, all ways to get some of the protein in you. But tell your doc, though...
  6. oldandtired


    I had nausea from the beginning; tell your doc. (Mine said it was hormones, like when you are pregnant) Either way, tell him. There are several nausea pills (prescription) that he can give you.
  7. oldandtired


    Nothing will really help, but brush your teeth--it helps. I had the shiniest mouth in the galaxy!! 😂
  8. I find that I feel full after 4-5 bites. I push it away, and find I want to come back to it in 5 to 10 minutes, eat another bite or two, then push it back. There is a ?feeling..? when your tummy has had enough, and it's like a dog with its hackles up..back off or you will be sorry.....
  9. oldandtired


    You will fill up on your protein. After that, I eat most anything. I am still losing, but slowly.
  10. I saw some attention (I too am in my 60's)-but the fat I have lost in my face--well, the next thing for me is going to some kind of nip-and-tuck, lol...
  11. oldandtired

    Constantly in pain

    I agree; be persistent. Polite (at first) but persistent, You are paying (Or have paid) them. Too many people just accept the treatment they are given.
  12. My watch fell off. I always liked to wear my watch loose, more like a bracelet, but the other day i was reaching for something and whoop! There it went. (Cheap watch, didn't hurt it.) But I just stood there, like I had done a magic trick, lol. Slipped it back on, wiggled it off. Gotta find someone to take out links. 😋
  13. oldandtired

    c-section vs sleeve

    I had two C-sections, both back in the day when you were seriously cut open. AND a hysterectomy, same way. This surgery for me, a piece of cake. Yes, I hurt-but I used the pain pills they gave me. But for me personally? not bad at all. I had the full blown bypass.
  14. oldandtired

    Low BMI obesity gastric sleeve option

    Wow, hon- He asked for what we thought. That was what I thought. And yes, he is younger than my youngest child. So he is "awfully young." Once again it is a personal opinion. I personally lost 50 pounds when I was 50, on willpower alone, but could not do it (although I tried) as I grew older. So, January of 2022, when I was 68, I had WLS. I'll say it again. He wanted an opinion-don't trash me for mine.
  15. oldandtired

    Low BMI obesity gastric sleeve option

    At 44? Well-my husband was 5'7" so I can "see" you. I understand you wanting to do that, but I really do think you are awfully young. You probably come home in the afternoon and sit in front of the TV, like most of us as we grow older. I know I do it. The truth? I think a little modification in what you eat and more exercise. I know it is not what you wanted to hear, but you asked for the truth. But it is nice to know that that is there, if you really need it. 😉
  16. oldandtired

    WL Journey Theme Songs

    Theme from Rocky -- can you tell i'm old? lol
  17. oldandtired

    WL Journey Theme Songs

    an oldie, and not exactly for the guys here, but, "I am woman, hear me roar?" Helen Reddy
  18. oldandtired

    Meats Post Surgery

    My doc said it was because of your hormones. After a while of suffering, I went back and they gave me two different prescriptions. You CAN control the nausea, you have to TELL them, and tell them again, until you can cope. Also-I have discovered, on a personal level, that docs will give you the lowest dose. If that does not do it for you, tell them. Don't suffer. On a personal level again, i googled the meds, and saw that an extra would not kill me, took that extra dose, and the next time I went back, I told them. Guess who got a script for an increased dosage?
  19. Hi- I had it too, and one of the meds was promethazine, 25 mg. Don't suffer. Tell them.
  20. oldandtired

    WL Journey Theme Songs

    Wait, how about "another one bites the dust"?
  21. oldandtired

    The Dreaded Plateau

    LOL, don't worry. Your body will adjust. It will start again. LOL really. I am at the point the loss is so slow. But I get on the scale, and there is another pound gone...
  22. oldandtired

    WL Journey Theme Songs

    I wish there was a song that was "$^&*^^% you." "&^%$ you" to all the fat, all the food, all the people that snickered behind their hand over the years, all the ones that looked at me like I was crazy for doing it, etc, etc...😊
  23. oldandtired

    Where’s my Butt??

    LOL, enjoy the pain. (actually a seat cushion)
  24. I was just tired of being fat. At 69, the weight does not leave as easily. It was creeping up, little by little. I started having issues with my blood pressure. NO family history, so I was pretty sure the weight was causing it. So I am off that med. The idea all started when I was looking through what Medicare would cover, and it covers that! Then I found that Tricare did too! It took about 6 months to satisfy all the requirements, but I am glad I did!
  25. OK, this starts with a joke I heard once a very long time ago, from a Reader's Digest, I think. One lady (on scale) to another: I'm trying to get down to what I never thought I'd be over! I just did. 132 lbs. YAY me!!

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