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  1. I had surgery on 8/31 and I am back to work today. I drove 40 minutes to work. my incisions cured up very nicely so it has not been hard for me at all. I am not struggling at all with pain. I was driving at day 7 to my one week appointment, no problems. I do wear thigh high compression sleeves on my legs to be extra careful sitting in the car that long.
  2. Tony B - NJ

    One week post-op — feeling hunger

    I am also a week out, 8/31/21 surgery. Relax for a bit! You will be fine. It is too early to feel restriction or decrease in hunger etc. your stomach is beat up right now with being pulled, cut, stapled and abused. What you are feeling is probably just the recovery process. Focus on drinking fluids and walking. There is a mental part of this journey which you may need to discuss with someone on what may be triggering the feelings you are having. Maybe it is something else that is making you think you are hungry? Also what helps me is hot bone broth which satisfies my “hunger’ and fills my sleeve. I started puréed foods today and cannot even eat a can of tuna, so it is not “hunger” in my view. Hang in there.
  3. Tony B - NJ

    September Ops

    Had. One on the 31st of August. I was off pain meds at day 3 and walking an hour a day now. Swelling a little stillBut all fluids gone and weight coming off now.
  4. I am less than a week away from my VSG (8/31) and I am so worried that the Governor of NJ is going to force some sort of elective surgery shutdown like he did last year. I have gone through a lot over the past few months and it is so close now. Anyone else going through this?
  5. Tony B - NJ

    September Ops

    Had mine 5 days ago. I actually gained weight after surgery with the fluids they pump in and the weight retention. It is starting to come off now. I have very little pain, more of a nuisance than a pain really. All my incisions look great and are healing. My biggest issue right now is constipation and gas. I walk an hour a day without any issue.
  6. Tony B - NJ

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    Day 2 after surgery. 1st night home. I had a lot of nausea and struggle to sleep much at all. I have pain at a 2 or 3 out of 10, so bearable. Just cannot shake the nausea, hopefully it passes soon. Have fallen short on liquids but will get better today for sure. I am an avid walker but for some reason walking has given me calf pain, maybe because I am walking is socks vice walking sneakers…who know, just weird.
  7. Tony B - NJ


    Mine was on 31st. Just got home a few minute ago. Same issue with gas. Walking is very easy, I actually have less pain when walking.
  8. Tony B - NJ

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    Surgery went very well. Very little pain, just gas bloated. Very difficult to drink but keep trying. So far everything is better than I expected
  9. Tony B - NJ


    Had my VSG TODAT. Uomand walking fast. Slight pain at srgery site and gas itherwise goo
  10. Tony B - NJ


  11. Tony B - NJ


    My surgery is tomorrow. To this point I have lost 24.5 pounds and am ready to do this. I have to be honest I am a little freaked out because I have not spent a night in the hospital since my birth.
  12. Tony B - NJ

    What to do with craving food?

    Exactly. I am not sure why this happens.
  13. Tony B - NJ

    July 2021 Surgery People!

    I am curious about collagen. This is the first post I saw it mentioned. What does it do and should I take it?
  14. I am curious how those who have had the VSG surgery lost weight on the pre op diet vs what they are losing after the surgery. Is the rate of loss the same? Faster? Slower? Easier? Harder? I have lost 21 pounds in a little over 2 weeks pre surgery and if this continues I will meet my goal really quickly.
  15. Great answer. We shouldn't even be looking for the restriction. If we are following the protocol, we won't get to that point.
  16. 6 pounds a month seems a little slow, but I am not well versed. i am comparing to other posts I have seen.
  17. Tony B - NJ


    Thanks for sharing. Are you walking yet?
  18. Tony B - NJ

    July 2021 Surgery People!

    Are you walking? Getting all your protein? Drinking enough? Gotta be something that is not being done to explain the slow loss.
  19. Tony B - NJ

    September Ops

    Are you getting it done in Mexico? It seems like those Doctors are more lenient on the preop diet. I have been off alcohol for a month now. I bet i lost 10 pounds just with that. On the preop diet which is low carb, low sugar and about 1000 calories a day. Not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. good luck to you.
  20. How much exercise are you getting? That seems just a bit low.
  21. Tony B - NJ

    Lightheadness due to lack of protein?

    for me, I checked that too. It was 120/70 when I took it a few minutes later, so I guess it could have spike low for a little bit. It may have been the sugar being low and I just tested it at the wrong time.
  22. Tony B - NJ

    Preop to vsg question

    When my Surgeon submitted the paperwork to the insurance company he gave me a tentative date which was about a month away. I had my approval in about 3 days. The Surgeon said it sometimes takes 2 weeks for approval but he scheduled me anyway because he felt approval was inevitable given all the documentation and testing I completed.

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