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  1. FiguringItOut

    I need some help.

    Thank you for your feedback! I was wondering when you say double down, do you mean that you double your calorie in take and ate more food ? Because I feel like I eat too much! I was told to repeat the liquid diet but idk.
  2. FiguringItOut

    I need some help.

    Yes!!!!!!!! This what I was looking for, everyone in these comments have been so helpful!
  3. FiguringItOut

    I need some help.

    Yes!!!! Thank you! This is very helpful. I am going to use this, and you did the pre-op diet a lot during your post op?
  4. FiguringItOut

    I need some help.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I feel like this is going to help me out alot. Do you know anyone that has went Vegan while getting the WLS
  5. FiguringItOut

    I need some help.

    Hi everyone. I am about to hit my 4 month and I am at a major stall, plus I gained some weight and I am not using the restroom how I was the first 2 months after. I am stuck on 30 well now back to 24lbs. I wanted to ask what is you all eating plan that ya'll go by on a day to day. I'm talking very informative like Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner the reason why I am asking because I meal prep week to week. I really want feedback from those who have had success through the VSG and those who broke their stales. I can't wait to read all your replies.
  6. FiguringItOut

    Going back on Liquids

    Hi Ladies, Okay for one I want to start off by saying that I think this GALS ROOM was an amazing idea. I love this so much, but I wanted to reach out and ask Did anyone have to, or just go back and start the liquid diet over again because you felt you got more protein that way??
  7. FiguringItOut

    10 Weeks Post Op Help

    Thank you, I am starting to realize that maybe whats going on. I am going to just do cardio for the rest of the month and update you ladies at the end of the month.
  8. FiguringItOut

    10 Weeks Post Op Help

    Thank you! Yes, so I did lose a lot of inches. My waist was 42 1/2 inches and went down to 40 inches. My Fupa was 46 1/2 inches and went down to 42 inches. So yes, I did lose inches just the weight is still on. I am sometimes confused on how many calories I am suppose to eat because my metabolism is up but I do get full fast, really fast. But I am going to do cardio for the rest of this month and give yall an update on 08/30/2021
  9. FiguringItOut

    10 Weeks Post Op Help

    Thank you, and my starting BMI was 49.1 and yes I am going to stop lifting and focus on cardio for the rest of the month.
  10. FiguringItOut

    10 Weeks Post Op Help

    Hello! First I want to start off by saying THANK YOU for this post I needed this, shoot I need people to speak to that may have or is experiencing the same as me. Okay now to answer some of your questions. My starting weight before surgery was 312.8 My day of surgery is 306.4 My BMI the day of surgery was 49.1 Today weight is 380.0 Also yes I do that a lot I comparing my weight loss to others. I am just so ready for it to all be off, this week I am switching up my workout routine and only doing cardio because I was told that I am not even suppose to be lifting weights. Also I am going to change my eating up and cook some of my veggies and do some shrimp. Also it wasn't TMI we are women here, don't be embarrassed about what we have to go through on a daily basis's. Also BIG CONGRATS on reaching your goal!
  11. Hi! I would love some help from everyone I am 10 weeks post op and 1 day. I am only down 22 lbs from surgery and 31 lbs down in all. I see other people story and they are losing way more than that. Here is my breakdown I eat shrimp, chicken and lots of veggies my snack (if I can eat one) is a the skinny pop one bag I do weight lifting at the gym 5 times a week not a lot of cardio I am 5’4 and I’m 25 so I’m not understanding why my weight loss is so slow. Sometimes I even gain back a lb or 2 and then it goes away I’m stuck someone please help!!!

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