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  1. Thank you so much! I will take your advice and combine with the rest. Thank you all once again for all the tips and recommendations.
  2. Hi, I am 4 weeks port op, I am finding myself lost in what to eat and how many times I should eat. My recovery hasn’t been so well. My blood pressure keeps dropping to the point I past out. I eat three meals a day, but I am sure I am not meeting the protein goal. I am feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Please help me in menu ideas. I will highly appreciate it!
  3. I’ve been drinking water every 15 in between meals ( I wait 30 mins after I eat to start my water intake). I’ll drink about 54-40-60 onz in 24 hours it all depends some days are better than others, during night time I get up from my sleep and drink water. I try to get as much water as I can I have an alarm set for every 15 throughout the day.
  4. Thank you for your response, I never had bp issues. I’ve had 5 episodes with 4 hospitalization. I will try eating more, I am just feeling lost on a schedule of eating as well, I know meals have to be three-four hours apart and drinking in between. So I find it difficult to have more than three meals unless I start my day at 7-8 am. When I do that I don’t get enough rest in the night time. On Tuesday I’ll be calling my doctors to see if I can get ASAP a nutritionist that can guide me. I need more guidance and support. Thank you for taking your time in responding to my concerns.
  5. Thank you for your quick response. I’ve seen my surgeon he cleared me for regular food already, which I am a bit scared since I feel I haven’t heal yet. My diet right now consist of, soft eggs, soft cheese, oats, salmon. I’ve been to the ER for my passing out and saw my surgeon, they can’t find a reason as to why my blood pressure drops. They told me walk more and eat a bit more alt in my foods. Thank you so much again for you response.

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