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  1. Tony B - NJ

    Want to be a part of this site

    With all do respect, you are very defensive and a touch confrontational in your responses. I experienced this with you a couple weeks ago. People are not going to respond if they feel they are at risk of being attacked for their opinion. You are from the Boston area it seems, as am I originally and I know that people from there can be a little pushy and argumentative so I get it. Chill out a little my friend.
  2. After losing nearly 100 pounds and slowing down the weight loss I felt it was time to purchase a suit just in case the need arises where I need one. The Salesperson took me over to the "modern fit" area and tried on a jacket. He then took that off and brought me over to the "slim fit" area and tried on jackets there. The slim fit fit me perfectly. I went from a 52 Regular, Executive Fit to a 42 short, Slim fit. And the pants went from a 50 waist to a 36 waist. When I was checking out he saw I had purchased a suit about 18 months ago and asked who I bought those suits for since they were so large...it felt really good to answer him that I lost the weight but even better feeling to be in a slim fitting suit.
  3. Tony B - NJ


    I used to work in a company that offered that insurance to the union employees. I do not think they cover WLS of any kind but it is best to call them to make sure since plans do change from year to year so it may be different now.
  4. Tony B - NJ

    Want to be a part of this site

    People will respond if it is something that they have experienced or have knowledge about. They will also respond if they disagree with something you are saying or advice you have been given. Just keep posting and you will see more and more interaction. The more you post to other's the more you will see your posts responded to.
  5. Tony B - NJ

    food addict I'm not sure

    Very well said. I was also trying to get across your statement that it is a stomach surgery, not a brain surgery. That is a great way to put it and so true.
  6. Tony B - NJ

    food addict I'm not sure

    You are taking "mental issues" in the way that counselling is considered a stigma. I certainly didn't mean it in the negative sense at all. I am saying that before you have the surgery you should have these concerns and worries worked out because it is a tough road once you get it done and for those who are still struggling with things, it is hard to be succesful.
  7. Tony B - NJ

    food addict I'm not sure

    I think we have seen a number of posts from you in the past couple weeks that indicate you are really struggling with some mental/emotional issues that need to be addressed if you are going to be successful in your weight loss journey. The struggle is not only having the surgery and the weight loss begins but the mental aspect of it. You have to be mentally committed to getting it done and be able to resist temptation. In addition to the eating portion in a physical sense, if you are not mentally OK with your life and your situation, you are not going to be successful. I urge you to get some counselling ASAP if you are going to go on this weight loss journey.
  8. Tony B - NJ

    Negative comments from family members

    I told my wife, obviously and my son and daughter in law...that is all. They are super supportive and know the amount of work that is required, they are educated and informed. The rest of the family knows nothing because to be totally honest, they do not have the mental ability to understand what goes into this and how much work it is. It is not a magic pill, it is not like going in and getting the fat cut out and sewed back up. It is hard work.
  9. Tony B - NJ

    Slow eating

    After 6 months I still struggle with this. Especially if I am out with others at dinner or lunch. I get involved in conversation and eat at the pace everyone else is at. I really have to slow down, count 30 chews, put my fork down between bites and take my time. I think time does matter as much as how much it is chewed up, for me atleast. I think I have to give the food time to work itself down into the stomach. When I go too fast, I get sick and either throw up, or honestly, I feel so bad I induce vomiting to get it out. It is a work in progress.
  10. Tony B - NJ

    Now thinking if canceling surgery 🥺

    Educate yourself...talk to the Doctor, don't take everything on here as gospel. People have personal stories to tell that you may not know the entire picture of their situation which may explain some of the issues that they have and you may or may not have.
  11. Several months ago when I was heavier I always seemed to have to hike up my pants because most likely my belly was pushing them down and had to constantly adjust. I noticed now that I am down 12 inches on my waist, my belt holds up my properly fitting pants and I am not constantly adjusting, pulling up, tightening, loosening etc.
  12. Tony B - NJ

    Any Regrets?

    Your foolish and childish statement was referring to your overall point and anyone who discounts them is foolish and childish. Not to sound condescending but it does not take an English Major to see that this is consistent with the statement I made about YOUR condescension. You are referring to texts when you probably should say "posts" or "replies" or "quotes". I get it. The "text" you refer to was not me being condescending at all, it was a simple question to the OP whether they were counting their calories and meeting their nutritional goals so some perspective on their situation can be gained. That is something I see hundreds of times to a poster who asks a question or reaches out for help. I can go back and forth with this all day. You are obviously internalizing this particular issue for a real reason and maybe you can get some help for it on here or elsewhere. I would be happy to help talk you through it and maybe give you some advice. Good luck
  13. Tony B - NJ

    Any Regrets?

    Me condescending? You commented that anyone who does not agree with you is "foolish and childish". I am certainly not being condescending. Also, what "texts" are you talking about? I never texted anyone on here. I am being VERY supportive, I just do not agree with you that people should not get the VSG based on possibly getting GERD. You keep quoting one study when there are many studies that may have different conclusions than this one. A scientific study can prove that for instance coffee causes cancel but then you read another that says coffee aids in cancer prevention. Which one to believe? Fact is we disagree on your fears in this situation. Does that make me foolish and childish because I do not agree with you. I am not being condescending....i at no point attacked or called you names. Can you say the same thing? look in the mirror please.
  14. Tony B - NJ

    Any Regrets?

    No one is discounting anything. All I am saying is that people should educate themselves and get a variety of opinions and sources. I am sure there are complications from GERD, but there are many, many, many complications from being morbidly obese. There are so many complications from morbid obesity that insurance companies and the FDA approve of these surgeries for these people. It is not because they want skinny people but because the overwhelming cost the insurance companies endure because of the complications of morbidly obese people. If the chance of GERD was as great as you are assuming, they would not pay for this costly procedure and use that as their crutch to get out of it. That is just business. The fact is, the cost to human life from morbid obesity is much, much greater than many give it credit for. Look at Covid alone, the obesity factor in death and bad outcomes was HUGE. And obesity, even moderate obesity in the high thirties and low 40 BMI ranges are devastating long term for cardiovascular health. That is a fact that is NOT disputed by medical doctors. I get that you are having a bad experience with GERD, but again, I say that I would rather have GERD than die a premature death because I was too afraid to have the surgery. The severity of GERD you are referring to does not happen at the rates that were previously identified in the "study". GERD, yes, but to the point you mention, absolutely not. I would say it is extremely rare and the medical professionals I spoke to confirm that.
  15. Tony B - NJ

    Any Regrets?

    I don't think one study is enough to change someone's opinion or make a certain outcome fact. There are studies done every day on various things coming up with totally different conclusions. The outcome is often, whether on purpose or not, supporting the opinion the study team goes in with and they prove their point. in real life, in the support groups I attend and the research I do online and through my Doctor, I have not seen what this is saying and if so, I see very few people who would not accept a trade off. I am one of those people who were obese, could run, jump, swim etc, etc but how long can someone at a 43-45% bmi continue to live like that? Along with the weight comes diabetes type II, High blood pressure, high cholesterol etc. These are all warning signs for heart disease. Given the choice of GERD or dying 15 years early due to heart disease, stroke, diabetes complications etc I would choose the GERD. The quality of life i have right now at 100 pounds less is incredible. The way I feel about myself and the confidence I have now is incredible. The feeling that I am not being looked at and scorned or fat shamed is incredible. The ability to run and play with my 5 y/o granddaughter and not struggle during and after is incredible. Don't let yourself be influenced by one study or one person. There are millions of positive testimonials out there, thousands of doctors and dieticians out there. The benefits far outweigh the few issues that SOME people may be having.
  16. Tony B - NJ

    Any Regrets?

    Many people have GERD or will develop GERD with or without the surgery. People that are obese have a good chance of developing GERD as they age. My question would be would you rather be obese or of healthy weight and have GERD? I would rather be healthy weight and have a treatable GERD problem over obesity and all the many health issues that come with that that I no longer have like Type 2 diabetes, High blood pressure, high cholesterol etc
  17. Tony B - NJ

    Any Regrets?

  18. Tony B - NJ

    Gained it all back.

    Really have to get with the nutritionist and start from scratch. Reset your pouch and get back on the program.
  19. Tony B - NJ

    Wendy’s salads

    They have great salads but beware the calories.....
  20. I had a similar experience pre-op. Thankfully, I have not had huge return to hunger and cravings in the 6 months since my surgery. I think a lot has to do with my water intake. I drink an obscenely high amount of water which I think keeps me relatively full feeling. I taper off the water about 45 minutes before meal time, have my meal, wait another 45 minutes and hit the water again. Follow what the team tells you to do and you will end up losing a lot of weight. I am 96 down and looking at losing another 12-15 and levelling off. Good luck.
  21. Oh no...I was certainly not trying to be patronizing. My apologies if you took it that way. I was just pointing out that the WLS nutritionists and doctors consider carb intake reduction when they come up with these eating plans. I had no intention of being flip at all.
  22. I am sure you did it without knowing. There are a lot of foods built into these reccomendations that are carb heavy to avoid. Most obvious is bread. I am sure you did not consume the same amount of bread before and after the surgery. Bread is the #1 enemy when it comes to carbs. Same with pasta and rice. Most weight loss plans eliminate these or replace with different types like soy, chickpea, lentil etc.
  23. Just to make sure you are doing all the right things: 1. Are you tracking every single thing you eat? 2. Are you getting a minimum of 60 g of protein 3. Are you drinking a minimum of 64 oz of water (MINIUMUM) 4. Are you exercising atleast 45 minutes a day 5. Are you cutting almost all your carb out of your diet? 6. Do you take in any sugar? If so, are you keeping it super low? 7. Are you eating LOW fat?
  24. Tony B - NJ

    Insurance Requirement Anxiety

    My doctor told me that that was not going to be an issue for the approval when I was getting it. These preliminary things are just a loophole you have to jump through to get the surgery. I seriously doubt the Doctor is going to submit for approval if he thinks it will be rejected. I am sure he or she will make it work to get it approved. I think the point the insurance company makes is discipline. Why spend 20K to give someone surgery who does not have the determination to keep the weight off or get the weight off.
  25. Tony B - NJ

    Insurance Requirement Anxiety

    My doctor told me that that was not going to be an issue for the approval when I was getting it. These preliminary things are just a loophole you have to jump through to get the surgery. I seriously doubt the Doctor is going to submit for approval if he thinks it will be rejected. I am sure he or she will make it work to get it approved. I think the point the insurance company makes is discipline. Why spend 20K to give someone surgery who does not have the determination to keep the weight off or get the weight off.

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