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    What vitamins/supplements are you all taking? My doctor only has me taking a multivitamin and calcium. I'm taking Biotin because I thought it might prevent some hair loss (it didn't) 😕
  2. Lefti

    Hair loss 4 months post op

    In anticipation of this happening, I just got some bangs cut to help camouflage my hairline.
  3. Lefti

    Dizzy when I stand up

    UPDATE: My doctor said that my BP is perfect, and most likely he said this feeling was my body responding to a lower blood volume due to weight loss. He also said to make sure that I reach my water goals (which I do).
  4. Lefti

    How much ………

    You really should check with your doctor, because many doctor's have different plans post-op. My doctor recommends 80g of protein per day, and the largest amount to take at any time is 4oz. Soup was not part of my choices, except a tiny bit right after surgery. And yes, everything needed to be liquid or very mush like scrambled eggs.
  5. I had surgery on 7/12 and I haven't been able to reach my water goals yet either. Since before surgery, I've been reminding myself that this is a process, and eventually I'll be able to eat the foods I like (just not in the same amount as before surgery). Also, my doctor had me on the soft food stage immediately after coming home from surgery which makes me feel much more satisfied. I'd suggest looking up some interesting recipes for when you move to that stage. Enjoying your new meals that taste good definitely make you feel happier about the decision.
  6. Do you have ice in your water? My dr said no ice because many people are sensitive to the extra cold. I'd say you may be taking too big of a sip. I get a feeling like you've explained if I'm eating too fast, or took too much at a time.
  7. I was feeling much better by day 4, and drinking/eating continues to get a little bit better each day after that.
  8. The first 2 days will be the worst. His stomach is very swollen from the surgery. Very tiny sips of water are best, bigger gulps like he's probably used to will feel uncomfortable. The nurses can give him anti-nausea medicine. This sounds normal to me. It will feel better each day as the swelling goes down. It's also good to train yourself to slow down and take smaller portions into your mouth.

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