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Gastric Bypass Patients
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    Plsmi7th got a reaction from CollNYC25 in WHERE ARE MY AUGUST 2021 PEEPS?   
    Graduated to soft chopped today! Excited to try some new recipes and actually try some meal prepping!

    RNY on August 10.
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    Plsmi7th got a reaction from ColieCallwell in WHERE ARE MY AUGUST 2021 PEEPS?   
    Glad you found something that gets you through the liquid stage! I love Miso soup!
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    Plsmi7th got a reaction from Jaye W in 101 pounds GONE pic included   
    Amazing! Such an inspiration!
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    Plsmi7th got a reaction from mamabear_2_2 in WHERE ARE MY AUGUST 2021 PEEPS?   
    Girl the night before my surgery I was a wreck. I’m only 2 weeks post-op now, so I can’t really offer any long-term insight, but I’m happy I did it. The first couple days in the hospital are rough but once you get through your first week, things will get better! We are in this together and I am rooting for you!! You are making the right decision, and you’ll feel some relief after you get back home and recover for a bit! Saying a prayer for your surgery and speedy recovery!
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    Plsmi7th got a reaction from Wahinebythesea in Am I doing this all wrong?   
    I was just about to drive over my H&P to the Surgical Office as well. They were adamant that my PCP’s Office didn’t send them…then miraculously after attempt # 3, someone finally received it! I’m sure the other 2 are sitting in a stack of discarded papers somewhere in their office!
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    Plsmi7th got a reaction from Tomo in Any August 2021 Bypassers?   
    Had mine August 10. Feel pretty good, not a huge fan of the blended diet, but I’m reading on here it gets better. I miss straws, and diet Cokes (even though I’ve not had one in at least a month). I use to watch cooking channels on YouTube a lot but I’m discovering that is a trigger. Will have to find something else to fill my tv time.

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