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  1. Susie Girl 75

    WHY are people voting for McCain?

    AMEN LuLu!!! I'm SO glad that somebody finally said something!!!! :biggrin:
  2. Susie Girl 75

    ??? Quick Question????

    Tea is fine. I was drinking sf iced tea the night before...
  3. Susie Girl 75


    I have ALWAYS had chronic heartburn. I would sometimes get it everyday, having the band hasn't helped... that's for sure. I tried the two weeks of Prilosec OTC and it helped, for about a month and now I'M back to the same old b/s... My triggers are coffee, garlic, chocolate and anything with acid like orange juice or lemonade. Heartburn sucks! I hope the meds the doc gave you will help!
  4. Susie Girl 75

    Clumping....omg it hurts

    I've never heard it being referred to as 'clumping' before... I've heard that you just get 'stuck'... ???
  5. Susie Girl 75


    I disagree with you gadgetlady. I see nothing wrong with a light tap on the bottom for an out of control, tantrum throwing 5 year old. I am NOT talking about hitting or beating. I agree that is abuse and is absolutely sick and wrong. Parents that do that need serious help and should be reported to the police. I'm talking about constructive discipline and not letting your 4 year old run the show. You are correct when you say the problem with some parents these days is lack the follow through. I've seen children acting up, rather loudly in the grocery stores and the mothers don't lift a finger to take control of the situation. I think parents today are too worried about hurting their childrens feelings and they concern themselves with being their childs friend instead of being a parent. Kids need and thrive on structure and discipline... I think parents today are concerned about not hurting feelings. It's just not right. Again, that's just my opinion!
  6. Susie Girl 75

    Just a crazy food question

    Try the Fiber One Carmel Delight. It's super high in fiber and as you know, things highest in fiber will keep you full longer. It tastes good too! It has like 9 grams of fiber per serving. Just be sure to watch your carb count the rest of the day is all!!! :crying:
  7. Susie Girl 75

    weight gain because of surgery

    that's totally normal. It's from the swelling and the fluid... not to mention they blow up your belly with gas to make room for for the surgery... You will see the difference in a week or so.
  8. GasX Strips and lots of sugar free liquids... sf popcicles also saved my life the first two weeks. LET THE PUPPIES FLY FREE!
  9. Susie Girl 75

    8 fills...no luck

    8 fills to me would an unacceptable amount. I would have researched fill doctors in your area and gone to see somebody else. I have had 3 fills and that was frustrating enough. I couldn't imagine going through that 5 more times and STILL not feeling the proper restriction... I would do your homework and try to find a new doctor, but that's just my opinion.
  10. Susie Girl 75

    Feeling Nauseous

    I had zero restriction until after my 3rd fill, so no worries! I was still able to eat as much as I wanted and whatever I wanted until then, so it's totally normal. As far as being nauseous, I'm not quite sure about that. You might want to mention that to you Doc when you see him today.
  11. Susie Girl 75

    how long

    I've had three adjusments and FINALLY now feel like I have restriction. I'm actully debating weather or not I want to go just a smidge tighter. I'm going to give it another week and see how much I've lost total over the past three weeks and then decide. My doc makes you wait a week before having anoter fill. He's pretty good about making sure that everyone has proper restriction. he's not all about playing the waiting game!
  12. Susie Girl 75

    WHY are people voting for McCain?

    Obama has my vote.
  13. Susie Girl 75

    Lose Over 100 lbs.

    Jetsy, I think that you have the right idea. I too have around 100 pounds to loose, maybe a little less depending on how I feel when I get to where I want to be!!! You're right, don't go by a number. Go by how you feel, and what your energy level is and how great those new small size clothes are fitting!!! :rolleyes2:
  14. I have never lost the craving for carbs, but after my third adjustment last week thursday, I have discovered that they get stuck, and I PB and slime, etc... it's not a pretty picture. I tried once with a WW bagel and the other was piece of whole grain toast. Both had the same horrible effect. So, in my head I want them because I used to be able to eat them in mass quantities, but now that I know I will get sick if I eat them, the desire fades and I'm good with that. I'm happy that I can't have that anymore... they were my downfall!!!
  15. Susie Girl 75

    High Fructose Corn Syrup commercial

    I saw the same commercial and I also thought they were joking. I thought it was something out of the onion newspaper! I have to go check out this website now.

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